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Sump Pump Services | Plumbers Fort Worth

Sump Pump Services | Plumbers Fort Worth

Sump Pump Services | Plumbers Fort Worth

Water collecting in the basement or crawl space is not only a nuisance, but also a presents the potential for a hazard to your family’s health, and the structural integrity of your home. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing plumbers in Fort Worth can provide the sump pump services that you need to protect your home and health from a leaky flooding basement. 

Sump Pump Services | Plumbers Fort Worth

Our plumbers in Fort Worth offer professional sump pump installation, maintenance and sump pump repair, ensuring your sump pump is ready when heavy rains and/or flooding occurs due to the weather. 

A sump pump system consists of the pump and a sump pit where water collects, enabling the pump to remove the water that collects in the pit, pumping it out of the home and into the storm drainage system, sewer system, or a safe distance away from your home.

There are two common types of sump pumps. The Submersible pump is the most common. This is due to its being submersed in the pit, out of sight with a lid, and providing a quieter operation. It is especially the pump of choice for finished basements.

The pedestal sump pump sits above the pit, and offers the advantage of being more accessible for service. Those who don’t intend to finish and furnish a basement often choose it.

Either type is an effective option for damp, basements, and both turn on when the water in the pit reaches a specific level. Our plumbers in Fort Worth can provide the expert installation you require. 

Selecting a Sump Pump for Your Home

A Benjamin Franklin professional plumber can assist you in the selection, while ensuring you receive the size pump required for your home’s unique needs. Once a right sump pump is selected, our plumbers in Fort Worth will then proceed with the installation of the sump pump. Our licensed plumbers also offer sump pump maintenance and repair services to maintain the system in proper working order.

Because a sump pump is essential in maintaining a dry basement or crawl space, annual inspection and testing will ensure proper operation.

Battery Backup Sump Pump

A battery backup sump pump is a wise choice as it provides additional protection against flooding. Like the primary pump, a battery backup will turn on automatically when a specific water level occurs. If the primary pump fails to start, whether due to a power outage or the need for repair, the backup will start pumping water out of the sump pit. In addition, if unusually heavy rain overwhelms the primary pump, the backup pump will start up and provide assistance. A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth can determine if you need to upgrade the primary pump. Benjamin Franklin’s plumbers in Fort Worth can provide sump pump installation for your home.

The Preventative Inspection

There is a reason your basement floods, and when you are unable to identify the cause, our plumbers in Fort Worth can determine this for you. The following are some of the potential sources of basement or crawlspace flooding:


A properly designed and maintained gutter system will not contribute to basement flooding, or foundation damage. Gutters collect rain run-off from the roof, and carry it into the storm or sewer system, or other location. Benjamin Franklin’s plumbers in Fort Worth can provide the drain and sewer services you need.

When water from the gutter system drains onto the lawn, ensure a downward slope of slope of soil away from the home’s foundation to prevent water from entering the basement. The proper slope of soil next to your home’s foundation should be higher where it touches the foundation to ensure the slope carries water away from the home, and not into the basement.

Furthermore, erosion of the soil can allow water to seep into the basement, so inspect it often, and provide repair of the slope with packed soil when necessary. Downspout extensions attached to the gutter system are an option that will carry run-off to a safe location, as are installing a foundation drain and other options. Benjamin Franklin plumbers in Fort Worth can provide you with the information you need regarding all your options. 

Routinely inspect downspouts for debris, and damage to prevent water backing up and flooding under the roof perimeter.

Damage to the Foundation

Cracks can occur to the basement’s concrete floor, and foundation block walls due to the house settling, water, and earth movement, for example. Once cracks form, water can enter the basement. Seal cracks with expanding foam. Application to the exterior surface is preferable, though not always possible. Seal from the inside if it is your only alternative. If water continues to enter the space, consider professional foundation repair.

Once the foundation and floor cracks are sealed, seal around cables, pipes and other penetrations that enter through the foundation wall. If hot flues from a furnace, gas water heater, or other heated sources penetrate the basement wall, a specialty high temperature tolerance sealant will be required. 


Homes located on hillsides, or near the base of elevations may experience flooding due to excessive rain run-off. Each condition is unique, with solutions based on the conditions affecting the home. A French drain is a potential solution. It collects the water before it enters the basement, and releases it at a location safely away from the foundation or in a storm or sewer pipe. Benjamin Franklin’s plumbers in Fort Worth have the expertise to identify and resolve your basement flooding.

Backflow Prevention 

When heavy rain and/or flooding conditions occur, the municipal sewer lines can be overwhelmed, resulting in the backup of sewer contents into homes, especially those in low-lying areas. The flooding of sewer mains may be worse in communities requiring downspouts to connect to the sewage system. Backflow prevention devices on your sewer pipe can prevent sewer backup into your home. Benjamin Franklin’s plumbers in Fort Worth can provide the professional installation of a backflow preventer for your home.

Benjamin Franklin’s plumbers in Fort Worth provide professional quality sump pump installation, maintenance, and sump pump repair. Our licensed plumbers offer a broad range of plumbing services in addition to sump pump services. We serve Fort Worth, Arlington, and the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.