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Even though you may already have a high quality primary sump pump, you need a reliable backup sump pump to prevent flooding in your home when the primary pump is unable to operate due to a power outage, or the need for repair. As little as an hour without the primary sump pump’s operation can cause significant flooding in your basement, and potential damage to your home and its foundation. Talk to your Benjamin Franklin plumber in Arlington regarding a backup sump pump to ensure your home stays safe and dry.

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The statistics show that an estimated 96% of basements will experience flooding at some time, due to a ruptured water main, excessive rainfall or other causes. A sump pump installed by a licensed plumber in Arlington will protect your home from water damage by pumping water out of the basement, and safely away from your home.

When your home has a primary sump pump it depends upon electricity to operate. When there is a power outage or pump failure, a backup sump pump kicks in to take over the task of pumping water safely away from your home. Typical backup sump pumps are battery powered, or a water powered sump pump for those homes that qualify.

Electric, battery and water powered sump pumps each evacuate water from the sump pit where water collects, initiating the startup of the sump pump. The electric sump pump is the most efficient of the three; it is more cost effective and more environmentally friendly choice. A water powered sump pump is powered by your home’s municipal water supply and will not operate with a well during a power outage.

The main disadvantage to a water powered sump pump is the cost and amount of the water it requires to run, if used for a significant period of time. This is why it is only used as an emergency backup sump pump.

Furthermore, the system is not without its own requirements. The water powered sump pump relies upon a dependable water supply achieving 40 psi pressure, or greater depending upon the model of water powered sump pump. The water powered sump pump must be located above the sump pit to ensure it will run only when the electric sump pump is not running. As the water level rises, if the primary pump does not cut on to reduce the water level, the water powered sump pump is activated. Only use a licensed plumber in Arlington for a properly installed sump pump in your Arlington or Fort Worth home.

How a Water Powered Sump Pump Operates

The water powered sump pump functions by taking water from the municipal water supply. This water flows through a narrowed area, and is forced through an ejector increasing water speed and pressure reduction. This creates a suction which pulls water from the sump pit and discharges all water through a discharge line a safe distance from your home. Call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for an assessment by an experienced, licensed plumber in Arlington to see if your home qualifies for a water operated sump pump.

For those whose homes lack a reliable municipal water supply a battery sump pump used as a backup will be the logical solution.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing provides experienced, licensed plumbers for all of your plumbing needs in the Fort Worth and Arlington, Texas area. Give a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Arlington a call for your sump pump installation, maintenance, or repair, as well as your other plumbing needs. When you want plumbing services you can count on, call the plumbing professionals at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. Our licensed plumbers are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee, or we re-do it for free.