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For homeowner’s whose basements have a tendency to flood, preventing water from collecting can be a challenge. The consequences of a flooded basement can be mold, mildew and costly damage to the home and its foundation. The challenge can be met with the professional installation of a sump pump by a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth.

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Sump Pump Installation by a Plumber in Fort Worth

A sump pump will keep your basement dry when heavy rain occurs. A small pit is constructed where water collects. A float in the pit triggers the sump pump to start when the water level rises, and pumps the water away from your home through a drain pipe terminating a safe distance away from the foundation. A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth can accurately assess the factors required in providing the sump pump your basement requires.

Sump Pump Styles:

Pedestal: This model sits upright above the pit with its motor out of the water.

Submersible: In this model, the motor is waterproof, and is submerged by the incoming water. This model is often recommended for finished basements as the sump pit can be covered with a lid. A lid prevents small children or others from tripping over the pit, and prevents debris from entering the pit and reduces noise.

Battery Backup Sump Pump: This model will operate when a power outage occurs, or the primary pump fails to run, leaving your basement vulnerable to flooding with an inoperable sump pump. Like the main pump, when the water level reaches a particular level, the backup sump pump will start and pump water away from the home. A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth can install a backup sump pump in your basement.

If your primary pump is struggling when occasional excessively heavy rain falls, and you’re considering upgrading the primary pump, a back-up may provide for your needs. A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth can determine if you need to upgrade the primary pump, add a back-up or both.

Sump Pump Repair

The sump pump will require some maintenance. To ensure the primary sump pump is functional when it’s needed, recommended maintenance is every three months.

Clean the pump inlet screen every 3 months. A clogged screen will overwork the motor and shorten its longevity.

Check to ensure the primary pump is plugged in routinely. Accidental unplugging by pets or running children can result in a flooded basement.

Every three months, check the sump pump by pouring a bucket of water into the pit, enough to raise the float and trigger the pump to run. If you require sump pump repair, a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth can provide reliable repair.

The pump and basin should be cleaned annually and inspected. Cleaning the pit will eliminate debris that can clog or damage the pump. Refer to the owner’s manual for any instructions on other necessary maintenance tasks.

Correctable Causes of Basement Flooding

Some causes of flooding are correctable. Any necessary correction of the following may eliminate the need for a sump pump:


The grading of the soil around your home and foundation is important to ensure water doesn’t collect, or drain into the foundation. This calls for an adequate slope away from the home. Homes with the disadvantage of being located at the bottom of a slope need other means of diverting water run-off. A French drain is an example.

A French drain directs water away from the foundation utilizing a perforated pipe surrounded by gravel within a small trench.

Check the soil and slope surrounding the home’s foundation. A blowing rain or fallen gutter may have allowed soil erosion to occur. This can create low spots where water is able to collect and seep into the basement. If repair is required, ensure you maintain a slope that’s highest at the foundation, and slopes down and away from the home.


Gutters capture rain from the roof and direct it away from the foundation. If you’re having gutters installed, ensure they won’t drain near the foundation. A downspout diverter will direct water from the downspout away from the foundation.

To avoid soil erosion and water seeping into the foundation from the ground, water should flow onto a hard surface such as a splash guard, a driveway or patio that slopes away from the home.

Other Factors

Sidewalks, a patio, or a deck should slope away from the home to prevent water from being directed to the foundation.

If the correction of these factors don’t solve the problem of a flooded basement, a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth can provide the professional grade sump pump installation or sump pump repair that you need to keep your home safe from the damaging effects of water. We serve Fort Worth, Arlington and the surrounding areas with superior and reliable plumbing service. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.