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Sweating Plumbing in Arlington

Sweating Plumbing in Arlington

Sweating Toilet | Plumbing Arlington

It can be frustrating to deal with plumbing problems that aren’t the typical issue you call a plumber out for. When you’re having the problem of a sweating toilet with your plumbing in Arlington the following may assist you.

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Let’s have a look at the causes of a sweaty toilet and the available options to deal with it.

Sweating Toilets

A sweating toilet is more than just an annoying problem; it can literally damage or even rot the bathroom floor out. So when you have a sweating toilet it is a good idea to understand its causes and correct it.

If you have noticed how a glass of iced drink sweats on a humid summer day then you are already on the way to understanding why a toilet will sweat. The cold water in the toilet tank placed in an environment of warm air can cause condensation to form on the tank, just as it does on a cold iced drink.

To prevent this moisture from dripping onto the bathroom floor where it may cause damage consider the following tips for your sweating plumbing in Arlington.

Enlist The family

Getting family members to cooperate may be problematic, but if they will do so the problem of a sweaty toilet will most likely disappear.

  • Use the bathroom vent fan, and keep the door ajar to draw drier air into the bathroom from other parts of the house. Let the bathroom fan run for at about 20 minutes after you have finished a shower or bath.
  • On humid summer days run the ac rather than opening a bathroom window. The hot humid air from a window will only increase the problem of a sweating toilet. Give the experts at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing a call for problems with your plumbing in Arlington.
  • If you flush the toilet after taking a shower it will increase the humidity in the bathroom making the conditions that contribute to toilet sweat more likely. Either use the toilet in a different bathroom, or wait to flush when the bathroom has dried out.
  • Take a shorter shower, and opt for a cooler shower. This is especially important on days of high heat and humidity.
  • Ensure your bathroom exhaust fan is adequate. The amount of air a bathroom vent run exhausts is called CFM (cubic feet per minute). You need at least 1 CFM per square foot of bathroom space. For example, a 10’x 10’ bathroom will need an exhaust fan with at least 100 CFM. If you don’t have a bathroom exhaust fan our licensed plumbers will happy to assist you with your plumbing in Arlington needs.

Check for Leaks

  • A running toilet wastes water and keeps the tank colder, which can make it sweat more.
  • To check for a leaking toilet flap place a few drops of food coloring into the tank and check the bowl in an hour or so. If the color has appeared in the bowl replace the valve and flapper.

Circumvent the Condensation

  • If all else fails, as in a home without air conditioning or a bathroom vent fan the following options can help with a sweating toilet.
  • Install a toilet drip tray under the toilet tank. It will catch the moisture and keep it off of the floor. It will require routine emptying and isn’t an attractive solution, but it works and at $5-$10 is a cheap fix for your sweating plumbing in Arlington.
  • Insulating the interior of the tank is another option. DIY kits are available at home centers and hardware stores for about $20. The tank will require draining and allowed to thoroughly dry. Next, the foam panels will have to be cut to fit and glued to the interior. A good fit is required and providing it may be a pain.
  • Installing a low-flow toilet may be the best solution. Low-flow toilets use less water with each flush keeping the amount of cold water entering the tank to a minimum. This may take care of the toilet sweats, while reducing the water bill. If you are buying a new toilet you can get a model with a factory installed insulated tank. Alternately, you can order just the insulated tank and have it installed on the old toilet. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing will be happy to assist you with this or any other issues with plumbing in Arlington.
  • Install an anti-sweat toilet valve. An anti-sweat valve mixes a small amount of warm water to the cold water entering the tank. This could involve opening up a wall, ceiling or floor to access a hot water line, but is by far less costly than replacing a rotten floor.

When you require the services of an experienced and licensed plumber call on the dedicated experts at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Fort Worth. We will provide the services you require to correct any problems you may have with your plumbing in Arlington.