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Taking Care of Your Plumbing Systems During Home Transformation Projects | Plumber Fort Worth TX

Taking Care of Your Plumbing Systems During Home Transformation Projects | Plumber Fort Worth TX

Home renovation and remodeling is a way of transforming the look of our living space—projects that fascinate us and the results of which excite us. Whether it is repainting, installation of new fixtures, re-flooring or completely remodeling the layout of a room, home transformation projects are not only essential in terms of uplifting the space where we live but it is also essential in terms of home maintenance and appreciating the real estate value.

However, quite often during the execution of such projects, we end up ignoring our plumbing systems. Intentionally or unintentionally, the transformation activities affect the integrity of our plumbing systems, which can later develop into serious issues.

Home renovation and remodeling involve activities that at times can affect the health of our plumbing systems because of which we need to take precautionary measures.

As a company that has been providing professional plumbing in Fort Worth, TX, we decided to use our experience and knowledge and come up with a blog that could help our readers in taking care of their plumbing systems during a home transformation project.

Home Transformation Activities that Affect a Plumbing System

Here is a list of activities executed during a home transformation project that may affect the health of a domestic plumbing system. They are divided into two categories: home renovation activities and home remodeling activities.

Home Renovation Activities

  • Repainting is one of the major activities that forms the part of home renovation projects. Whether you are re-painting the walls of your bathroom and kitchen or painting the acrylic sinks to give them a quick facelift, these activities can compromise the integrity of your plumbing system. The peeled off paint residues and the stains of the newly applied wet paint may find their way into the drains unintentionally, especially if the outlets are not covered at the time of paint job.
  • Paint disposal activities like rinsing the paintbrushes down the sink or water-shedding the paint-accumulated-wastewater down the drainage also affect the health of a plumbing system.

Home Remodeling Activities

  • Screwing or nailing deep through the walls, to install a fixture, that contain concealed network of plumbing pipes.
  • Cutting through a large wall to combine your kitchen with your living room that may again contain a concealed network of plumbing pipes.

What Are the Implications of These Activities

With the activities now noted, we will look at the implication of each of these home transformation activities.

Paint Entering the Plumbing System through the Drainage

As a starter, the paint that enters the plumbing system through the drainage can cause the plumbing lines to get clogged. If not addressed, the clog can develop into a condense meshwork of other non-biodegradable materials, primarily because of the adhesive property of paint formulation. This in turn can block the drainage lines. In the worst-case scenario, the plumbing pipes may even rupture or the discharge may re-enter the residential space. Since the re-siphoning of the discharged water back to sinks is often considered to be a major indication of a clogged line, in any such observation, you should immediately contact your local plumber in Fort Worth, TX.

Another possible damage that may happen is the mixing of paint with the drainage water. Since paints are made from toxic chemicals like acrylics and vinyl, crystalline silica, emulsifiers and biocides – these chemicals can have environmental implications if released in a nearby water body. It could harm the plants and the animals and may re-route their way back into the main supply if left untreated, which could severely affect the community health.

Furthermore, paints also contain chemicals that kill the water-borne bacteria, which otherwise play an essential role in decomposing harmful materials.

Paints also cause significant chemical damage to the plumbing systems. The chemical formulations may react with the plumbing lines (depending on the makeup of the plumbing pipes) that can cause them to corrode and undermine their durability. The corroded pipes then result in home flooding. In any such event, immediately shut off the water supply (if possible) and contact your local plumber in Fort Worth, TX.

Damages Incurred Due to Mismanaged Home Remodeling Activities

Home remodeling activities like installing a fixture through a wall or cutting an opening through it can also significantly impose mechanical damage on the plumbing systems. A nail hammered through a wall that contains a concealed network of plumbing pipes may cause a leak, that won’t be noticeable in the early stages. However, if left unaddressed the water leakage promotes growth of mildew, infiltrates the electrical systems and may even result in a pipeline burst. A local plumber in Fort Worth, TX will be able to help you out in shunting these damages.

Similarly, an opening cut through the wall to remodel your home on the principles of open area living may at times end up causing damage to the plumbing pipes that are concealed behind the wall. This can lead to immediate flooding of the home. Call a local plumber in Fort Worth, TX to limit the damage.

How to Take Care of Your Plumbing Systems During a Home Transformation Project?

You can take following measures before the start of any home renovation or remodeling projects to ensure that the health and integrity of your plumbing systems is not compromised. For a more comprehensive plan, work closely with your local plumber in Fort Worth, TX and the hired contractor.

  • Ask your local plumber in Fort Worth, TX to cover all the drain openings with fine mesh gratings or wire gauze.
  • Design a paint disposal strategy and instruct the contractor and the workers to avoid rinsing off the paint directly into a sink. Provide them with water filled buckets and ask them to dispose the water shed to a hazardous waste collector.
  • Invite a local plumber in Fort Worth, TX and ask them to help you identify concealed network of plumbing pipes that may be at risk of mechanical damage during the remodeling project. Communicate the layout with your contractor.
  • If you are afraid that significant amount of paint has already been drained off down your plumbing lines, do not over-administer bleach, drain cleaner or hot water. It may end up damaging your plumbing lines. Instead, call a certified plumber in Fort Worth, TX and seek for a professional solution.

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