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Tank Based and Tankless Water Heaters in Saginaw:  Buying Guide

Tank Based and Tankless Water Heaters in Saginaw: Buying Guide

So, you are looking around for suitable water heater in Saginaw? Which kind of water heater are you considering to buy? The tank based water heater, also referred to as the storage water heater or the tankless or on-demand model? Tankless water heaters in Saginaw are a popular option because they don’t consume a lot of energy which makes them an affordable option in the long run. The upfront costs might be a bit higher, but then, you can bring these down if you go with a lower capacity model.

What about storage water heaters? Well, they are definitely more preferable if your water consumption is on the higher side. But since the heating component is always powered on, that does affect your electricity bills. Nonetheless, some smart moves, and you would be able to control the costs. Let’s take a detailed look at all what you should consider when buying tank based or tankless water heaters in Saginaw.


The first thing that you need to talk about. Whether you consider storage or tankless water heaters in Saginaw, both of them are sold at rates that depend on the capacity – the amount of water that they can hold. How many people do you have in your family? If they are around 4, then you need enough water for four showers, around two laundry loads, a number of dishes and so on. All this amounts to around 100 gallons roughly. So, should your tank be this huge? Obviously, not!

Note the first hour rating, abbreviated as FHR, and gallon per minute rating, abbreviated as GPM, for a tankless water heater. These numbers would tell you the amount of water the model can deliver in its first hour of operation. Rates for later hours depend on the speed at which you use water, and there might be a time when the water would start feeling less hot or even cold. Tankless water heaters in Saginaw take some time, which again depends on the model, to return to their full FHR.  Sounds confusing? Discuss your needs with a professional plumbing service like Benjamin Franklin, and they would help you out.

The GPM indicates the amount of water that your tankless water heater can produce in a minute. The hot water supply is continuous, as long as multiple resources aren’t using the unit. What if there is a need? You may be better off with two tankless water heaters then.


We did mention the two main types of water heater: storage based and tankless water heaters in Saginaw initially, but let’s quickly skim over the main types of water heaters. Some of them do drop your electricity bills, but upfront costs are involved compared to their storage counterparts.

Storage tank water heater

As the name implies, this is a water heater which features an insulated tank. Water is heated in this tank and then stored for later use. Hot water exits from the tank’s top, and cold water is made to enter at the bottom so that it can be heated. The tank is always full.

The temperature and pressure value opens up when either of these exceed a set level. If the water heat is made to operate with natural gas, the operations costs are lower than for electricity based water heat water. However, gas models are more expensive.

Tankless water heater

Tankless water heaters in Saginaw are probably the most common option. No water is stored, but heated whenever required. So obviously, they are energy efficient, but the flow rate is limited to around 3.5 to 4 gallons per minutes. You should stick with them when you don’t draw water from multiple sources simultaneously.

Tankless water heaters in Saginaw that run on gas are easier to install. If you buy an electricity powered unit, you may have to extensively upgrade the electrical capacity of your home.

Hybrid Water Heater

Hybrid water heaters are less common than tankless water heaters in Saginaw. These units deliver heat from the surrounding air and transfer it to water. Their energy usage is 60% less than electric water heaters, but their prices are high. Still, their payback time is short and the installation process is quite simple. However, if you live in a cold region, then these heaters won’t be so effective. For them to work efficiently, you may place them in an area where temperature ranges between 40 and 90 degrees.

The heat pump on these water heaters is at the top, so they should be around 7 feet away from the ceiling. Also, you roughly need a pace of 1,000 cubic feet from where the heater can capture heat. Furthermore, there should be a drain nearby to discharge the condensate.

Solar water heater

Solar water heaters are also less popular than tankless water heaters in Saginaw. A solar cell mounted on your roof absorbs heat from the sun and converts it to an anti-freeze fluid substance which is transferred to the water tank.

Solar water heaters are a good choice only if your region has long summer days. If clouds set in, these units don’t work, so you may require a backup.

Considerable Features


The warranty for most tank based and tankless water heaters in Saginaw is from around 3 years to 12 years. The upfront costs are higher, but heating elements are larger which speeds up the process. Also insulation is thicker, so less heat is lost.

Anti Scale Units

Some brands claim to incorporate features which reduce mineral buildup at the tank’s bottom. Buildup can reduce life, but even if your warranty period is more, than you don’t really need these fancy features.

Drain Valves

Situated near the water heater’s base, drain valves can either be of plastic or brass; the brass ones are more durable.

So, which kind of water heaters do you want? Tank based, tankless water heaters in Saginaw or some other type? Discuss your needs with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, and they’ll guide you.