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Tankless Water Heaters Arlington

Tankless Water Heaters Arlington

When you’re considering the installation of tankless water heaters in Arlington, the following information may assist you in your decisionThe tankless is an energy-efficient system that heats water on demand. When you turn a hot water tap on, the water heater turns on, and begin to heat the water. Turn the faucet off and the water heater shuts down.

The tankless is a space-saving, long-lasting water heater that won’t experience the standby energy losses of conventional water heaters. A conventional water heater fires numerous times within 24 hours to maintain water at its set temperature. This occurs whether you use any hot water or not. When you select ENERGY STAR gas tankless water heaters in Arlington for your home, the cost of producing hot water can be reduced by as much as 34% for households consuming 45 gallons or less of hot water per day.

An additional benefit of using tankless water heaters in Arlington is the endless supply of hot water provided when the proper capacity for your home is installed. When properly sized for your household needs, your family can literally take back-to-back showers without ever running out of hot water.

A third benefit of the tankless over a conventional water heater is its long lifespan. In areas with hard water, a conventional water heater will last an average of 8 – 10 years. A tankless water heater lasts up to 20 years with the proper maintenance.

Tankless water heaters in Arlington are an option for new construction, remodeling, and water heater replacement. In addition, a tankless model can provide a solution for hot water needs such as:

  • Remote bathrooms with long pipe runs waste energy and water, and cause a long wait time for hot water to arrive.
  • Outdoor kitchens, pool houses, workshops, stables, dog kennels, employee lunchrooms and restrooms, and public restroom hot water needs.
  • A tankless is an excellent choice for boosting the temperature of solar hot water heaters.
  • A tankless provides a solution for locations where space for a water heater is limited.

Tankless water heaters are available in gas or electric models, and whole house or point-of-use types. In addition, a variety of sizes are available to supply almost any home’s needs, and for households with a need exceeding the capability of a tankless, multiple installations are an option. Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing to schedule installation.


Tankless water heaters in Arlington may not be the best option for large households, or for those with simultaneous hot water use. If your household falls under either of these situations, you may want to either consider multiple tankless water heaters, or stay with a conventional water heater.

For example, if you have two or more persons showering at the same time every morning, you may find a single tankless won’t meet your hot water needs. You can still take advantage of the energy savings by installing multiple tankless water heaters in Arlington, and can potentially see your cost of hot water production reduced as low as by 50%. Furthermore, households that consume large amounts of hot water, or have simultaneous use of hot water, may be better served with a conventional water heater, or multiple tankless water heater installations.

Whether you decide to install a tankless or conventional water heater, our plumbers can provide a professional tankless water heater installation backed by our exclusive 100% satisfaction guarantee.


A tankless water heater requires a licensed plumber in its installation. Determining the proper gas flow for a specific unit, and providing the specialized electrical supply, the exhaust ventilation required for the specific model of gas tankless, and other considerations should only be provided by a plumber in Arlington with the proper training and expertise to ensure your family’s safety.


The best hot water heater for your home or office is the one that meets your needs and budget. Both tankless and conventional water heaters have benefits and disadvantages for specific households. What is an excellent solution for one household may be the wrong decision for another. A Benjamin Franklin Plumbing plumber will be glad to assess your hot water needs, and provide a recommendation based on our extensive experience, knowledge and our goal to ensure your satisfaction.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing licensed plumbers provide a wide range of plumbing services, including the maintenance, repair, and installation of tankless water heaters in Arlington. We serve Arlington, Fort Worth, and the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.