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Tankless Water Heaters Arlington, Texas

Tankless Water Heaters Arlington, Texas

Common Problems with Tankless Water Heaters

Plumbing Services in Arlington & Fort Worth, TX

If you are in need of a plumber to provide repair of a tankless water heater, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Arlington & Fort Worth, Texas today to schedule repair. Our licensed plumbers provide the installation, maintenance and repair of tankless water heaters in Arlington, Texas.

According to the U. S. Department of Energy, a tankless water heater, also called an on demand heater can reduce the cost of producing hot water by up to 35%, in comparison to standard tank water heaters. Conventional water heaters use energy, whether hot water is used or not, in order to maintain hot water in the tank. The popularity of tankless water heaters is growing as consumers search for solutions to save money, energy and even space.


  • Save up to 35% on energy used to produce hot water
  • Endless hot water!
  • Requires less space, providing you with extra floor space for other purposes
  • Can be installed outdoors
  • On average the lifespan of a tankless is 20 years with recommended descaling, outlasting conventional water heaters by two to one or longer

Problems that May Occur

A low incoming gas pressure can prevent the tankless water heater from being able to meet the demand of multiple hot water use. Proper performance depends on a consistently high gas pressure. An electric tankless water heater is available, but lack the energy efficiency of the gas model, and this is why, only the gas tankless water heater has earned the Energy Star certification. Most of the experts agree, if your goal is to save energy, money and the best performance possible, choose a gas tankless water heater.  Contact Ben Franklin today to schedule installation of tankless water heaters in Arlington, Texas.

As with any type of water heater, maintenance is necessary. Those who live in an area with hard water, and that is 85% of the nation, descaling will be required to maintain proper performance and energy efficiency. A water softener is not only recommended by most experts, but required by some manufacturers in areas with hard water above 11 grains per gallon. Otherwise, the warranty may be voided for your tankless water heaters in Arlington, Texas.

Servicing is typically recommended once per year by a qualified licensed plumber.  However, those with extremely hard water may require a higher frequency. Your plumber will know the recommendation for your location. Regular maintenance has its advantages. For example, you are likely to experience a need for tankless water heater repair.

Tankless water heaters in Arlington, Texas offer a solution for more than just your home’s hot water. than just in the home. They are ideal for increasing  the temperature of hot water when you have a solar hot water. Furthermore, they can heater supply hot water to outdoor kitchens, pool houses, guest houses, new additions, outdoor Jacuzzis, barns, and garages, for example.

There are different types of tankless hot water heaters. First, a point of use tankless can be used in a single location, such as an outdoor kitchen. Flow controlled models can supply two locations near to each other, while whole house tankless water heaters in Arlington, Texas provides hot water for the average home. However, large households with multiple simultaneous use of hot water may require more than a single whole house tankless water heater.

While the initial cost of the tankless is more than an average conventional water heater, some tank style water heaters now equal or exceed the cost of a tankless water heater. In the end, the energy and money saved provides a return on your investment, and continues to provide the feature that prompts many homeowner’s to go tankless, endless hot water. When the hot water is depleted in a conventional water heater, approximately 55 minutes or longer are required before hot water is once more available. Tankless water heaters in Arlington, Texas will produce hot water as long as it’s needed.

Determining your precise household needs is a decision you can be confident in when you talk to a knowledgeable, professional plumber who can assist you in making an informed choice. Tankless water heaters in Arlington, Texas require a licensed plumber to provide a professional installation. Installation requires specialized training and knowledge. For example, gas flow and gas line size, exhaust type, sizing, and/or power supply require a qualified plumbers expertise.

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