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Tankless Water Heaters Fort Worth

Tankless Water Heaters Fort Worth

Tankless water heaters in Fort Worth are gaining popularity among homeowner’s for the endless hot water they provide, and their ability to save you money on the cost of producing hot water. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing offers plumbing services backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Considering a conventional tank style water heater can be the consumer of 30%-50% of the energy bill, it is easy to understand the interest in tankless water heaters in Fort Worth.

The Advantages

The tankless water heater offers a number of advantages:

  • The tankless consumes energy only when you open a hot water tap, reducing energy costs by as much as 35% a year with the use of a single tankless water heater. When multiple units are installed, the savings continue to grow.
  • The endless hot water provided by the tankless is one of its most popular features. Furthermore, it prevents the wait for another tank of water to heat.

A properly sized unit is essential, underscoring the importance of hiring a qualified plumber for assistance in the selection and a professional installation. This ensures you never run out of hot water, and receive all the other benefits a tankless is recognized for.

  • With routine maintenance, a conventional water heater in a hard water environment will experience an average lifespan of approximately 7 to 10 years, depending on the degree of hard water. With routine maintenance, tankless water heaters in Fort Worth can last an average of 20 years, and potentially longer.
  • The compact size of the tankless water heater opens up a number of possibilities for relocating the home’s water heater. In addition, the tankless is available in outdoor models. A tankless installation can provide extra floor space for other uses.

Because the tankless does not store water, it experiences less problem with scale. Scale will still occur, and periodic cleaning is essential to lifespan, efficiency and performance, but without sediment to overheat a tank, the appliance will last twice as long as a well-cared for conventional water heater.


The tankless unit has few disadvantages, which include:

  • Compared to the basic, average conventional water heater, tankless units have a higher initial investment. You also have to consider the money saved with a tankless unit. You are likely to pay far more for the number of conventional water heaters requiring replacement during the lifespan of a tankless. Tankless water heaters in Fort Worth are an investment that continues to pay you back, year after year.
  • A tankless water heater installation is likely to be more complicated than that of a conventional water heater. A larger gas line, electric service or special ventilation may be required, for example. Ensure a qualified professional plumber properly provides the installation. Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing to schedule the installation.
  • Not every household will benefit from the installation of tankless water heaters in Fort Worth. Large households with a high consumption rate may require multiple units to benefit. A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth can assess your household needs, and recommend the best water heater solution.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing professional plumbers provide a wide range of quality plumbing services, including the maintenance, repair, and installation of tankless water heaters in Fort Worth. We serve Fort Worth, Arlington, and the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.