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Tankless Water Heaters: Functioning, Advantages and Selection | Plumber in Haslet, TX

Tankless Water Heaters: Functioning, Advantages and Selection | Plumber in Haslet, TX

Thinking of buying tankless water heaters in Haslet, TX? Good choice if you want to bring down your energy bills. Generally, installed against a wall in your utility room, garage or even outside the home, a tankless water heater can ensure that you get hot water in every tap, shower, tub, dishwasher and other places of your house.

Tankless water heaters in Haslet, TX, provide hot water whenever a demand is generated. If you choose a system that is of suitable size, you will always get hot water in any location that you want and for any duration. Talk to an expert plumber, and they’ll help you determine appropriately sized tankless water heaters in Haslet, TX, depending on your daily water consumption.

The primary benefits of tankless water heaters in Haslet, TX are lower energy consumption when compared to standalone water heaters and a constant hot water supply. Since these units don’t store any water, they also don’t consume any energy in trying to keep it heated. Plus, you do get unlimited water supply so even when you are bathing or doing laundry, you won’t run out of hot water.

Tankless water heaters in Haslet, TX, are generally, more preferable when you replace you old heater either because of leaking or inefficiency.  You can also switch to a tankless water heater if you just want to lower your energy bills.


Tankless water heaters in Haslet, TX can be divided into three main types: condensing, non-condensing and hybrid condensing. Though each of these operates slightly differently, the primary function is the same. When you turn on the hot water, a gas burner is ignited which forces a heat exchanger coil to transfer the heat to the cold water flowing through the coil. This heated water is delivered to your faucet and you can use it whenever needed.  For ensuring that the water is heated to an acceptable temperature, high gas volume is required, which may mean an upgrade to your gas line.

A condensing tankless water heater features two heat exchangers, one of which uses the excess exhaust heat for heating water. This increases efficiency, but doesn’t increase operational costs. A hybrid tankless water heater comprises of a small storage unit that can hold around 2 gallons of heated water to be used for short draws.  This additional storage reservoir prevents the water heater from operating at full scale every single time, which increases overall efficiency.

Other than gas, electric tankless water heaters in Haslet, TX are also available. But usually gas heaters have a higher energy efficiency.


The two main pros of tankless water heaters in Haslet, TX, have already been mentioned.  These units provide hot water whenever you demand; the supply is constant.  They are around 40% to 50% more energy efficient than a standard water heater. The latter of these contribute around $250 to your energy bills yearly, but tankless water heaters can bring down these costs to as low as $75.  Some utility companies also offer additional rebates when you install tankless water heaters in Haslet, TX, helping you decrease costs even further.

Other than that, tankless water heaters in Haslet, TX, help you save space. They are characterized by a long life, generally, around 20 to 30 years and are less likely to be affected by leaks and rust. Tankless water heaters in Haslet, TX, can also increase your home value. Traditional water heaters last for half this time.


The upfront costs. Installing tankless water heaters in Haslet, TX, can incur expenses, especially if there’s a need to upgrade or change your gas or water lines.  In such a case, you’d have to spend around $2000 to $4000, but if your lines are suitable for a tankless water heater, then costs are much lower. The amount that is spent is recovered when your energy bills drop.

Generally, hot water takes about 15 seconds to reach the tap, and then the supply is constant. But this is only when the system capacity is sufficient. If you install a low capacity unit, water supply wouldn’t be constant.


Flow Rate

Flow rate is used to compare various tankless water heaters in Haslet, TX.   The rate for most of the brands varies between 4 and 12 gallons per minute or GPM. You can figure out a suitable value by considering your hot water consumption.  For instance, the flow rate for your dishwasher is 1 GPM, whereas for a washing machine, it can be up to 2.5 GPM.  The required flow rate for showering is around 1.5 GPM to 2.5 GPM, and for a tub, it is 2.5 GPM. Add all these individual values to estimate a suitable flow rate.

Generally, 4 to 5 GPM units are appropriate for a small apartment or a one bedroom unit, whereas for a bigger house, you should go with a higher flow capacity.

Temperature Rise

The temperature of water in your plumbing lines varies from region to region. In the northern US, average temperatures are around 4o to 50 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas in the southern US, they are between 50 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

Consider the desired water temperature, and accordingly, decide a suitable flow rate. If you live in a colder region, then your heater will have to work harder to bring the water to your desired temperature; keep this in mind when estimating.


A tankless hot water heater can be installed both indoors and outdoors. Generally, outdoor models are less expensive. Decide your location, and choose from the available tankless water heaters in Haslet, TX.

Efficiency Factor or EF

A higher EF means lower operational costs. Generally, most models out there have EF values between 0.92 and 0.96 which implies that their efficiency is 92% to 96%.


When deciding a brand, consider the quality, reliability and warranty. And of course, the chosen model should fall in your budget as well.