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Tankless Waters Heaters | Plumber Fort Worth

Tankless Waters Heaters | Plumber Fort Worth

Tankless water heaters are an alternative for producing hot water for your home. The tankless offers a number of advantages over a conventional water heater, such as lower operating costs and a never-ending supply of hot water. However, as with any mechanical device, the tankless will require routine maintenance and can occasionally experience a problem requiring service and/or water heater repair. If you are having a problem with your water heater, contact a Benjamin Franklin Plumbing plumber in Fort Worth. The following are repair issues common with tankless water heaters.


Hard water residue is an issue in any water heater, and the tankless water heater is no exception. However, the minerals from hard water is primarily flushed with each use, and as water is not stored, any scale inside the tankless is minimal in comparison to a traditional water heater. Nevertheless, the tankless requires removal of the scale to ensure its energy efficiency, peak performance and a long life span. Talk to a Benjamin Franklin Plumbing plumber in Fort Worth about installing a water softener or schedule maintenance for descaling.

Ventilation Issues

Tankless water heaters, super heat the incoming water, which generates a lot of heat. Some tankless models basically reuse the heat, achieving greater energy efficiency in the process. However, others ventilate the heat rather than recycling it, requiring specialized ventilation. In gas tankless water heaters, ventilation is also the means by which deadly carbon monoxide is discharged. The vent pipe should be inspected spring and fall for leaves, bird or insect nests, rodent debris or other potential blockages that  can place your family at risk. A Ben Franklin plumber in Fort Worth will provide an inspection when you schedule your annual service.

For installation, repair and service of tankless water heaters, contact a Ben Franklin  plumber in Fort Worth.

The Water is Lukewarm

The temperature should be set at 120 degrees F. If the tankless is set on a temperature lower than this, the water will not be hot enough. If raising the temperature does not help, contact a plumber in Fort Worth for a diagnosis and repair.

Instant Hot Water or Not?

It is a common misconception that tankless water heaters will provide instant hot water.  As with a conventional water heater, all of the cool water in the line has to be flushed out before hot water arrives to the tap. However, a tankless water heater can provide endless hot water for your enjoyment.

Undersized tankless water heaters can be overloaded, potentially resulting in the shutdown of the appliance. If you routinely experience the shut down of a tankless, or cold water sandwiches, contact your plumber in Fort Worth for a solution.

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