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Telltale Signs of Hidden Leaks in Your House | Plumber in Lake Worth, TX

Telltale Signs of Hidden Leaks in Your House | Plumber in Lake Worth, TX

Nothing good ever comes of water leaks in homes. A minor leak can add to your water bills, without you even realizing it. However, a major leak can cause flooding in your house.

Hence, calling a plumber in Lake Worth, TX is the first thing you should do the moment you realize that something is leaking.

That brings us to the matter at hand. Most people do not even realize that they need to call their plumber in Lake Worth, TX as soon as possible because they are unaware of the leak.

It is hard to detect a water leak unless it is staring you in the face, which is why we have listed down some ways to make the water leak detection process easier.

Here you go:

·      Increasing Water Bills

Your water bill will not skyrocket without a reason, unless of course you have started using a lot more gallons than you used to. The moment your water bill gets out of control and you’re shocked by its absurd cost, you need to get into action and call your plumber in Lake Worth, TX.  You can leave the rest to them, and they’ll figure out the hidden leak that is emptying your pockets.

·      Foul and Musty Odors

Hidden water leaks cannot be hidden for long. When the water passes through the house walls, it has a certain odor that is impossible to ignore. Not to mention, water leaks can also result in the growth of mold and mildew in your home. If the hidden water leak in your house has reached the point of odor, then know it’s an old leak and needs to be looked at as soon as possible. Call a professional plumber in Lake Worth, TX before the water leak causes more damage.

·      Water Damage

Like we said earlier, hidden leaks cannot remain hidden for long. Water damage can easily be detected using your nose or your eyes. As a result of hidden leaks, water stains will begin to show on the walls or the ceilings of your home. That’s not all; the signs of water damage will even show up on the flooring.

The signs themselves are obvious too; water spots, discolored paint, discolored wallpaper, warping on the walls and ceiling are some of the signs of hidden water leakages. Other signs include mold and mildew around the house. If you spot any signs of water damage in your house, make sure to call a professional plumber in Lake Worth, TX to fix it.

·      Check Your Water Meter

This is a slightly tricky way of finding out about the hidden leak in your water system. If you are not confident in your skills then we suggest you dial the number of your plumber in Lake Worth, TX and have them check it for you.

If you think you can handle the detection of hidden leaks through your meter then here’s how you can do it.

First off, find out where the water meter is. It usually placed outside the house, in the driveway or the front yard. The meter will be on a concrete slab with the name of the water supplier stamped on it. Use a screwdriver to uncover the slab and you’ll be able to see the meter.

Next, turn off every water source in your house, such as sinks, faucets, dishwashers, and washing machines. Do not even use the toilet until the test is complete.

Once you are sure that everything has been turned off, place a toothpick on the meter exactly where the arm of the meter is and wait for 20 minutes.

After 20 minutes, if the arm of the meter is in a different position than where it was before–where the toothpick is–then there is definitely a hidden leak in your house. You need to call a plumber in Lake Worth, TX to take it from there.

·      Check the Toilets

Water leaks aren’t always due to broken plumbing pipes. In most cases, the toilet is the culprit. Your toilet runs water directly into the sewer without any visible source or sign that gives an indication of it.

If you suspect the toilet of your house is leaking, then only an expert plumber in Lake Worth, TX can confirm your suspicion.

·      Random Puddles around the House

If you started noticing random puddles around the house, or wet flooring and soggy carpets indoors, then you are dealing with a very serious kind of water leakage at your place. If this leak is not given immediate attention then it can end up damaging the entire flooring, doors, furniture and other fixtures at your place, thereby costing you thousands of dollars in repairs or replacement.

The key to avoiding this is not to ignore any thing odd around the house. If you notice a puddle or a wet floor more than once, you need to call a professional plumber.

The real issue with water leakage lies in its detection. Once you know the enemy you are facing, all you need to do is call your plumber in Lake Worth, TX totackle the issue. Our team of plumbers at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing treats every minor and major plumbing issue as priority. We know how big and problematic a water leak can get; hence we make sure our clients never suffer from it again.

Don’t wait up any longer, especially when the best plumber in Lake Worth, TX is right within your reach.