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The Best of the Best: Finding Good, Quality Plumbing Service | Arlington, TX

The Best of the Best: Finding Good, Quality Plumbing Service | Arlington, TX

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If a pipe bursts, you see a leak, or notice that your drains are clogged, then you know right away that you are in need of plumbing service. Sometimes you just may feel the need to have seasonal plumbing service done, and that’s okay. Whatever your plumbing needs are, you know you can trust the plumbers at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth, TX.

If you live in the Arlington area, Benjamin Franklin of Fort Worth can serve your needs in the blink of an eye. Let’s say that you’ve noticed cold spots on the floors, wet areas around your walls and floors, not to mention the fact that you’ve been hearing running water throughout your home even long after you’ve turn your faucets off. You know you have the signs of a slab leak, which is something that needs attention right away.

Or you may flush the toilet one day, only to notice a tsunami of dirty water rushing out onto your nice, fresh tile. Or maybe your shower drain is clogged to the point that no ordinary plunger can take down that water from your home and into the sewer. Same with your kitchen sink. Perhaps the garbage disposal is no longer working as it should and food bits have traveled down the drain and got caught in the p-trap of the pipe underneath. Whatever the issue is, the professional team at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing has just the right tools and expertise to fix it.

With extensive experience in plumbing service comes the knowledge it takes to clear out your drain and get it fully functioning all over again. Whether its hair, grease, soap, or food, the people of Arlington, TX know that good plumbing service is a timeless investment. That said, once that call is made, a licensed plumber will be at your residence with 24 hours.

Once the plumber arrives, they will perform a thorough assessment of your plumbing issue and inspect your system. The first item of business is that they will check your pipes over to determine the age, plus the amount of wear and tear that may have happened to them over the years. They do this because they understand that most older homes will typically have a much older piping system, which could determine the course of any type of plumbing service you might receive.

With older, galvanized pipes, the plumber will have to use a mechanical snake to fix your drain clog. The best news is that the snake method ensures that your pipes will be cleaned free of the potential of cracking and bursting. Since the snake is so flexible that it bends, it can go right into just about any drain and pull out any hair or other loose debris within a matter of minutes. The greatest downside, however, is that a mechanical snake cannot cleanse the interior walls of a pipe and clear out any grease or scum that may accumulate there and possibly harden. In short, the mechanical snake only treats the surface of the problem but cannot get to the root of it since it is more commonly used with much older structures.

With hydro jetting, a blast of water is sent right into the interior structure of the pipe to remove dirt, grease, and other grime. This method has a minimum horsepower of 3,000 PSI and can maximize at 8,000 PSI, depending on the nature of your clog and how deep and hard it is.

Plus, the hydro jetting method is clean and free of harmful chemicals. With it, you can enjoy the very best in plumbing service and actually witness the results. And with no chemical residue seeping into your water supply, there’s no risk involved, since nothing will contaminate your water supply.

But it’s not only good, quality drain cleaning that Benjamin Franklin can provide for customers in Arlington, TX. There are other plumbing services that can be provided as well.

We all know that with changes in the temperature that water can expand and contract. In fact, that is one of the major chemical properties of water. So, it’s no great mystery that water will expand by a factor of 2% when heated anywhere from 50-120 degrees Fahrenheit. With a good expansion tank, your water pressure can be absorbed, which in turn alleviates the pressure among your pipes and can thus prevent them from bursting. In fact, the expansion tank is the most important component of your indoor plumbing’s boiler system, and without it, disaster could happen.

And when water increases, it can affect your plumbing, especially in cases where your tank might be leaky or defective. If you look online, you’ll see a whole host of do-it-yourself tips on finding and repairing a leaky water expansion tank. But due to the fact that you are working with a large vessel that contains hot water, it’s best not to try to fix it yourself, as it can be very dangerous to you if something goes wrong.

With good plumbing service comes inspection and assessment. During the inspection, the plumber will find the source of the leak prior to starting work on your tank. Once the inspection is over, the plumber will give you a free assessment, along with a detailed invoice of the damages that need to be repaired, the costs of labor and parts, plus any other taxes and fees involved. Once repairs begin, the water supply and boiler valves will need to be shut off for safety reasons, which is why a professional plumber is needed for this job. Plus, the plumber will need to get a hose to drain any excess water from the expansion tank to prevent a wet, watery mess.

If your problem happens to stem from a worn-out pressure valve, it can be easily removed. It is recommended that you use two wrenches to prevent the likelihood that your pipes will crack or burst. Leaking pipe connectors can be fixed once the plumber has been able to remove them, clean them, and then repair the holes or replace them with brand new ones.

Whether it’s your drains, your expansion tank, or your entire water heating system, good plumbing service involves the best of the best. And that is exactly what you’ll get with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Arlington, TX. Their plumbers deliver prompt, courteous service and are held to the highest and most rigid standards. And that’s good, quality plumbing service.