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The Climb to Becoming a Master Plumber | Weatherford, TX

The Climb to Becoming a Master Plumber | Weatherford, TX

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With the shortage of tradesmen and rise in natural disasters, there is a growing demand for apprentices, and more importantly, journeyman and master tradespeople of a variety of professions. In Weatherford, TX, there is a specific set of requirements to become a master plumber. To become a master plumber, you need to get your high school diploma or GED, apprentice under a master, and become a journeyman before you can become a master yourself. This can take up to 10 years, but building a career can be fulfilling if you take the right steps and work with eagerness and integrity.

What Can a Master Plumber Do?

Journeyman are licensed to work on a variety of general plumbing jobs such as sanitary drainage, water supply, storm drainage, and natural gas piping. In these scenarios however, a journeyman may work alone, but cannot supervise people. In the case of a larger job, a master plumber would be in charge of the decision making, and managing of a group of journeymen and apprentices. A master is usually paid at the higher end of the range of salaries a technician is paid, and are even allowed to run their own businesses, which a journeyman is not allowed to do. So, whether you want to branch out into the plumbing business or you just want a bigger pay check, investing the time into becoming a master plumbers license is worthwhile.

Education and the Cornerstones of Plumbing.

Weatherford, TX residents who have already graduated high school can still take the time and refresh their knowledge on the foundation of most plumbing work. Math is an important start to becoming a technician, because the basis of plumbing is moving water as efficiently as possible. A good background in algebra and geometry will make studying the types and sizes of plumbing easier as the math behind laying pipe work and connecting a house or business to a water/sewer line is heavily supported by geometry. Taking classes in physics can also be helpful for becoming a technician. Studying how water pressure works is essential to installing the right plumbing hardware in different buildings. Becoming a master may call for the ability to draw up and understand blueprints for plumbing systems. A class that teaches hand, or computer aided drafting can be enormously helpful before undergoing an apprenticeship. Finally, before deciding on what kind of specialty you would want to focus on, or deciding to become a general plumber, you can take classes that support what kind of specialty you want to pursue in the future such as natural gas lines or fire sprinkler installation.

Apprenticeships Under a Plumber: Dos and Don’ts

Weatherford, TX technicians, at all stages, professionally start out as an apprentice working under a technician who teaches them everything they need to know about the trade. Knowing this however, the process of becoming an apprentice can be very competitive at times, especially in a market where technicians get more work and may not have the time to work with an inexperienced technician. There are a number of steps you can take before you pursue an apprenticeship, getting a jump on your fellow technicians in training can make the experience easier on you in the long run.

Taking vocational courses in plumbing, for example, may make you a more attractive candidate for better apprenticeship positions. Vocational schools have resources such as veteran plumbing experts and workshops that can aid you in learning the basics before you actually go to work for a professional. They also have connections with local and state unions and businesses that may give more consideration towards students attending that school. Certain apprenticeship programs in your area may require that specific courses be taken, so when you’re shopping around for an apprenticeship, ask if they prefer you have a specific background or take a class.

Becoming a Journeyman

While vocational schooling and apprenticeships have the advantage of security and foresight, becoming a journeyman offers a great amount of freedom and independence to operate on your own terms. While the legal requirements for becoming a journeyman is somewhat strict, actually operating as one and while also seeking to become a master plumber can be difficult. Plumbing apprenticeships in Weatherford, TX need to last 8000 hours before you can apply for a journeyman’s license, for example, so it can take almost three years to complete your apprenticeship before you even start your career as a journeyman. The state of Texas also requires that you complete a training program approved by the United States Department of Labor Office of Apprenticeship.

While your prior work experience should be helpful, there are a number of things to remember while operating as a journeyman. While your apprenticeship will focus on the practicalities and basics of being a technician, being a working professional means you have to memorize the numerous safety and maintenance codes, so taking the initiative to always study current plumbing codes as they may change depending what part of the state you’re working in. You also have to learn how to make long lasting business relationships, being a master plumber relies on a strong community for a healthy career. After four years of working as a journey man, you can submit an application, and take the tests necessary for being a master plumber.

In Conclusion

For the growing community of Weatherford, TX, a strong infrastructure is necessary to avoid potential health risks and protect the local quality of life. In this case, not only is it important for technicians to be trained, it’s important that there are master plumbers like Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth that can take on larger projects that inevitably come with a growing town, and ensure the safety and maintenance of the local plumbing.