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The Connection Between Plumbing Problems and Pests in Your Home | Plumbers in Arlington, TX

The Connection Between Plumbing Problems and Pests in Your Home | Plumbers in Arlington, TX

Springtime arrives in all its glory to rejuvenate life and facilitate regrowth. The blooming flowers and plants on your properties and yards in Arlington, TX make them vibrant, full of life, and colorful. However, the blooming flowers and plants also result in increased pest and rodent activity on your property. Your yards will become ideal habitats for all kinds of life including mosquitos, ants, rats, mice, snakes and, cockroaches.

Rodents and insects become more active as the weather starts to warm up in Arlington. These critters will start posing a big threat to your home, especially your plumbing. Most homeowners are unaware of the correlation between plumbing problems and pests. Therefore, in today’s blog post, plumbers in Arlington, TX will look at the connection between common plumbing issues and pets to identify which pests cause plumbing leaks, and which plumbing problems attract pests. Keep in mind that if you have plumbing problems this spring, you can rely on Benjamin Franklin Fort Worth to provide you with effective plumbing solutions. Read on to learn more about the link between plumbing problems and pests.

Plumbing Problems That Attract Pests

Pests rely on water to thrive and that is the reason why plumbers in Arlington, TX say that plumbing leaks can lead to pest and rodent infestations. Here are some of the most common plumbing problems that can attract rodents and insects of all types to your home:

• Visible Plumbing Leaks

You know that leak slowly dripping underneath your kitchen sink? The one that is leaking water slowly into a bucket that you placed under the sink to catch the water? That leak is an open invitation for insects to invade your home. Letting that leak continue and collecting water in a bucket is not the best idea.

A plumbing leak provides insects with water they require to survive and puddles on the floor or standing water in a bucket becomes a breeding ground for bugs like mosquitoes, flies, and dragonflies. Standing water also becomes a home for parasites and bacteria to thrive which may pose a serious health risk to your pets and your family.

The main problem with plumbing leaks is that it damages materials. Plumbers in Arlington, TX state that leaks draining on a wooden surface may rot the wood which creates the perfect habitat for termites. Saturated wood can also become a home for other insects and creates the ideal conditions for them to lay their eggs. Rotten wood is soft. Hence, rats, mice, and other rodents can easily chew through them and create a nest where they can breed.

• Hidden Plumbing Leaks

Hidden plumbing leaks that occur in basements, garages, wall voids, crawl spaces, ceilings, attics, and other parts of the home create the perfect environment for pests. Rodents and bugs like to stay hidden in dark crevices around the home. They also provide them with easy access to water. They can breed and drink without any danger. Plumbers in Arlington, TX say that concealed leaks can go undetected for several years.

This means not only is property slowly getting damaged by water, but there are many pests that may have invaded your home as well. Some of the most common hidden leaks are:

  • Slab leaks
  • Water heater leak
  • Slow appliance leak
  • Broken sewer lines
  • Broken pipe hidden by flowing and walls
  • Kitchen and bathroom leaks concealed by closets and cabinetry

• Faulty Plumbing Fixtures

Broken or faulty plumbing fixtures can create leaks that may attract vermin and bugs. Pests love damp places that are full of condensation and moisture. A failing or bad plumbing fixture may start leaking and give them the perfect environment to thrive in.

Pests that Cause Plumbing Problems

Now that plumbers in Arlington, TX have highlighted the common plumbing problems that attract pests, we will look at what pests can cause plumbing problems in homes.

• Termites

Termites are drawn towards shelter, water, and food. All of these necessities are provided to them by the wooden structure in your home. It’s not a secret that termites love wood and prefer it for food and shelter. They tend to build colonies in wood located near the ground and close to food and water sources. Termites may get inside a home during a remodel or new construction project when the earth is damp or when water meets wood. They are attracted to water from leaks, as they need it for their survival.

• Cockroaches

You may have seen it in numerous movies, where cockroaches were crawling out of bathroom sink drains. It may be a nightmare scenario for you but plumbers in Arlington, TX will tell you that it is something that happens quite often. There are millions of cockroaches in Arlington and the surrounding areas and they generally invade homes through several entryways.

Cockroaches are attracted to water and organic debris and can get into the plumbing systems of a home. They have also been known to clog up sink traps in laundry rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens by getting into the plumbing system.

• Rodents

All homeowners fear a rodent infestation in their home. Plumbers in Arlington, TX will tell you that rodents like squirrels, gophers, rats, and mice can get into the plumbing system of your home can cause serious damage. They enter the home through vents on the roof, sewer systems, through windows and doors, holes in foundation and gaps in crawl spaces. Mice can jump extremely high and squeeze through small holes while they are also known to climb vertically.

Rodents can easily climb up your plumbing pipes and may clog up your pipes by leaving debris in them. A rodent may also create a plumbing backup if it dies in your plumbing system which will create pressure in your plumbing lines and cause leaks.

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