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The Consequences of Water Leaks on Health and Home | Plumber in Saginaw, TX

The Consequences of Water Leaks on Health and Home | Plumber in Saginaw, TX

When you became a homeowner, the feeling of finally having your dream house must have been amazing. The first few months, you made sure that any problem in the house, whether it concerned the plumbing system, HVAC or gas line, was fixed immediately. As time passed, you started delaying maintenance schedules and would often put the repairs on the back burner.

Do we need to remind you how damaging this can be to your house? Haven’t you heard those horror stories where the homeowners went for a vacation and when they came back to the house, it was flooded with water. So, whether you have a leaking faucet or a toilet that does not flush properly, you need to call a plumber in Saginaw, TX immediately.

To help you understand how a water leak, no matter how small it is, destroys your house and affects your health, we have come up with a few things that you should know:

It Lowers the Property Value

All that time you spent on searching the house, to find the one that will prove to be financially beneficial in the future, is now a waste. One thing you should know about water damage is that if water seeps into the walls and ceilings, it’s only a matter of time when it will damage the foundation of the house too. Even after the plumber in Saginaw, TX has fixed this damage, the lingering effects will come out at the time of the home inspection.

When a house shows signs of water damage, usually a radiation detector is used to find out the extent of the damage. Be prepared because if this damage is found by the home inspector, the buyer will send a counteroffer that demands that you provide warranty for future plumbing repairs.

Fungal and Mold Growth

You might see small patches of mold growing in the bathroom, which can be easily cleaned with a mixture of hot water, soap, and baking soda. However, when this mold takes the size of a football, you are in trouble. The reason why you should immediately call a plumber in Arlington, TX to put a stop to the mold growth is because this organism produces spores, which settle down in nooks and crannies. Even if it is a newly constructed house, lack of maintenance and proper cleaning will eventually boost the mold growth.

The problem is: after a while, these spores lay dormant in dry areas and can survive for decades. This might not cause any problems at the moment, but as soon as this area gets access to water, the mold re-continues its growth. As long as the water is present, the mold will continue to grow and present an unpleasant sight. The area becomes a health hazard because not only is it slippery and can cause physical damage but can also lead to development of allergens ranging from slightly irritating to catastrophic. You will experience symptoms such as difficulty in breathing, nasal congestion, sneezing fits, and coughing. You can imagine what these symptoms will do to your health if you already have a condition that compromises your immune system. Perhaps, one of the biggest reasons why you should call a plumber in Saginaw, TX is that this mold can affect infants’ health in the long run. Growing up in such an environment increases the chances of developing asthma.

Structural Damage

Damage from mold does not stop on the surface. When water seeps into the walls and ceilings, mold grows there as well. This can lead to expensive repairs and will probably lead to the plumber in Saginaw, TX stripping down the walls and then assessing the damage.

Spotting structural damage is fairly easy because the first few signs you will see are discoloration, small water pockets, and streaks on the wall. You need to call a plumber in Saginaw, TX immediately as soon as you see even a small spot on the wall.

What happens is that when drywall absorbs water, it starts to swell and warp, much like plastic floorboards. When this water damage is not repaired on time by a plumber in Saginaw, TX, the support beams of the house are affected. The wet pockets leave small holes in places when they dry and combined with mold, things quickly take an ugly and unlivable turn.

Now that you know how mold and water affect your house and health, let’s talk about a few ways to detect water damage in time:

Detecting Water Damage

Yes, we know that detecting a leak can be quiet difficult but sometimes, the signs are right in front of your eyes and you never pay them any attention. Following are some of the basic water damage signs caused by leaks:

·     Strange Odors

Do you smell a strong, musty odor every time you enter the basement? You might even smell it sometimes in the bathroom. This means that there’s a leak in that particular room. If you can inspect the area on your own and reach the leak’s origin, you can take precautions to prevent further damage while the plumber in Saginaw, TX arrives.

·     Discolorations

Dark and light spots, peeling paint and small air pockets on the walls are all dead giveaways that there’s a leak in the house. This usually means that there’s a break in the pipe, which is causing water to seep into the walls.

·     Sagging Ceiling

Water always gathers in one spot. You might not notice any difference in the ceiling at first but as the water collects in the spot, the ceiling slowly starts to sag. This can be very dangerous as you don’t know to what extent the ceiling is damaged. You might be standing underneath it while having a party at your house when the ceiling comes crashing down on you.

A great way to spot leaks early is to call a plumber in Arlington, TX for regular maintenance. Benjamin Franklin is a one-stop service for all your plumbing problems. From water line repair in Saginaw, TX to gas leak repairs and installation of new tubs and sinks, they use unique and accurate techniques to spot and fix problems. To know more about what kind of services they offer and their area of expertise, you can contact them at 817-478-4119.