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The Convenience Of Water Filtration Systems For Your Home Or Business | Arlington, TX

The Convenience Of Water Filtration Systems For Your Home Or Business | Arlington, TX

Water…it’s the true fountain of life, the most essential component of the human body and the world that surrounds us. Without water, we wouldn’t be able to live, just as we wouldn’t survive without air. Water is used for many processes, including digestion, but we also need it to cook our food, and clean our body and surroundings.

As if this weren’t enough, many of the machines that make our lives more comfortable, such as washing machines, depend on water in order to perform the job they were designed to do. Because of this, having the ability to access clean water at home and our workplace is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle.

While there are different ways of ensuring your home’s water is clean and safe, most of them are expensive and inconvenient, and are not environmentally friendly. This is where water filtration systems can become your home’s best ally, because they are designed to be everything that other forms of dispensing clean water to your home or business are not, including affordable and easy on the environment.

Water filtration systems are also versatile, and come in a variety of sizes and capacities, and can be installed on top of your kitchen counter or outside, in order to provide clean water to your entire home or place of business. So, with this in mind, let’s take a look at the types of water filtration systems and how they can fulfill your specific needs and provide a solution to a variety of problems your tap water may present.

Hard Water: The Most Common Problem

One of the biggest problems with tap water in Arlington, TX is what is called “hard water“. This term means that the water flowing through your home’s pipes contains elements such as calcium, iron, magnesium, and aluminum, among others. These elements are not necessarily harmful to your body, but can cause a number of other problems, including the accumulation of these minerals in your pipes, causing scaly residue that constricts the flow of water.

When dealing with hard water, water filtration systems can help soften your water, which results in a few benefits, including:

Making cleaning easier: As we mentioned previously, minerals in your home’s water can cause spots and residue on your pipes, tiles, sinks, water heater, and even your clothing, as well as mineral buildup in your water heater, washing machine, and other appliances. As if this weren’t enough, hard water makes washing dishes and laundry much more difficult because it doesn’t rinse off soap as easily, so you will need more water to get your stuff clean. Water filtration systems with a water softening feature will ensure your clothes, dishes, and even your skin and hair are cleaner and easier to rinse, which results in the use of less water, with all the benefits this represents.

Helping your appliances work more efficiently for longer: The scaly accumulation of minerals from hard water in your appliances can result in them working less efficiently and breaking down more often than when provided with soft water. Water filtration systems can help you improve the efficiency of your appliances, while benefiting the environment because of the lower demand on your energy and water bills.

Improved water heater efficiency and cleaner pipes: Because your water heater can heat softened water faster and more efficiently, and minerals won’t build up in your plumbing, you can save a nice chunk of change on your utility bills and keep your pipes cleaner and with a lower number of clogs and corroded sections.

These are only some of the problems that water filtration systems can help to alleviate in Arlington, TX. Others include the removal of harmful bacteria and other dangerous substances in your water, including chemicals and contaminants. If anything, one thing is certain, tap water is not always safe to drink, and a prime example of this is what happened in Flint, Michigan, and other cities across the nation. Filtration systems provide clean, safe water that your family can use confidently without having to worry about any potential health problems they could be facing each time they take a sip or wash their hands.

Different Solutions for Different Needs

When it comes to water filtration systems, there are different types to fulfill almost all of your needs for clean, healthy water. In general, they are all able to improve the taste and smell of the water in your home, as well as its purity, which is possibly the most important reason why people seek out this solution. Because, let’s face it, nothing is worse than walking into your home after a difficult day under the hot sun only to find that the cool glass of water you were looking forward to drinking tastes like dirt and smells like fish!

Fortunately, water filtration systems offer a wide range of designs and capacities, which means you can have one installed on your counter or under the sink, for a single localized supply, or outdoors to supply your entire home, including your showers and sinks. A simpler countertop system is a great option for a kitchen if you only want to remove any chemicals or other substances that may be in the water your family uses for drinking or cooking, including chlorine, lead, mercury, and other heavy metals that could seriously damage your health.

There are other solutions, including gravity fed water filtration systems that work very nicely during emergencies or when you go on a camping trip and don’t have access to clean water. Regardless of the type you choose, you can be sure that it will be less expensive than buying hundreds of bottles of water in Arlington, TX.

How Do They Work?

Water filtration systems can use different methods to ensure you receive clean and healthy water. The removal of contaminants and impurities can be performed in several different ways, all of which have a variety of pros and cons. Here are some of the most common methods used, and what benefits they provide.

Reverse Osmosis: Water filtration systems that use reverse osmosis as a way to provide clean water are the best way to remove certain chemicals, such as fluoride, and sodium from the water you drink. The membrane used in this system can also stop most bacteria and harmful organisms from getting through.

In short, reverse osmosis systems are so efficient, they can remove 95 percent or more of any contaminants in the water they filter; and while they will lose some effectiveness over time and require replacement, the quality of the water they provide is far superior than with other methods.

Activated carbon: These filtration systems work on the premise that the carbon will absorb any contaminants and chemicals in the water that could be harmful to your health, including as chlorine and fluoride. This is done because these toxins are bound to the carbon, which improves the quality of the water output. These types of filters last a long time and in a few cases may only require an annual replacement of the filtration cartridge. For comparison, these filters work in a similar manner to those used in tropical fish tanks, where they help remove algae and other contaminants from the water through binding.

UV sterilization systems: Water filtration systems based on this method are some of the most efficient ones in what refers to the destruction of organic matter, bacteria, and other organisms in your home’s water. They are highly effective and a good solution for homes where the main water source is a well, although they also provide high quality water when your main source is the public utility system.

One of the most important factors to consider when looking for a water filtration system for your home or business is how you will be able to power it. In most cases, they will use the existing electrical power supply to work. While there are some solar powered options on the market, these are more suited to the outdoors, such as a camping trip, and may not be able to supply the amount of purified water you need, so don’t forget to ask for the specific capacity of each filtration system you are considering.

Another thing to consider is the fact that not all filters are effective at removing any fluoride from the water they purify, especially those based on the carbon filtration method, so if your Arlington, TX home’s water supply has high levels of this chemical, you may be better off investing in a system that is guaranteed to remove it.

Other Important Specifications to Keep in Mind

Not all water filtration systems are built to deliver the same capacity, but the large majority can filter from 4,000 and up to one million gallons of water, so make sure you always keep this factor in mind when choosing the right option for your Arlington, TX home or business.

Another important consideration is the flow rate of the system you are looking into. The flow rate will depend on the exact filter you are considering, but can vary from about half a gallon per minute, up to about 20 gallons per minute. In the majority of cases, a higher flow rate indicates a type of system that can be used to supply all of your home’s fixtures, including your shower, kitchen sink, and more. Other systems may show a flow rate measured in gallons per day, in which case they are better applied for emergency purposes or outdoor activities.

Lastly, in order to keep your water filtration working at its peak performance, it is important you follow any maintenance instructions provided by the manufacturer. This will ensure you always receive high quality, clean, and healthy water when you need it. Make sure you clean or change the filtration cartridges as often as necessary, and don’t allow them to remain in place if you notice any clogging or algae growth. Talk to the experts at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth if you have any additional questions or doubts.

How Much Should I Expect to Pay?

The truth of the matter is that there is no way to estimate an overall cost for a water filtration system. The price can vary depending on a number of factors, including the brand you choose, the filtration method, the flow rate, and the power source.

While it may not be possible to provide an accurate figure, keep in mind that filters that can be placed under your kitchen counter are probably the least expensive, and those that service your entire home will be the most costly. Other filters can be attached to your refrigerator’s water and ice system, and can be the least expensive of all, but keep in mind that they will only provide purified water from that specific source and can’t be applied to other purposes.

Thinking About Water Filtration Systems in Arlington, TX?

As you see, water filtration systems are not only convenient in that they produce clean water on demand, but also because they are capable of providing water that is safe to drink and cook with, helping you keep your family healthy and free from any consequences that come from drinking water of dubious quality. Water filtration systems are an environmentally friendly way to produce water for your home by utilizing less plastic, and can even be brought along on family outings to ensure you receive the water quality your family deserves.

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth we can help you choose from among the market’s foremost brands of water filtration systems, always taking into account the needs of your Arlington, TX home or business. One of our experts will gladly talk to you about your purified water needs and will provide all the information you require about specific brands, flow rates, costs and much more. So, if you are confused by all the water filtration systems available on the market and would like to make the selection experience a more personalized and professional one, don’t hesitate and give us a call today!

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