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The Dos And Don’ts Of Hiring A Plumber | Mansfield, TX

The Dos And Don’ts Of Hiring A Plumber | Mansfield, TX

Your home’s water should stay confined to the pipe system, only exiting them when you open a faucet or turn on your shower. But, when you suddenly find water accumulating on your kitchen floor or in other places where it definitely shouldn’t be, you will surely know something is wrong and you are going to need a plumber to fix the problem in your Mansfield, TX home.

The biggest consideration when you need a plumber is that not just anybody will be able to do the work you require. While they may advertise they do, not all plumbers are the best choice and you shouldn’t go into your search without knowing what to look for, to ensure you find the best plumber for the job.

With this in mind, you should first consult with friends and family to see if they can recommend a plumber that has worked for them beforehand. People are usually very straightforward when it comes to recommending a contractor, so you will surely find out all about their experience with their plumber in Mansfield, TX.

You should also consider the fact that there is nothing worse than having to choose a plumber, or any professional for that matter, in the middle of an emergency, so talk to your acquaintances and relatives before you need somebody to fix that overflowing toilet that is flooding your bathroom.

Things to Do Before You Choose a Plumbing Contractor

When you don’t look for a plumbing professional before an emergency happens in your Mansfield, TX home, you might find yourself calling the first one that comes up on your search engine’s results. If there’s anything we can tell you is that not succumbing to the temptation will always end up being worth your while. So take a bit of time to do the following:

DO Evaluate your problem with a critical eye – Ask yourself if it’s really an emergency that needs attention right that minute or it can wait for a bit even if it does cause you some degree of inconvenience. An example of this is a clogged toilet. If your toilet is not overflowing onto your brand-new carpeting, you can certainly take the time to search more thoroughly. If it is, verify if closing the water supply valve behind your toilet stops the overflow. Don’t be afraid to take the time you need to find a great plumber. The consequences of hiring just any Tom, Dick, or Harry, can result in you having a bigger problem and costlier repairs.

DO Run a quick online search to get a good idea of what most plumbers charge for similar issues – Taking the time to do this will help you set a budget and compare any quotes you request from a number of contractors before making your final decision. It will also let you see what similar jobs include. Things such as parts and labor that not all contractors might include in their quotes. This will help you avoid falling prey to scammers who will try to overcharge you at the end of the job by saying their quote didn’t include certain items.

DO Take a look at the plumber’s online reviews – Reading what other people have to say about their experience with a plumber in Mansfield, TX will give you a good idea of whether they are qualified to undertake the job you require, whether it’s unclogging your kitchen drain or installing a completely new plumbing system in your home or business.

DO Make sure you will get a contract that details every item involved in the job, as well as a warranty on parts and labor – This contract is legally enforceable in case anything happens after the work has been completed, so don’t hesitate to ask for it.

DO Make sure you are specific about what you need done – In order for you to receive the most accurate cost estimate from a plumber, make sure you provide a clear overview of the job you require. The search for costs you already performed online will help you get a good idea of what you will pay, but providing specifics will make the overall estimate much more accurate, which, in the end, benefits nobody but you.

DO Define your budget – When you have a good idea of how much you will be expected to pay for certain plumbing jobs, you can determine a budget that will allow you to evaluate any cost estimates you receive from a Mansfield, TX plumber. You want to make sure you get the most for your money, but never go for the lowest bid, because, in the end, you might end up paying more money than you budgeted for. Make sure you get at least three cost estimates from different contractors before you go ahead and make your final decision.

Don’t Be Shy About Verifying a Contractor’s Credentials

One of the most important things to consider when looking for a good professional plumber is their licenses and credentials. The internet is designed to provide a whole bunch of results when you run a search, but that doesn’t mean all of them are qualified or even legit. So, when you interview any potential candidate for your plumbing job, make sure you ask to see their license and any credentials that will prove they have the necessary training and education to be able to do the job efficiently.

Take a look at any document they provide and make sure they are current and valid. Check the expiration date to ensure everything is above board. Some contractors choose not to get a license, which can result in shoddy work and a variety of scams, so make sure you ask for those credentials every time you meet a new plumbing professional.

Another thing you should verify is their insurance policy. Do they carry general liability insurance and workers compensation? While you may be wondering if this is even important when all you require is for them to remove a clog, the truth of the matter is that accidents happen and property can be damaged, so even if it’s something as simple as fixing a leaky faucet, carrying the proper forms of insurance speaks volumes about a contractors reliability and workmanship.

Once you’ve verified these credentials, don’t forget to look up their online reviews and check with the Better Business Bureau. A plumbing contractor that has worked to achieve a great reputation over the years will not likely drop the ball over simple issues. So, again, take a look at as many reviews as you can. Keep in mind that not all of them will be 5 star positive reviews, but a few negative ones don’t speak to the overall quality of a contractor’s work, so take a look at the responses they provided to the negative posts and how they solved the issue. In most cases, this will be a telltale sign that you are looking at a real professional and not just some guy that doesn’t care about customer retention.

All of these things, when taken together, will help you make the most well-informed decision about the plumbing expert you are looking to hire. Taking the time to do the footwork will result in a high-quality job and getting the highest value for the money you are paying.

Things You Should Always Ask a Professional Before Making Your Final Decision

Making a decision on which plumbing professional is best for the job is not an easy task, but you should always make sure you have all the information you need to make the right choice. To help you determine whether a certain plumbing contractor in Mansfield, TX is right for the work you need done, here is a list of questions you should never forget to ask. While some of these questions may seem a bit repetitive, considering all you’ve read above, you can use this as a checklist to help you gather all the information you need on the first visit.

  • Can you show proof of insurance and licensing? (If the answer is “no”, don’t even consider hiring them, and don’t take their word for it, always get them to show you the proper documents).
  • What does your cost estimate include? Is it a flat rate or is it an hourly fee?
  • Is everything included in the cost estimate?
  • Can you provide a detailed quote in writing?
  • Will you be doing the work or will somebody else do it? Are they also licensed and experienced in this type of work? (Have them show you the licenses of all the people who will be working on your project)
  • Who takes care of repairing or replacing anything that gets damaged during the work?
  • Will you take care of cleaning after you finish? Is the cost of this work already included in the estimate?
  • What type of warranty do you offer? What does it cover exactly? How long is it good for?
  • How long will it take you to complete the job?

Signing the Contract and Agreeing on Payment

Now that you have chosen the perfect plumber for the job you require, you should secure a detailed contract and talk to the contractor about payment. Never offer to pay for the entirety of the work up front, because it can happen that a less than honest person may leave you hanging and disappear with your money without finishing the job. In many cases you will be asked for an advance fee to get started. This fee usually covers parts and other costs required to start solving your plumbing problem. Once that part has been agreed upon, you have to discuss if you will be required to do weekly payments, in the case of a larger job, or the remainder of the fee as soon as the job is finished. Oftentimes, plumbing contractors can offer flexible payment plans and financing if the size of the job warrants it, but make sure you arrange all of this before signing the contract. Also, make sure any payment arrangements are detailed in said contract.

Be Aware of Possible Red Flags

The last thing you probably want or need when you are looking for a reputable plumber is to fall prey to one of many possible plumbing scams. In order to prevent yourself from suffering this type of criminal activity, there are certain red flags you should look for before agreeing to hire somebody. Consider the following:

  • The plumber refuses or outright can’t provide proof of insurance or licensing either for themselves or anybody that will be performing the work you require.
  • They refuse to provide references, or give some sort of excuse or vague answer as to why they can’t do it.
  • They refuse to provide any receipts for advance payment.
  • They only work for cash
  • The down payment is excessive, or they ask for the complete fee before they start working.
  • They quote a cost without even looking at the job.
  • They won’t fulfill your request for a detailed quote and refuse to tell you what the estimate includes.
  • You feel pressured into accepting or signing a contract before you have had time to read it and understand what it includes.
  • They refuse to provide a warranty for the work.
  • They provide vague or rude answers to any questions you present.

Reputable plumbing professionals are not willing to risk all the hard work they have put into an excellent reputation, so they will be happy to provide as much detail as you require to understand what the work entails, and why they have quoted a specific price. A professional plumber will never deny your request for references and will always be willing to show you their license and proof of insurance even if you don’t ask for it up front. The best thing to do is to listen to your gut feelings and if something doesn’t feel right, continue your search elsewhere.

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