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The Fundamentals of Drain Cleaning in Benbrook, TX

The Fundamentals of Drain Cleaning in Benbrook, TX

Drain cleaning is all about cleaning pipes which generally lead to the mainsewer line. The process of drain cleaning is not always a simple one. It is one of the most frequent plumbing problems as the experts of drain cleaning in Benbrook, TX state.

The problem can arise at any time of the day, any hour of the day or the week. It comes without warning and may affect multiple areas of your house. So what really causes a clogged drain? Well, a drain line can be clogged for multiple reasons. For instance, the blockage could be the result of clumps of flushed toilet tissues, hair or even grease. Some other reasons for a clogged drain include coffee grounds, soap, food, baby wipes, hot wax and others.

Even though most of the homeowners take measures to keep their drain free from any kind of debris or dirt, it is a problem that is virtually inevitable. Drain cleaning is a task that must be done before the problem arises and from time to time. In fact, many homeowners attempt to fix the issue by using harsh chemicals available on the market which can actually cause problems later.

Whenever we come across a clogged drain problem, the first thing that comes to mind is to fix it by pouring heavy and harsh chemical drain cleaners. Also attempting the task on your own is another major reason that aggravates a simple drain cleaning issue into a major one. In brief, in most clogged drain problems, a DIY attempt would hardly be sufficient.

All of these scenarios are the ones that call for the professional assistance. When you face these drain clogging scenarios you must hire the professionals of drain cleaning in Benbrook, TX. If you are wondering how these professionals will fix the issue and what equipments do they use? Read on.

In this post,we will briefly be looking at different drain cleaning equipment, used by the professionals, and we will also discuss the frequently asked question by homeowners.

Drain Cleaning Equipment Used By Professionals

Following are some commonly used equipment by professional of drain cleaning in Benbrook, TX.


The principle of using the rod for drain cleaning is quite simple. It is made of metal and is semi-rigidthat can easily be inserted into the maindrain to follow the curves of underlying pipes. These rods usually have a plug or rod on their ends. They are designed to clear any kind of clogs which cannot be treated by using chemical products.


This equipment is used when rods are insufficient to fix the clogging issue. Auger is very useful equipment when it comes to drainingcleaning. It is comprised of a strong spring-loaded cable that can easily be lengthened by turning a handle present on the device’s base. This particular motion helps in breaking the extremely stubborn clog present in a drain or even around the drain’s inner circumference. Augers come in different sizes. Some can be used manually while others are electric.


Nonetheless, a clogged drain is nothing but a nuisance in your house. But fortunately,there are many experts of drain cleaning in Benbrook, TX who knows how to handle complex drain cleaning issues. When you hire these professionals, you not only get the best service but you can also take a professional insight on keeping your drain lines clean – at all times.

Some of the most frequently asked questions by many homeowners include the following.

How can we know if the problem is in the main sewer line? What are the signs?

Well, if the main sewer line is clogged, you will face huge waste water issues in terms of draining. When main sewer line gets blocked, it causes the water to accumulate or back up out of the plumbing system.

As per the professionals of drain cleaning in Benbrook, TX, this creates a gurgling sound in your drain line. Some of the most common signs of a clogged sewer line include toilet water bubbling, backing up of water in the shower or tub or bubbling of water in the faucets.

When is sewer line inspection camera used to clear the clog?

Sewer line inspection camera is a waterproof device used by professionals. It allows visual inspection of your drain pipes including main sewer line that are present underground, under your house’s foundation and in cement. In other words, professionals use sewer video camera to take away the mystery out of the drain problems hiding in your drain pipes.

What is the purpose of water jetter?

Oftentimes, your drain lines may get clogged due to grease or other strong and hard-to-remove substances like sludge or sand. In this case, a water jetter is the best solution. This device of unclogging a drain line is only used by professionals and you must not use it without having any prior experience or knowledge. Water jetting is an instant and an efficient, environmentally safe and economical solution to clean drain as well as the mainsewer line. It is generally used to clean stubborn drain lines.

Why should I hire a professional of drain cleaning in Benbrook, TX?

Remember your drain system is one of the integral plumbing systems of your house. If your drain system fails or stops working, it may leave your kitchen and bathrooms nonfunctional. In fact, the repair or replacement of a drain system is expensive and if you fail to handle the situation professionally, undoubtedly you will end up with heavy replacement cost.

When you hire the professional drain cleaning service in Benbrook, TX such as Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, you get the best services in the town. Their team of professionals iswell versed in handling clogged drain issue and hold years of experience in their field.

A professional understands the problem and fixes the root cause rather than temporarily fixing the issue by using harsh chemical products. So if you want to increase the longevity of your drain line system then hiring professional service providers is your best option.