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The Impact Of Water Filtration Systems On Environmental Sustainability | Arlington, TX

The Impact Of Water Filtration Systems On Environmental Sustainability | Arlington, TX

According to NASA, 2022 was the fifth warmest year on record, and temperatures continue to soar even as we begin the new year. Environmentally-conscious folks are actively playing their part in contributing to a more sustainable planet. Some have resorted to growing their fruits and vegetables, while others have completely switched to solar power. Water filtration systems are a staple for many Texas homes, ensuring residents get fresh, clean water for consumption and regular use.

What impacts do filtration systems have on the environment? Does it worsen the situation or contribute to a more sustainable planet? Keep reading to find out.

It Helps Solves the Plastic Problem

Chlorinated plastics contain harmful chemicals that affect the soil they’re dumped in, compromising its fertility. These chemicals also seep into groundwater and are incredibly detrimental to water-dwelling species and species that drink this water.

Without clean drinking water at home, we’re forced to buy bottled water to quench our thirst. Unfortunately, most people aren’t too keen on how they dispose of these water bottles. This insouciance leads to an influx of plastic water bottles in oceans and landfills. In fact, 8 million tons of plastic bottles end up in our oceans every year.

Water filtration systems eliminate or reduce the need for bottled water. That’s because you get clean drinking water straight from your faucets. This helps cut back on overall plastic use and contributes towards a more sustainable environment.

Extracts Pollutants from Water

Regular tap water is ridden with pollutants, including pesticides, fertilizers, nitrates, and even radioactive substances. These substances are incredibly toxic and harmful when ingested. Water filtration systems remove them to have toxin-free water for consumption.

Remember, water from your faucets circulates back to the water supply. By using a water filtration system, you’re removing harmful pollutants from the main supply. The water won’t harm any natural species should it go into the soil or back to the oceans.

Reduce Fossil Fuel Use

Fossil fuels are the largest contributor to global warming, contributing 75% of all greenhouse gas emissions. Water bottle manufacturers use fossil fuels to manufacture these bottles. The greater the demand for bottled water, the more greenhouse emissions enter the environment.

Water filtration systems give us clean drinking water, reducing our reliance on bottled water. This reduces the demand for bottled water, subsequently reducing the amount of greenhouse gases produced by plastic bottle manufacturers.

Helps Improve the Efficiency of Appliances

The average Arlington resident uses about 20% of energy for water heating needs. Water heaters use gas or electricity to provide hot water straight to our faucets. However, the build-up of sediment like calcium makes the heating system inefficient, using more energy to meet the normal hot water demand.

Calcium in our water supply leads form sediment layers that cause this inefficiency. Water filtration systems remove calcium and other salts from your water supply. This helps your water heater run more efficiently and improves its longevity.

It’s also worth noting that hard water makes washing utensils and clothes much more difficult. Hard water is harder to lather, plus the scum leaves ugly stains on clothes and utensils after washing. As such, you’ll have to use more water and energy for cleaning than you normally do.

Reduces Food Chain Disruption

Plastic from water bottles enters the food chain via bottom feeders and even primary producers. Plants can absorb tiny plastic pieces through their roots. This plastic stunts the plant’s growth and gets into the bodies of animals that eat them, leading to a disruption of the entire food chain. By reducing your dependence on bottled water, you can help promote a healthier food chain devoid of plastics.

Saves Money to Invest in Sustainable Technology

While a bottle of water doesn’t cost too much, the costs could accrue substantially in the long run. This is especially true if you have a large family.

Water filtration systems eliminate the need for bottled water, saving you a significant amount yearly. You can save money, buy an electric car, or install solar panels to lead a more sustainable life. This is a huge step towards a more sustainable environment.

Are There Other Benefits to Water Filtering?

Water filtration systems immensely benefit the environment, but that’s not all. These systems have other benefits, including:

Improved Water Quality

The most obvious benefit of water filtration systems is it improves the quality of water you drink and use for household chores. That way, you can have clean, odorless, and tasteless water to keep you hydrated. You also get soft water for household cleaning and other household activities.

Clean water in your supply means you can hydrate as much as you want to. Proper hydration promotes healthy skin, hair, and overall health. This greatly improves your quality of life, bringing you closer to the person you want to become.

Lowers the Risk of Health Complications

The bacteria, chemicals, and pollutants in dirty tap water lead to gastrointestinal health issues. A water filtration system removes these substances and helps you avoid health complications.

Furthermore, calcium in hard water promotes the formation of painful kidney stones. The salt may also lead to an imbalance in your stomach chemicals, leading to acid reflux. Clean, filtered water helps sidestep these issues.

Better Tasting Food

Sometimes the pollutants in dirty tap water can affect the taste of your food, giving it a chemical-like and almost sour taste. This weird taste can ruin your appetite and meals. Water filtration systems ensure you have clean, odorless, and tasteless water for your cooking.

Get a Water Filtration System for Your Home Today

Today, you can promote a more sustainable planet by installing a water filtration system in your home. The filtration system will ensure you don’t depend on bottled water and use less water when cleaning. Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth for professional water filtration installation in Arlington.

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