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The Most Common Plumbing Issues in Old Houses | Plumbers in Arlington, TX

The Most Common Plumbing Issues in Old Houses | Plumbers in Arlington, TX

A leaky drain, a clogged toilet, bad repairs, and broken pipes are common plumbing issues in old houses. If your house is older than your grandparents or if you’re planning on moving to an antique, vintage place then as much you’re excited about its charm, you should also prepare yourself for some annoying plumbing problems.

However, chances are these issues still plague your old mansion because you haven’t seen professional plumbers in Arlington, TX. Make sure to consult a reliable plumber and get a full-on checkup of your bathrooms to avoid costly repairs.

With that, here are the most common plumbing problems that your old house could be facing that you may be either oblivious to or have chosen to ignore. Both of which can lead to time-consuming fixes and if they’re DIYs, they may actually worsen the issue.

Broken Sewer Pipes

Sewer lines aren’t really in sight that much, which is why they’re often overlooked when it comes to plumbing repair. However, the real damage incurs if and when they fail. A seeping sewage brings with it an awful, vile smell of the wastewater not just into your house, but the neighborhood as well.

And you can only imagine the germs and bacteria the water carries that makes its way into your home. The thing about sewer pipes built in old houses is that they use outdated materials, before modern appliances like dishwashers and garbage disposals were incorporated in house disposals.

Old toilets push more water so there are greater chances of sewer pipe failure, especially if there has been frequent repairs and remodeling in your old house. If your house is older than 30 years then it could also be facing issues like damaged or shifting sewer lines by tree debris. If you’re facing these issues, look for good plumbers in Arlington, TX.

Leaking Faucets

Everyone, at some time, faces this issue in their bathroom. Yet, they can underestimate dripping faucets and ignore the issue. But a leaking faucet wastes so much water especially if it goes on the entire night! Your money is on the risk too because of unexplained, high water bills.

You may end up emptying your water pump if the leaks are not fixed in time because an old house usually has outdated water motors to push water into the taps. This issue is so common in aging buildings and apartments.

The recurrent cause of dripping faucets is usually a dislodged, stiff, or torn internal washer, which will require a professional. It isn’t something you can fix with a YouTube tutorial. You’ll be surprised to know a single leaking faucet can squander away thousands of gallons in one year.

Don’t take the matter lightly and contact reliable plumbers in Arlington, TX to tighten up your faucet and stop the leakage before you lose any more water. It’s especially irresponsible, keeping in the mind the global water crisis.

Clogged Drains

Clogged toilet and shower drains can be a real pet-peeve for some people. You’ll have to pull out a closet auger, a snake, or a plunger to flush down and let’s be honest no one looks forward to the dirty job. You know it’s bag clog when no matter what you do the toilet bowl simply doesn’t flush.

It’s usually because of accumulation of human waste with paper, which is the main culprit. You can use tools to loosen the blockage but someone needs to come in to fix the issue for good. Hence, there’s no harm in contacting good plumbers in Arlington, TX.

Although a DIY concoction of vinegar and baking soda is effective at de-clogging, it can only do so much. If your toilet was built decades ago, chances are you’ll need to get in touch with professional plumbers in Arlington, TX for proper de-clogging that isn’t likely to reoccur.

If you don’t, the problem will get worse in the long run and you’ll always be late for work trying to plunge down and flush your toilet.

Poor Repairs

When it comes to old homes, the question isn’t whether the house has gone through grueling episodes of plumbing fixtures but that who has been fixing the issues. Older homes develop a tendency of plumbing issues simply because the bathroom fixtures and the installations are outdated.

And because they’re old, it’s very rare to call in a professional plumber because most issues are forcefully silenced with generations old DIYs and repairs invented by a handyman in the house. Problems like backwards sink traps and unsecured pipes, broken water heaters, leaking faucets and awry-sloped showers.

Even when some repairs serve as temporary fixes and a sight of amusement to be very honest, others are dangerous. For example, fixing a water heater without knowing how the functions work can end you up in minor burns. Before that happens, call up good plumbers in Arlington, TX.

The point of the matter is, steer clear of bad repairs. And if your old house has been welcoming those for years, it’s time you change that by contacting trusted plumbers in Arlington, TX. It’s true that old, antique houses have their own unique charm but they’re equally numbered in problems, especially plumbing issues.

If you’re planning to shift in a house older than thirty years then get an inspection by licensed plumbers in Arlington, TX to avoid any bad repairs.

Old Fixtures

If you put your sweat and blood into building your house that has now surpassed a few decades, you’re probably having a hard time accepting that its end of lifespan has arrived and you need repairs and renovations for everything.

Your plumbing concerns should be the top priority. Not just bathroom clogs, kitchen drains, but yard sump pumps are just as important. It’s time you accept that failing plumbing needs to be fixed. You can’t rely on old fixtures anymore with broken knobs and restricted water flow.

These issues can burn a hole in your wallet at the worst possible time. What if your guests are over and your toilet simply just won’t flush? Now that will be extremely embarrassing! It’s time you search for plumbers in Arlington, TX.

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