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The Most Common Plumbing Questions Answered | Plumbers in Arlington, TX

The Most Common Plumbing Questions Answered | Plumbers in Arlington, TX

You may have experienced many plumbing issues this year; both major and minor. We’re assuming so because plumbing systems are known to exhibit a similar pattern of problems for most homeowners according to plumbers in Arlington, TX.

Due to the fact that most homeowners experience the same problems, we’ve gone ahead and compiled the most commonly asked questions from the experiences of plumbers in Arlington, TX. Here they are:

1.  Should I Turn The Water Off When I Go On Vacation?

You’ve packed your toothbrush, your in-laws will be taking care of your pets, and you have double checked your stove. The checklist is complete but what about the water? Most homeowners don’t plan ahead for the water-shut-off, but plumbers in Arlington, TX will advise that they should.

It’s true. Even though you won’t experience any problems if you didn’t, but simply because no one is using the faucets in your home doesn’t mean that a pipe burst or leak isn’t possible. This is why it is important for you to consider the consequences.

Even if you’re away and you have the smallest leak in your system, the backup caused by water can be disastrous! When this water supply is left unchecked, water will continue to pour for days or even weeks – depending on how long your vacation is.

Would you like to get a call from your neighbors to find out there is a new man-made lake where your home used to be? We thought so. So ask your plumbers in Arlington, TX about cutting off your water supply till you’re away.

2.  Where is The Main Water Shut-Off Valve?

If you’ve never had to, you’ll never know what to do when you have a water emergency on your hands. We’re talking burst pipes and massive leaks in your home! This is why plumbers in Arlington, TX believe that homeowners should trust them with repairs, but should at least know where the main water shut-off valve is.

To locate these, you need to follow the following instructions. Water lines are usually located 3 ft from the ground and are mostly on the exterior of homes. They are usually where the water line and your home meet.

In other cases, water lines are also located behind panels. This is done usually where homeowners want to hide away unsightly valves and make them look more presentable.

3.  Why Does My Water Look Cloudy and How Should I Fix This?

Plumbers in Arlington, TX have often found homeowners complaining about water from taps to be milkier than water. If you have the same problem then this could be due to the following 3 reasons:

1.   Bubbles

Plumbers in Arlington, TX have found that water becomes cloudy in the area simply due to air bubbles. Yes – it’s really that simple. Air bubbles are a common occurrence in the winter seasons and are caused due to combinations of temperature changes and pressure.

They are quite harmless and will simple dissipate with time. You may have noticed that as soon as the bubbles reach the top of the glass container, they simply disappear.

2.   Dirt

It is also common for tiny particles to make their way into your water supply. These particles can be dirt or sand and are generally harmless. The only problem they cause is that you wouldn’t prefer to serve guest over at your home with water that looks like something out of your laundry machine.

Plumbers in Arlington, TX will assure you that this water is safe to consume and it even tastes alright. If, however, you wish to clear up the water, then you should think about installing a sediment filter in your home.

3.   Sulfur

Do you think that your water smells like rotten eggs? If this is the case then plumbers in Arlington, TX will tell you that your water has hydrogen sulfide present in it. It isn’t uncommon for sulfur bacteria to thrive in wells or plumbing systems because of the presence of rotting organic matter.

When this is the case, water tends to exhibit cloudiness and the very same will be seen in the case of water that comes out of a water heater. That said, you should know that water isn’t a threat to your health. If, however, you wish to take all the necessary precautions, you can have the water tested.

Next, if you wish to remove all the foul aroma and unpleasant appearance from the water, then you will have to determine the source of the bacteria. If you’re experiencing this problem because of your water heater, then plumbers in Arlington, TX can have them serviced for proper ventilation and filtration.

4.  Why Is Water Leaking Through The Light Fixtures and Ceiling?

We’ve all been there. Some have seen their kitchen light turn into a shower faucet while others have seen their dining rooms lighting fill up with water. Well, according to plumbers in Arlington, TX the only reason why this happens is that the flooring and walls of these homes hiding some undetectable leaks.

The very first sign that you have such a problem on your hands is that water is making its way from your flooring or ceiling onto the next floor. If this has happened or is happening, you can be sure you have a leak in your plumbing.

Unfortunately, you can’t inspect or repair this problem on your own and the only cure here is the expertise of plumbers in Arlington, TX.

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