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The Pros and Cons of Using Natural Gas in Your Home | Plumber in Haslet, TX

The Pros and Cons of Using Natural Gas in Your Home | Plumber in Haslet, TX

Did you buy a new house? Are you confused like all other homeowners who can’t seem to decide between natural gas and propane? Well, we are here to tell you which option is safe. Both these gases are used in homes for several appliances, which is why coming to the conclusion of which one is better, is not that straightforward.

This is why to help you understand how both these fuel options work, we have come up with a comparison table so that you can decide yourself which option is better.

Natural Gas


Comes through the government gas pipe line Is available in cylinders
A single connection that can be spread throughout the house Is portable and is mostly used on trips and for grilling
Is quite affordable Is slightly expensive than natural gas
Needs other elements to cause a combustible reaction Since it is available in cylinders, chances of it causing a combustible reaction by coming in contact with oxygen are high

What’s the Difference?

Natural gas and propane are fossil fuels and produced domestically. You can always get advice from a plumber in Haslet, TX to find out which fuel option is best for your house. The main difference between these two fuels is that natural gas is in a “gaseous state” that is delivered through a pipeline. On the other hand, propane is in compressed liquid form, which is delivered to storage tanks in houses and can also be bought in portable canisters.

Which Is Cheaper?

People who have to choose between propane heat and natural gas are always concerned about the cost. The price of natural gas is measured in cost/cubic foot. On the other hand, propane fuel is measured in cost/gallon. When comparing the prices of both fuels, it seems that natural gas is cheaper. Of course, this changes depending on the area you are living in and the type of heavy appliances you use in the house. You can always call a plumber for a gas line repair in Haslet, TX to find out where the natural gas line lies in your house.

Another level of comparison that is done between these two fuels is based on BTU. This is a measurement of heating efficiency. Propane has double the BTU from 1030 to 2490. Meaning: propane burns cleaner and with greater efficiency.

Other Considerations

You are probably wondering if this makes propane a better choice over natural gas. A plumber in Haslet, TX recommends that you don’t make a hasty decision when choosing fuel options for cooking. There are a few other things you need to consider:

  • Natural gas is provided naturally to your house, whereas propane providers have to be called every now and then, so the tank can be filled (the hassle of calling this service often puts people off, which is why they opt for natural gas)
  • You will have to make sure that the surrounding area of the propane tank is clean, whenever its time for a refill
  • For natural gas, all you need to do is call a plumber in Haslet, TX once every year for gas line maintenance
  • A portable propane tank gives you the freedom of setting up the grill outside

Advantages of Natural Gas

Natural gas is composed of methane. It has a simple chemical composition that involves four hydrogen atoms and one carbon atom. When these atoms are burned completely, the products of combustion that form are water vapor and carbon dioxide.

One of the biggest advantages of natural gas is that it does not have many impurities. Another reason why homeowners prefer natural gas is because it causes less pollution and does not contain any complex chemicals. When natural gas is used in appliances, the release of the following gases is quite less:

  • Carbon dioxide (CO2): primary greenhouse gas
  • Nitrogen oxides: primary precursor leading to smog
  • Sulfur dioxide: primary active precursor leading to acid rain

There’s also particulate matter that affects visibility and health. With so much advancement in technology, natural gas is now cleaner and less expensive, as compared to other fuels. You will find that most plumbers in Haslet, TX recommend new homeowners that they use natural gas for cooking. Following are three advantages of natural gas:

Cost Saving

As mentioned earlier, natural gas is great for cooking, heating and drying clothes. Houses that use natural gas save around $840 yearly, as compared to those houses that use electricity.

Air Quality

The delivery of natural gas is quite stable in all weather conditions. Since it is cleaner than other fuels, you don’t have to worry about the underground pipelines being damage in any way.


Since natural gas’s flammability range is bound by a limit, it needs a specific composition of air and natural gas before burning. This fuel is lighter than even air, rises safely and with correct ventilation, and can be dispersed easily.

Detecting Natural Gas Leaks

Natural gas is injected with an odorant called “Mercaptan”. This allows homeowners to detect a leak in time and call for a gas line repair in Haslet, TX. The odorant gives the gas a “rotten egg” smell that fills the air as the fuel is released. This is why it is necessary to call a plumber in Haslet, TX for yearly gas line maintenance. Another option is to make sure that the gas detector installed in your house is capable of detecting natural gas.

There are different types of gas detectors that are capable of detecting toxic, flammable and combustible gases. Consult with your plumber in Haslet, TX to find out which one will work best for your house.

The technology used in gas detectors allows the device to measure different gas concentration. Its sensor response is what serves as the scale. When the response surpasses a pre-set level, the alarm goes off and alerts the homeowner. Understanding how a gas detector works is very important, so that you know the level of danger you are in.

The moment your gas detector goes off, do not waste any time in calling a plumber in Haslet, TX. You never know when even a small leak can cause a wing in your house to combust in flames. If you are looking for qualified plumbers in Haslet, TX then visit Benjamin Franklin. To know more about what kind of services they offer and their area of expertise, you can contact them at 817-478-4119.