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The Sherlock Holmes Of Plumbing Service: Why We’re Detection Experts

The Sherlock Holmes Of Plumbing Service: Why We’re Detection Experts

Plumbers have to be detection experts in order to find leaks, clogs, and perform other aspects of their job. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth features a team of plumbing sleuths who are highly trained and experienced at leak detection, inline camera inspection, and other solutions that require highly technical deduction skills. Our company has a reputation for its broad range of services, friendly plumbers, and fair pricing. If you’re wondering why your water bill is suddenly so high, where that musty odor is coming from, or why your drains are slow, call us for our plumbing troubleshooting and maintenance skills.

Troubleshooting Common and Not-So-Common Plumbing Problems

Finding hidden leaks, clearing stubborn clogs, or determining why the customer’s water bill is suddenly spiking requires our plumbing service to specialize in plumbing detection. To that end, we hire experienced, certified plumbers and invest in high-quality detection tools like in-line video cameras to ensure that we can easily and accurately identify plumbing problems. Playing a guessing game with leaks and clogs wastes time. When you suspect you have a plumbing issue, it’s important to consult with a plumbing service that can get the job done right the first time. We offer a wide range of troubleshooting solutions that include:

Leak Detection

Water damage is expensive. The average cost of residential water damage is between $1,300 and $5,600, according to a report by Forbes. Although interior water damage might be caused by seepage or even a roof leak, it’s often due to a plumbing system leak like a ruptured pipe, leaky toilet, or sewer line backup. Our plumbers provide leak detection service because not all leaks are obvious.

Much of your home’s plumbing system is not visible. Pipes are located in the walls, under flooring, and underground. Often, property owners aren’t even aware of hidden leaks for some time. Eventually, these leaks give off signs such as mold or musty smells. The water from even a small hidden leak can trigger major black mold outbreaks, destroy drywall, and even ruin flooring or structural elements of the home like wood framing.

It’s important to locate the source of a leak as soon as possible, but what happens when the leak is somewhere in the walls? Our plumbing service provides our plumbing pros with the tools they need to locate hidden leaks as quickly as possible. Moreover, our plumbers are trained in leak detection. We will find the source of the leak in order to provide the ideal fix–either pipe repair or pipe replacement.

What’s Clogging That Pipe?

It’s not always necessary to know precisely what’s causing a clog; often, even the homeowner has a good guess of what’s caused the clog to develop. Grease and food debris are common causes of kitchen sink clogs, for example. Sometimes, though, it’s important to understand what’s stopping up a drain in order to provide the ideal solution.

There are different methods for clearing drain clogs. Sometimes one method is better and safer for a plumbing system than another. Plumbers sometimes have to detect what’s stuck in the pipe in order to safely remove it. Sometimes, in fact, nothing is stuck but, rather, the pipe has collapsed and is blocking the flow of water.

How do plumbers determine what’s causing a drain clog? In cases when a clog doesn’t respond to conventional approaches to drain cleaning like augering, a plumber will use an in-line camera to find out what’s causing the clog. Video camera inspection can also help plumbers locate where the clog is–how far from the fixture in question, for example.

After viewing the clog with the camera, the plumber can choose a technique that is appropriate for the problem at hand. A clog can occur anywhere in your plumbing system–near a fixture like a kitchen sink or even under the ground like within your sewer line. Remember that it’s never a good idea to rely on commercial drain cleaning products because they can be corrosive to pipes–and they often don’t work. Our plumbing pros are adept at drain cleaning and can identify and deal with clogs effectively.

Frequent Clogs

If you’re experiencing clogs frequently, there’s a reason why. Our plumbing technicians can determine why your home is suffering from clogs all the time. One reason could be because of hard water. Mineral deposits can build up within pipes, causing them to narrow. That means that the diameter of the pipe is smaller, which makes it vulnerable to more frequent drain clogs.

If your pipes have mineral deposits, you may need descaling. You may also need drain cleaning service as debris like grease and oils can also build up. Augering alone will not necessarily remove these deposits of grease. Your drains might benefit from hydro jetting and a thorough cleaning. After drain cleaning service, you should find that your clogs develop less often.

No Hot Water

Waking up to no hot water is never a fun prospect. When your water heater isn’t functioning properly–or not at all–you need an experienced plumber who can evaluate its condition and troubleshoot the problem. Our plumbers can detect why your water heater isn’t working and then make the necessary repair.

Sometimes, however, a water heater has simply reached the end of its life span and it’s no longer fiscally worthwhile to repair it. Our plumbers can advise you about the condition of your appliance and help you make a decision about whether to repair or replace it. If the tank has rusted out, for example, you’ll need a new appliance.

After inspecting your appliance, our plumber will be able to tell you what’s causing your hot water heater’s trouble. If it needs a part replacement, we can often do the job right away as we take care to stock up on commonly needed plumbing parts. If you do need a new hot water heater, we can help you source a unit that’s ideal for your home and budget. We can then install it for you and ensure that it’s working properly.

High Water Bills

Higher than usual water bills often signal a plumbing problem. You may have a running toilet or hidden leak. If you can’t identify why your bill has spiked, you can call our plumbing service for help detecting the cause of the increase. If you’ve recently filled your swimming pool, the cause for the increase is obvious, but if your toilet is running, you might not know that this seemingly small problem can waste up to 30 gallons of water each day. That’s going to impact your bill.

Our plumbing service will inspect your plumbing system to find out if there’s a hidden leak which is causing your bill to go up. A leaky faucet or pipe might waste nearly 20 gallons of water a day. Did you know that leaky washing machines and dishwashers can also cause water bill increases? Let our plumbing pros help you find out why you’re seeing big increases in your water bill. Once we uncover the reason, we can recommend the best solution.

Low Water Pressure

If your water pressure is low, there could be a number of reasons for the problem. In these cases, it’s best to start by calling your water company to see if there’s work going on in your area that’s causing the issue. If the problem is confined to your home, there are a number of reasons that could be causing low water pressure.

First, check to see if household members are using water. If you’re doing laundry and someone else is showering, you might find that your kitchen sink water pressure is low. This problem will resolve itself when the draw on the water is reduced. If you can’t identify the cause of the issue on your own, you may need a plumber to inspect your plumbing system. There could be a water valve that’s half open or there may be a clog in the water line or even pipe damage.

We can send a certified plumber to your home to get to the bottom of the problem. Don’t ignore low water pressure issues. If there’s a line break, the sooner you deal with it, the better. A broken pipe could lead to major water damage.

Water Backing Up

If water is backing up from a fixture like a toilet or tub drain, there’s likely a clog associated with that particular fixture. In these cases, customers often know that they have a sink clog or tub clog; they may just need help clearing it. On the other hand, sometimes clogs form deep in the plumbing system or the sewer line. A common sign of a sewer line clog is that more than one drain backs up.

For instance, if you run your washing machine and also a bathroom shower and you get backup from a floor drain, it’s very likely that the clog is located in the sewer line. However, you don’t have to know where the clog is before contacting our plumbing service. We’ll determine where the clog is located and then provide the drain cleaning service you need.

A water backup problem can be a nightmare. Wastewater backups are notoriously messy and even dangerous as the water carries bacteria. These backups can also trigger mold outbreaks. Many backups are caused by sewer line clogs, but sometimes, particularly after heavy periods of rain, the cause of the backup is with the municipal sewer system. These systems can become overwhelmed by rain or area flooding, which could result in water coming up through drains.

Even so, if it’s not raining and you’re getting water backups, call us for our prompt service. Wastewater backups require emergency plumbing service, and we can help.

Soggy Yard

If you notice that areas of your yard are soggy even though it hasn’t rained, you may have an underground leak. If it’s your water supply line, you’d have noticed a loss of water pressure. These leaks can also be caused by ruptured sewer lines. If your sewer line is leaking into your landscape, it’s an environmental concern for one. You don’t want wastewater polluting your yard. Not only can this result in unpleasant odors, but it can attract unwanted pests. The water can also be damaging to your foundation by causing soil to shift. The waterlogged soil becomes heavy, and this can put pressure on other pipes, too.

If you have a leaking irrigation system or plumbing system pipes in your front or backyard, you’ll need repair service. Sometimes these repairs can be made with trenchless techniques. Sometimes conventional methods with excavation equipment are needed. You can rely on our plumbing service to let you know what the best solution is.

Damaged Pipes

Just as leaks and clogs can develop in places that aren’t visible, the same goes for pipe damage. If a section of your pipe collapses, it can result in water damage, clogs, and reduced water pressure. In these instances, you need a professional plumber to quickly find out where the damaged pipe is and to access it as soon as possible.

Sometimes a damaged pipe can be repaired. Sometimes it needs to be replaced with new materials, especially if the old pipe was corroded or brittle. You can rely on our plumbers to troubleshoot the issue and make the needed repair or replacement. These situations are often emergency plumbing problems. Remember that you can call our service seven days a week.

If you need a plumber to detect your plumbing system’s issue and make the necessary fix, call us right away.

Our plumbing company has a reputation for expertise, friendly service, and fair pricing. We offer a comprehensive range of professional plumbing services, including pipe replacement, leaky pipe repair, water heater maintenance, and more. Your plumbing system is in good hands with us. Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth to learn more about our solutions.

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Why A Plumber Recommends Installing A Garbage Disposal

Why A Plumber Recommends Installing A Garbage Disposal

Are you struggling to dispose of your food waste at home? A plumber recommends you consider installing a garbage disposal that grinds food and properly disposes of it in the drain. Read this article for tips on choosing the right garbage disposal, how to maintain your unit and common problems you might encounter. For other questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are always ready to help.

How to Choose the Right Garbage Disposal for Your Home

If you’re not familiar with this appliance and need assistance in choosing the right unit, feel free to get in touch with us so we can help you make an informed decision. Otherwise, check the tips below on how to choose the right unit:

Motor Power

The first thing you need to look at is the motor power of the garbage disposal. If you live alone or with a partner, and you don’t do a lot of cooking at home, a 1/3 horsepower might be enough. Get a bigger one if you have several family members living with you.


Garbage disposals can be noisy. However, some models may be equipped with silencing technology and even built-in protectors (an excellent option when there are children in your household). Check for the unit’s additional features if you prefer a quieter garbage disposal. Talk to a plumber to get better recommendations on which garbage disposal brand to purchase for your home.


You can install two types of garbage disposal for your home: the batch-feed garbage disposal and the continuous-feed garbage disposal. The former is the easiest to install but it’s the more expensive one. The most common type is the continuous feed garbage disposal as it’s more affordable so homeowners prefer it. As soon as you decide which type of garbage disposal to purchase for your home, please contact us to correctly install the unit.


Keep in mind: Just because a garbage disposal is expensive doesn’t mean it’s high-quality. If you can’t decide which brand to purchase, keep reading customer reviews to help you make an informed decision. You can also always speak with a licensed professional for more help. Our plumbing experts have been installing garbage disposals for many years. We can help you decide which unit is more durable. You need to, of course, maintain the unit so that it lasts longer. You can avoid costly repairs by taking care of your garbage disposal. Read the manual on how to properly use it or feel free to get in touch with us.


Are there children living with you? It might be better to consider installing batch feed garbage disposal that doesn’t run unless the lid is closed. It’s a better option as it prevents accidents. The only downside is that the batch feed garbage disposal is more expensive than the continuous feed.

How to Keep the Garbage Disposal in Top Shape

A properly maintained garbage disposal will work efficiently and won’t cause problems. If it’s your first time using this appliance, read the manual and ensure you’ve fully understood it before operating the unit. Follow the tips provided below as well.

  1. Avoid grinding food particles if your motor power is low or you’ll eventually damage the motor. This can lead to costly repairs and replacements. Follow the instructions on recommendations stated in the manual or ask a professional to avoid issues with your unit.
  2. If a utensil gets stuck in the garbage disposal, ensure the unit is completely turned off before retrieving the material. Better yet, call a plumber instead to avoid accidents.
  3. Never use chemical-based drain cleaners to get rid of a serious clog. These types of cleaners are harmful to your pipes and may also cause serious problems with your health. You might burn your skin if you’re not careful. Get professional drain cleaning instead or routine plumbing inspections to ensure your drain is healthy and clog-free.
  4. If you don’t always use the garbage disposal, run cold water every few days so the motor doesn’t rust. When you suspect problems with your garbage disposal, contact a plumbing expert immediately and don’t attempt to repair the unit on your own.
  5. Lastly, always hire a licensed professional to inspect, repair, maintain or install your garbage disposal. Someone who claims he can get things done may cut corners and temporarily resolve the issue. Our team will never do this. We work hard to diagnose the problem and permanently resolve it, and to correctly install the unit as well.

Common Issues with Your Garbage Disposal

Below are some problems you might encounter with your unit. Call us immediately if you can’t fix it.

Smelly Garbage Disposal – Run water for another minute after grinding your food waste to avoid unpleasant smells. Better yet, sanitize your garbage disposal by grinding lemon peels or using vinegar and baking soda solution to properly clean it.

Jammed Unit – This usually happens when you’re grinding too many food particles. Grind them in smaller batches to avoid straining the motor.

Noises – Perhaps something is stuck in the blades. Turn off the unit before retrieving the material or call a professional for assistance.

Leaks – This can happen when your unit isn’t properly installed. Always hire a licensed plumbing expert to avoid problems with your unit.

Smoke from the Unit – This could be an electrical issue. Check the unit’s electrical components to ensure it’s in top shape. Contact an electrician if there are problems.

Call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth Today

Do you need a plumber to repair or install your new garbage disposal? We have licensed and insured plumbing experts who can help. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth can offer residential and commercial plumbing services including professional leak detection, garbage disposal installation and drain cleaning.

If you need an expert who can get things done promptly and permanently, call us today for an appointment.

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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Plumbing Service

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Plumbing Service

If you are one of the many people that need to turn to a plumber, that means you recognize the value of the type of work these professionals do. Yet, this is a big area of focus, and you want to be sure you have the best professional available to do the job – and they are able to do a great job for you. When calling a plumbing service, be sure you know all of the resources and tools they can offer you. You want a company you can depend on to provide exceptional service to you on a routine basis. Here are some important ways to get the most out of your service.

Ask for Recommendations

You have a leak, a backed up drain, or some other plumbing problem. You call the plumbing service to come to your home for repairs. Before they leave, ask them for recommendations. For example, in this case, you may wish to ask what you could do to help prevent the problem from occurring again. You may want to find out why the leak occurred and what can be done to prevent it from being a problem in the future.

Here are some times when that may be important.

Backed Up Drain and Toilets

If your home has a single incident of a backed-up drain line or a toilet, then you may need the service of a plumber to simply fix it. However, when this starts to happen on a frequent basis, then you want to get to the root of the problem and find out what is going on. It could be that there is a tree root growing in the line. It may be due to an old system that cannot keep up. You may have critters that have made their way into your home’s lines. Other times, it may be due to an aging system that needs to be replaced in the coming years.

Your Water Heater

When you call to have a plumbing company come to your home to help with problems related to the water heater, your priority is to just get the water back to being hot enough for showers. Yet, they can also offer insight into what is going on to cause the problem and ways to reduce and possibly solve the problem.

For example, you may learn that there is necessary maintenance you can do to your water heater that could help it to function more reliably on a consistent basis. They may be able to recommend upgrades you can make. For many people, that may mean that you are likely to need to replace your hot water heater in the coming months or years. You may want to learn about the options in on-demand hot water heaters or get recommendations on the right size for your home to improve efficiency. Ask the questions so you know you are getting the best possible solution.

Ask for Discounts

The best companies charge a fair rate. Choosing a company that offers the lowest possible price on the services they offer could mean they do not do the best job possible. The key here is getting the best rate possible from a reliable plumbing company that is going to do a great job.

Many plumbing companies offer discounts and savings opportunities throughout the year. There is no reason not to ask for any savings options that could be available. Do so right when you call to request an appointment. For example, they may offer winter furnace inspections during the spring and summer months at a discounted price so that the system is ready to go for the following year. You may be able to get a discount on a specific brand or type of upgraded hot water heater, depending on when you make a purchase.

You may also want to ask about financing. Sometimes the work that you need a professional plumbing company to do is going to be more extensive, and that means a higher cost. Some companies will offer financing options, which could help you to get the work done without having to break into your savings account to do so. Not all companies offer financing, but most will be able to tell you what your options are if you ask for it.

Finding the Source of the Problem

Another key way that a plumbing service can help you is not just to repair something but also to help improve the overall and underlying problem. Here is a very important example.

You have a musty-smelling basement. You may have a professional plumbing company come to your home to handle the repairs to a leaking pipe, and you think that the problem is resolved. Yet, that may not be the true underlying concern. You may have a leak behind a wall, or you may have a broken pipe in the floor of your basement. The best companies will help you to determine what the underlying cause of the problem is so that it can be fixed right away. That means you can get back to getting the home to a safe level again. With leak detection, you can feel confident in the problem being resolved fully.

What other situations may this lead to? For example, if you have water lines and faucets that seem to run slow, that could be due to a build-up of material in the water lines. This could lead to bigger problems, including corrosion. However, having a plumber out to repair that corrosion is only the start of the problem. You also need to talk to them about a water filtration system that could prevent this type of complication from occurring again. The best professional plumbing provider will work closely with you to find the ideal solution to prevent ongoing problems from occurring.

Consider Improving Efficiencies

Many people only call on a plumbing service when they know they need a repair. It just makes sense to do so. There is no hot water, or there is a backed-up drain in the basement. However, your plumber could also help you to find ways to lower your costs. This is one of the best reasons to give them a call for an inspection and consultation.

Have the professional plumbing company come to your home to help you find ways to reduce your water usage. They may be able to help you do this in a number of ways.

  • Are you leaking somewhere? One of the first steps the company can offer is making sure you do not have a leak in one of your water lines that could be causing you to lose water(you may be paying for water that’s keeping your grass green, for example, because of an underground leak). Leak detection services can help there.
  • Are you spending too much to heat your water? Your energy costs may be on the rise because of the amount of energy you have to use to keep enough hot water available for your family. Talk to your professional plumbing provider about ways to fix this, like upgrading to a larger hot water tank or, in some cases, moving to an on-demand tankless water heater. That could save you money right away.
  • Is reducing water consumption an option? For other people, one of the best efficiency improvements could come in more efficient systems. You may wish to speak to the plumber about installing low-water flow faucets, for example. This could help to minimize the amount of water leaving the faucets and shower heads. Low-flow toilets could also help with this. They can even make recommendations about more efficient washing machines and dishwashers.

When you ask a plumbing service for help in this area, you end up getting a better level of service, reducing the need for repairs, and you may even save some money in the long term. It all comes from just asking for some help upgrading and modernizing your plumbing.

Set Up Maintenance Services

Do you have someone that comes to your home to help you with your heating and cooling maintenance? You may have a professional that comes to your home to update your trees each year or fertilizes your grass. These are professionals that come to you to prevent problems from occurring. Look for a plumbing service that can help you with maintenance, too.

What type of maintenance does your home need? That is ultimately dependent on various factors, but many of the plumbing systems in your home should be maintained on a consistent basis. Your plumbing service should be able to help you with many of these needs:

  • Drain cleaning and flushing. The drains that allow debris and wastewater to leave your home are some of the most important to keep maintained. You may wish to work with your plumber to determine how often you should have them flushed. Generally, this is something to do every year or every other year, depending on the problem.
  • Water heater. Your hot water heater should be drained and inspected on a routine basis to prolong its life. This is a task to consider having done at least once a year or every other year, depending on the recommendations by your team.
  • Plumbing inspection. Leaking toilets and slow-moving drains are not just normal problems but should be repaired and minimized when possible. Turning to a plumber for help on a consistent basis will help with this. Have an annual inspection to make sure all water lines in your kitchen and bathroom are running properly.
  • Gas line inspections. Plumbers can also provide support to you as you determine if your gas lines need updates. A gas leak can occur rather easily and may be hard to detect. Having an annual inspection makes sure that you know about this right away.
  • Energy consumption. It may also be a good idea to have a plumber offer an energy and efficiency inspection every few years. This could help to pinpoint any areas that could be improved over time.

Build a Strong Relationship

When it comes to working with a professional plumbing company, you want to create a strong relationship with them. You want to know that the people you are calling on to help you understand your needs and want to provide you with a high level of care. There are some great ways you can do this.

  • Ask for the same technician or get to know the team that you talk to over the phone. If you are a frequent client, they are going to get to know you.
  • Ask to be alerted to updates and sales. If you know you are going to need the drains flushed in the next couple of months, find out if they will be offering a discount. The best plumbing provider will have email and other resources to help you.
  • Leave a review. If they do a great job for you, let others know that is the case. That helps the company continue to appreciate the technicians that do a great job on a consistent basis.

Most importantly, when hiring a plumbing service, be sure you learn who they are and why you should trust them. Are they highly skilled? Do they have well-trained professionals? You also want to be sure they stand behind the workmanship they provide and work with the leading manufacturers for parts and components. All of these things are important over time.

Finding the Best Provider for You

As you look for the best plumbing service, know that some companies want to do the best possible for you. Turn to our team at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth when you want a company you can trust to provide you with exceptional service, competitive pricing, and the reliable resources you need to keep your home safe. Contact us today.

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