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The Surprising Costs of Water Leaks | Plumbers in Arlington, TX

The Surprising Costs of Water Leaks | Plumbers in Arlington, TX

Homeowners are usually unaware of this, but their water leaks may be contributing to significant portions of their annual home repair costs. Well, why wouldn’t it be; according to plumbers in Arlington, TX many causes in every household contribute to water damages. These include irrigation system problems, leaky fixtures, appliance failures, faulty plumbing and flooding.

While many homeowners tend to underestimate the risks of water damages in their home, the statistics brought forward by plumbers in Arlington, TX shed some light on the reality. The reality of water leaks is that water damages is probably the largest investment when it comes to overall home expenditures.

Residential Water Damages Are a Lot More Common They You’d Think

Yes it is – in fact about 14,000 people have been found by plumbers in Arlington, TX to have experienced some kind of water damage at work or at home every day. To really understand how many people we’re talking about, you can image about two thirds of Madison Square Garden’s sell-out crowd in New York City.

What’s more? About 98% of the basements in residences of the United States have been found to experience atleast one kind of water damage in their complete lifetime. This will roughly translate to about 37% of all the homeowners claiming that they have made losses because of water damages.

Water Leaks Are a Responsibility of the Homeowner

Due to the statistics given above, plumbers in Arlington, TX believe that residential customers should know when to pick up their phones to call professionals for help. They should especially do so in the event of high bills at the end of any month.

In most cases, plumbers in Arlington, TX have found excessive water bills to be a result of unknown water leaks. This is why utility companies advise homeowners to pay attention to signs of leakage. These water leakages are the responsibility of homeowners – as is their utility bill.

If homeowners start believing that this is their responsibility, then plumbers in Arlington, TX will start getting reduced numbers of calls for costly customer services. Homeowners wouldn’t even have to learn how to DIY. All they have to do is learn how to identify water-related problems by educating end-use customers.

More Insidious Than Initially Obvious

Water leaks and their subsequent damages have been known by plumbers in Arlington, TX to be more insidious than they are initially obvious. An example of this can be in the case of a water line crack that is only an eighth of an inch. These leaks can cause around 250 gallons of waste water on a daily basis.

Another example is a leaky toilet flapper as they were found by plumbers in Arlington, TX to lose about 200 gallons on a daily basis. Even if your faucet is leaking as minutely as a drop every second, you will have ignored about 300 gallons worth of water on an annual basis!

Thinking About the Aggregate Numbers

Homeowners will only understand how staggering their water leakage problem is when they actually look at the numbers in aggregate. Depending on different situations, water leaks in residences have been found to add up to a mind boggling 1 trillion gallons of water wastage.

In order to grasp how staggering this number really is, you should know that water amount of water used on an annual basis in Miami, Chicago and Los Angeles combined is close to 1 trillion gallons.

The Cost Perspective

Now that we believe you are clear about the staggering losses of residential water leaks, why don’t we have a look at all of this from the cost perspective? We’ve already established that residential flooding is among the most expensive damages that can be inflicted on insurance providers and homeowners. In terms of cost, however, problems like appliance leaks, failures in water heater lines, failures related to frozen pipes and leaky fixtures can range somewhere around $3500 all the way upto $25000 per incident.

Most people don’t know this, but the insurance industry in the US pays upto $2.5 billion on an annual basis due to water related claims. This cumulates upto an approximate figure of $7000 per household claim. This information, ofcourse, varies in accordance to the structure of these homeowner’s insurance policies. This can even go upto some thousands more due to deductible payments that aren’t covered by the insurance company and have to borne by the homeowners.

So What Can Homeowners Do?

Plumbers in Arlington, TX would like homeowners to know that everything isn’t lost just yet. There are some decisions that homeowners can take to protect their properties from costly water leakages – both large and small.

As mentioned before, homeowners can begin with regularly inspecting their water bills and also looking for the most unusual charges regarding high volumes or water. This is so because such changes in water bills indicate that there is a hidden leak in your home.

According to plumbers in Arlington, TX, homeowners can make sure by comparing seasonal periods of water usage such as the summer months when water usage is high. Other than paying close attention to water bills, homeowners can also visually inspect their homes for leaks.  This can be done by checking ice makers for signs of corrosion, replacing the hoses on dishwashers and washing machines, verifying the schedules of irrigation control and visually inspecting toilets for leaks.

Finally, when homeowners to detect a problem with their utility bill or find leaks in their homes, they should swiftly call their plumbers in Arlington, TX for further inspections and repairs. If you don’t know who to call – don’t worry. We can help you out!

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