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Things to Consider Before Having a Gas Tankless Water Heater Installed in Dalworthington, TX

Things to Consider Before Having a Gas Tankless Water Heater Installed in Dalworthington, TX

In today’s era, every new technology and creation is focused on creating a sustainable environment apart from serving its purpose. This is why people try looking for appliances that are energy efficient and help them in conserving energy. Due to this, not only are they saving money, but also positively contributing towards the environment.

One of the newer tools for creating energy efficient homes are tankless water heaters in Dalworthington, TX. These heaters function differently unlike the standard storage tank units which keep heating and reheating the water so that it remains hot all the time. This results in extra usage of energy, which might be either electricity or gas. Contrary to this, a tankless water heater generates warm water instantly whenever it is demanded with the help of high-powered gas burners or electric coils.

This is the very reason why the demand for gas tankless water heaters in Dalworthington, TX is growing day by day. However, there are still a few households who are concerned about its different aspects and what things they should consider when opting for gas tankless water heaters in Dalworthington, TX.

If you too are someone who lives in Dalworthington, TX and is looking forward to getting a gas tankless water heater installed at your place then keep a few pointers in mind that we’ve highlighted below in this article.

Hot Water Demand in the House

When deciding to install a gas tankless water heater in Dalworthington, TX or anywhere else the first thing you need to determine beforehand is the amount of water that is required in the house on a daily basis and on the busiest days, and the temperature rise that is needed to achieve a specific flow rate. Usually, around 2 to 5 gallons of hot water is delivered per minute by a water heater.

Once these two criteria are determined it would be easier to select the right unit, get it installed and enjoy hot water whenever demanded. One thing to make sure is that never opt for a tankless water heater that is too small that it is not able to provide hot water as per the needs of the house or it is too big which would incur a higher running cost.

Size of the Gas Line

A gas tankless water heater uses around three to four times more BTUs (British Thermal Unit – the unit used to measure heat energy) than an ordinary tank water heater. In order to get one installed at your place, you need to contact professionals who install gas tankless water heaters in Dalworthington, TX or anywhere else. This because they are the ones who would actually be able to tell if the gas line available at your place is sufficient, and has the capacity to accommodate a tankless water heater.

This aspect of gas water heaters needs to be considered before installation because other home appliances such as a furnace, gas fireplace, or stove also require sufficient gas to function. And if these appliances are working the moment hot water is also required, the gas pressure may fall below the normal level making the functioning of a gas tankless water heater ineffective.

Location of the Tankless Water Heater

Location of the tankless water heater in the house in Dalworthington, TX matters a lot. This is because the more closely it is installed to the areas such as the kitchen or master bath where hot water is needed the most, less the cold water you will need to flush out from the pipes. This will lead to a reduction in both, wasting water and gas.

If the house is being constructed from scratch or is being renovated then you do have the flexibility to get it installed somewhere near to the areas where hot water is demanded heavily and on a regular basis. But in any of the cases, it is suggested to take professional help from plumbers.

Venting for the Water Heater

Gas tankless water heaters in Dalworthington, TX or anywhere else, have combustion air requirements. This means that as confined areas in your home require air inlets and ventilation systems to get rid of excess warm air, in the same way, it is necessary to know how much combustion air is required by the water heater and how it will be delivered.

Indoor tankless water heaters are more complex as they require venting. They can either be vented horizontally through a wall using stainless steel or PVC venting materials or vertically through a chimney or roof. Also, you need to make sure to install it at such a location that it has the shortest possible venting distance to the outdoors.

The Right Warranty

Warranties vary from model to model and from manufacturer to manufacturer. Therefore, the right amount of research and feasibility analysis should be done before selecting and installing a unit that best suits your need. Many manufacturers only provide a warranty of their units only if the buyer registers the unit and also gets it installed by their own company professionals. This is the reason why comparing warranties of gas tankless water heaters in Dalworthington, TX is important. When the manufacturer backs their product with a reasonable time frame warranty then this means that they have faith in the reliability of their product and know that it is of excellent quality.

The Bottom Line

Selecting a tankless water heater in Dalworthington, TX or anywhere else for this matter is considered a serious task and requires careful consideration and detailed checking of all its aspects.  There are several homeowners who are unable to select the right unit as per their household’s needs and face difficulty in reaching for a final decision.

Therefore, it is recommended to get some professional advice if you are planning to buy and install one at your place. If you live in Dalworthington, TX call Benjamin Franklin right away. Their team of professionals will guide you in selecting the right unit. For further assistance or in case of emergency call their 24/7 emergency number.