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This Is Why You Should Invest in a Tankless Water Heater | Arlington, TX

This Is Why You Should Invest in a Tankless Water Heater | Arlington, TX

Water heaters provide dependable, timely hot water whenever we require it, and without heaters, we would really be in a predicament. Honestly, not many people can manage the daily routine of icy showers, cold washing cycles on clothes, and dishwashers that could not use hot water.

Maybe you have run into some disappointing hot water problems. One of the worst starts to your day is trying to get ready for work when you are already running late. Later, you go into the shower, but the water is cold since someone else used up all the hot water. It takes a substantial amount of time for the traditional container to fill up, turn on the heat unit, and warm the water. So, you risk getting late for work in order to take a warm bath, or be on time with a cold.

How Tankless Heaters Work

Tankless water heaters are less bulky compared to the traditional water heaters since they heat the water directly and as needed. When you turn on the hot water, the cold-water moves through the pipe and into the tankless water unit where it is heated by a gas burner or an electric heater. This factor guarantees a constant supply of hot water anytime.

Typically, a tankless heater provides two to five gallons of hot water per minute. Gas-fired models produce higher flow rates than electric models. For large families, installing more than one tankless heater is advised. This factor ensures that enough hot water is available for the dishes, laundry, and shower.

If you are thinking of upgrading to a new unit, you are in luck. There are many options in the market, and we at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing will help you get the best version depending on your Arlington, TX home.

Still not decided yet? Here are more reasons why you should invest in a tankless water heater:

Unlimited Hot Water

When the hot water is on, icy water passes through an electric or a gas burner, releasing heated water to the tap at the same time. This procedure allows for tankless water heaters to provide a constant supply. Standard water heaters keep a storage tank of hot water in hand for when required. You can deliver hot water to several areas of your home continuously with a tankless water heating system.

Saves Energy

The most attractive feature of a tankless water heater is its energy use. Apart from providing continuous near-instant hot water, tankless heaters can do it with less energy compared to traditional tanks. For a conventional tank to work, it has to keep the whole tank hot all the time without breaks. If our math is correct, that is a lot of energy.

The tankless heater avoids this by heating the water only when it is needed. When the heater detects water flowing, an electric element is turned on automatically. This process in turn heats the water instantly as it goes through.

According to the Department of Energy, this method of heating water uses 24-34% less energy compared to the traditional counterparts. Therefore, if you are looking to have an energy-efficient home, this is the way to forward.

Lasts Longer

According to the Department of Energy, a quality tankless water heater will last you twenty years. On the other hand, a traditional water heater lasts for ten to fifteen years. This number is almost half of the years you get off a quality tankless water heater.

The reason for this is because tankless heaters are not used all the time compared to the traditional heaters. When viewed from this angle, it means that although the cost of tankless water heaters is higher initially, the cost of operation per year can be closer to that of the traditional heaters.

Takes Up Less Space

Not many homes in Arlington, TX, have ample space to install a sizeable traditional water heater. Even if you have massive amounts of space, no one likes large equipment eating up their living area. Tankless water heaters are tiny and light, meaning they will not consume large amounts of space in your home.

The heaters are so flexible that they can be installed anywhere around the house, giving you more room to explore your interior décor ideas. You can even mount them in cabinets or a closet.

No Possibility of Home Flooding

Nothing is worse than coming home only to find your hardwood floor soaked in water. Good thing, with tankless water heaters, you do not have to worry about that. Although traditional heaters pose threats to flooding due to a leak or burst, the tankless counterparts do not require a storage tank, so there is no risk of flooding.

On the Other Hand

Of course, nothing comes without drawbacks, and our tankless heaters have some of their own. The problem most people have is the initial cost of installing one. They are significantly more expensive compared to the traditional units, but if you consider how much money it will save you in the long run, you will understand it is a worthy investment.

Moreover, because tankless water heaters are not large—and heat water on a needed basis—it is hard for one tankless heater to serve your Arlington, TX home, if you have a large family. You might require to install more than one for your entire family.

Do You Need a Tankless Heater?

Tankless heaters can be perfect for the right household. However, they might not work for everyone. That is why you should contact a qualified plumber to do the assessment and give you the best way forward.

Luckily, for residents of Arlington, TX, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is a professional plumbing company specialized in all things water heater in this area. To help you figure out if one of these sleek and efficient units would be right for your household, make sure to get in touch with our water heater experts at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. You can always trust us to deliver.