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Tips For Pet Owners | Plumbing Arlington

Tips For Pet Owners | Plumbing Arlington

Tips For Pet Owners | Plumbing Arlington

If you have never considered how your pet can affect your home’s plumbing in Arlington, the following tips for pet owners can assist you in preventing problems with both your plumbing, and for your pet.



While your pet is likely to shed, some animals simply shed more than others will. Whether your pet sheds lightly or heavily, without taking the proper precautions all of that hair will eventually clog a drain. Brush your pet’s coat before bathing to remove loose hair, and use a stopper or drain strainer to prevent your pet’s hair from clogging the drain. If possible, when you remove the stopper slip a strainer in the drain. Otherwise, place a heavy wet cloth over the drain to filter the hair out, while allowing the water to drain. It is a simple enough step that pays back big dividends by preventing a hair clog in your home’s plumbing in Arlington.


Does your pet like to drink the toilet bowl water? Establish the habit of closing the lid after use. Cleaners, chemicals and the bowl freshener can be harmful to your pet’s health. Provide fresh water, maintain a clean bowl, and change the water twice a day to discourage your pet from drinking in a toilet.

Cat Litter

Never flush cat litter down the toilet, not even cat litter that is considered flushable. As a rule, to avoid a clogged toilet only toilet paper and human waste should be flushed.

Install Pressure Balancing Valves

To avoid your pet experiencing a blast scalding hot water during a bath, install pressure-balancing valves for faucets and showerheads. If you have been in the shower when someone flushes a toilet, you will agree that these devices are worth their weight in gold.

If Your Dog is a Digger…

Water, sewer, and septic lines are sometimes buried shallower than is recommended, especially with older homes. If your dog loves digging in the lawn, ensure they are not digging deep enough to damage these lines.

Cover Exposed Pipes and Drains

Pets often love to chew, and it is not advisable to allow your pet to chew on exposed pipes and drains. Not only can chewing result in a leak in your home’s plumbing in Arlington, swallowed plastic or metal can injure your pet. Keep cabinet doors closed to keep your pets away, and cover up exposed pipes and drains. Temporary wire cages (for the pipes, not your pet) under a pedestal sink, or a three-sided folding barrier should suffice to keep your pet and your exposed plumbing in Arlington safe. Furthermore, do not forget to ensure electrical cords are out of your pets reach.

Put Cleaning Supplies Up out of Reach

To avoid your pet ingesting harmful cleaners, chemicals and the toilet scrub brush, put all cleaning supplies, and personal care products up out of reach of pets. These include bath soap, shampoos, razors, and plastic bags.

Close the Lid

Always close the lid and/or door of washers, dryers and dishwashers. Cats will crawl into them, and the results can be tragic.

Your pet is a member of your family, and you want to keep them safe, we hope our tips for pet owners assists you in ensuring the safety of your plumbing, and pets. Contact a Benjamin Franklin Plumbing plumber for repair, installation or maintenance of your home’s plumbing in Arlington. We serve Arlington, Fort Worth, and the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.