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Tips for Your Holiday Parties | Plumber Arlington

Tips for Your Holiday Parties | Plumber Arlington

Holiday Plumbing Tips | Plumber Arlington

The Holiday Season is a time for fun with friends, family and yes, Santa Claus. It is often the only time we see some family members and friends, and we want it to be a memorable experience. One guest you’d prefer not having to call is your plumber in Arlington. Though we say it often on our blog, it can never be said too often. Before the holiday season begins and the home fills up with guests is the perfect time to reiterate the importance of holiday plumbing tips to prevent clogs. After all, you don’t want the memories your family and guests have of your holiday get together to be of backed up drains or toilets.plumber arlington holiday tips

To ensure trouble free entertaining, don’t forget to consider your home’s plumbing to avoid drain and sewer problems this holiday season:

1. Properly dispose of cooking oil and grease

The holidays certainly dress up the table with a perfectly browned turkey or ham, and a table laden with delicious sides and festive deserts. While pretty on the table, the grease and leftovers can turn a festive gathering into a frightening and embarrassing situation if not properly disposed of.

Scrape food and grease from plates into the trash. Dispose of cooking grease and oil from the pans and bake ware into a can, jar or other sealable container. Let it cool before placing it in the container or the trash. Check for local recycling centers for free drop off of oil.

Cooking fat, oil and grease is a leading cause of sewer pipe clogs. The material cools and congeals on the inner walls of sewer lines. The resulting stubborn clog restricts sewage flow, which can back up in your home, requiring the services of a plumber in Arlington.

Items that homeowners often don’t consider as drain clogging include chicken or turkey drippings, sauces and gravy, sauté oil and butter and meat juices remaining on the plate. Once a plate or platter is scraped clean, don’t rinse the oily residue with hot water down the drain. Wipe it clean with a paper towel before washing. It may seem to be a small amount of grease residue, but over time it adds up, and collects in the drain! This of course leads to a clog, and the need to schedule professional cleaning by a plumber in Arlington.

2. Don’t overload or overuse the kitchen disposal

Rather than use a garbage disposal, plumbing professionals often advise disposing of table scraps directly into the garbage. Stringy celery stalks, and potato peels left on plates should never be placed in a disposal. Use drain baskets and strainers in the sink to catch food particulates that are rinsed from dishes.

3. A do not flush list

Household cleaning wipes, facial wipes, baby wipes, cotton swabs and balls, toilet bowl cleaning pads, household ‘disposable’ cleaning cloths, diapers, dental floss, feminine hygiene products and paper towels should be disposed of in the trash. When flushed they can clog sewer lines. Essentially, only bath tissue and human waste should be flushed down the toilet. Everything else goes in the garbage! Locate a wastebasket in each bathroom and empty frequently when guests are overnighting in your home.

4. Plant Trees Away from Sewer Lines

Tree roots grow in the quest for water and can damage sewer pipes, obstruct the flow, and eventually cause blockage. Root damage to the pipe can also allow storm water to enter into the sewer pipe. During heavy rains, this extra water and sewer contamination can end up in waterways and the environment. Sewer line problems are a required repair due to the health risks to your household, neighbors and community. When you suspect sewer line issues schedule service from a Ben Franklin plumber in Arlington.

Clogged drains and sewer lines occur over time even though you use preventative measures such as these. Damage can occur to sewer lines, and can result in damage to your homes structure and foundation. This highlights why it is important to have routine maintenance performed on the drains and sewer lines. A professional plumber in Arlington can perform a sewer camera inspection and determine the condition of your line, and clear it of any debris, ensuring free flowing lines for the holidays.

When your drains and sewer line haven’t been inspected and cleaned in two years or longer, do yourself and your guests the favor of scheduling drain and sewer inspection and cleaning by a plumber in Arlington. This will ensure that family, friends and guests have only good memories of the holiday in your home.

A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Arlington provides the expertise and the latest advanced technology to provide efficient and effective plumbing repairs, installation and maintenance. Don’t wait until no flow drains and sewer lines stop your holiday festivities. We hope you found these holiday plumbing tips useful. Schedule drain and sewer maintenance with a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Arlington before the holidays to ensure your entertaining isn’t interrupted by drain and sewer issues. We serve Arlington, Fort Worth and the surrounding areas with plumbing expertise. We are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.