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Tips to Prevent Water and Drain Pipes from Freezing This Winter | Plumber in Pantego, TX

Tips to Prevent Water and Drain Pipes from Freezing This Winter | Plumber in Pantego, TX

Winter is just around the corner and we are already gearing up for making it as warm as possible. Let’s face it, the idea of winter is too hard not to think about in summer but as soon as that temperature drops, we all are wishing for a little more warmth.

Last winter, me and my mom thought that the temperature was not going to drop that much but it did. It was complete chaos because we hadn’t prepared much and our sweaters and jackets were all stored in the attic amongst the 50 or so boxes we had packed the winter before that. So, there we were, sitting with three layers of clothes like a stuffed chicken and trying to warm our hands and legs through the portable heater. We didn’t go out, not even in the garden to get some fresh air. It was either to stay warm under our threadbare blankets (again, a hindsight on our part, as the good ones were in the attic) or literally freeze our self just to get the newspaper. There were more than a dozen newspapers left on our porch when we finally got out of the house.

In all the worries about keeping ourselves warm, we forgot one thing – the water lines. One thing you should know that in winter, cold winds can freeze the pipes and cause all sorts of associated problems. Sometimes, the pipes freeze from both ends – the drain line and the main line through which the water enters the house. Thankfully, water line repair in Patego, TX is readily available and we had water running in just a few hours. Here are a few tips to follow this winter to make sure that your water lines do not freeze:

Tip #1

Check the Water Flow Every Few Hours

You never know when a gust of wind will cause the pipe to start freezing from an access point. You can neither let the faucet drip 24/7 because that way, you will be wasting tons of water and the slow flow can freeze the pipe too easily, making it difficult for you to close it completely. When water flow slows down during winter through the faucets, a pressure blockage is created, which prevents the water from flowing freely. You can find an even ground by opening the faucet every few hours and letting the water run for 30 seconds. This will prevent the pipe from bursting due to the cold. If you feel that the water pressure is slow, then call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing to check if you need a water line repair in Pantego, TX.

Tip #2

Beware of the Gurgling Sound

A gurgling sound coming from the kitchen sink is a dead giveaway that your water lines have already frozen and that you should call a plumber to come out and check if you need your water line repaired in Pantego, TX. This happens when the vents get “air-locked”. The water either flows too slow or takes time to flow when you turn the faucet on. Once the vents start freezing, the cold will reach the drain pipe too. This will cause problems with the toilet and slow down its ability to flush. The reason behind the pipes freezing is because they do not have adequate insulation. If you don’t know about the inner working of your plumbing system, then call a plumber for a water line repair in Pantego, TX immediately to get the pipes insulated.

Tip #3

Keep Indoor Heat on All the Time

Water line repair in Patego, TX can get quite high if the pipes are frozen from all ends. Often, people turn off the furnace when they leave the house for vacations in winter. Even if you are planning to stay at your friend’s house just for two days, do not turn off the heat. It’s better to add a few extra dollars to the bill from keeping the heat on rather than coming back to a flooded house with everything ruined due to a burst pipe.

If you pipes are located in cabinets under the kitchen sink and bathroom sink, then make sure these cabinets are open to allow warm air to circulate. Keep the house temperature between 50° to 55°.

Tip #4

Seal Holes and Cracks

Cracks or holes near pipes are the biggest culprits behind frozen pipes. This is something that does not fall under water line repair in Pantego, TX. As the temperature outside rises, these holes and cracks provide the cold air an inlet. Thus, no matter how warm your indoor temperature is, the pipes will still freeze, albeit slowly. So, caulk these holes and cracks, wherever you find them and monitor indoor temperature closely for the first few hours to find out if there’s any heat loss. Cold spots are usually a dead giveaway.

Tip #5

Monitor Water Drainage

Experts who handle water line repair in Pantego, TX recommend that people monitor their drain lines regularly in winter. Slow tub and sink drainage, toilet not flushing properly and bubbling water in the bowl are all signs that the main sewer drain line has been blocked. In winter, the water often becomes sluggish. Since we spend more time indoor, kitchen and bathrooms are used more.

Food and grease in the waste disposal and excess of toilet paper flushed down the bowl are just some of the reasons behind the blockage. When this debris multiplies and the water flow gets restricted, the pipes start to freeze. A little precaution should be taken in both areas during winter and if you do feel that the drain is slow, then call a plumber for a water line repair in Pantego, TX immediately.

In most cases, water line repair in Pantego, TX uses fiberglass or foam rubber sleeves to prevent the pipelines from freezing. The exposed pipes can be insulated easily but the ones running through the house are a little hard to get to. In this case, insulation can be added to the ceilings and walls, to provide the pipes heat. Benjamin Franklin is a plumbing company that handles all kinds of plumbing repairs, including water line repair in Pantego, TX. The family owned and operated business is known for its excellent service and exceptional customer care.