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To Call Or Not To Call: When You Know You Need A Plumber | Granbury, TX

To Call Or Not To Call: When You Know You Need A Plumber | Granbury, TX

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When your plumbing goes south, there is no greater hassle than having to deal with the consequences. Those who own homes in the Granbury, TX area know that drain clogs, dripping faucets, water line slab leaks, and other emergency type issues are no fun to live with. Plumbing may be something that we have all been guilty of taking for granted for far too long, but when the going gets tough, you know you have only one thing left to do: call your plumber.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth is always ready to help. Known as the “punctual plumbers,” their team is always on time for the customer. Those who make that call can come to expect to have someone out there at their residence within a day’s time or less.

Perhaps it may be striking to know that your bathroom is one of the single, most used places within your home. That and your kitchen. Good, quality bathroom remodeling can help make this special, intimate place a golden treasure for you, your family, and your guests to enjoy in the years to come. Choosing a color theme can induce a positive emotion when showering, bathing, or sitting in your hot tub or whirlpool.

A plumber from Benjamin Franklin can help you pick your colors, upgrade your sinks and faucets, and even install a brand new bathtub or shower. At times, they may even offer to install a bathtub or shower combo, or even a walk-in tub for those who live with limited mobility.

There are other services that a plumber can do for you within your bathroom setting, such as repairing broken or corroded pipes and fixing clogged drains. When a drain clogs within your bathroom, it is most likely the direct result of soap scum or hair. In some cases, this type of clog could be the result of scum build up that occurs as the result of shampoo, body wash, or conditioner. And when a drain clog happens, it’s no fun. Water that creeps slowly down the drain rather than going at regular speed is a sure indicator that it’s time for you to call on a plumber to address your problem.

Clogging is a common household problem and it’s certainly not fun to deal with. Imagine that anxiety you feel as you flush the toilet only to have a monsoon of filthy, murky toilet waste cascading onto your floors. The pain you feel may be tantamount to the odor you may face if this problem is not addressed by a professional plumber right away. Plus, the towels you will be using to mop up the waste to prevent your bathroom floors from the damage that follows will be the main source for your washing machine. Just thinking of using more water to wash them is enough to warrant a headache, but have no fear, as there is always a plumber around the corner in Granbury, TX to address your woes in a timely manner.

Water line problems are another major source of undue stress for homeowners in Granbury, TX. Imagine the sudden, inexplicable appearance of puddles that occur in your front or backyard, thus making it very difficult to walk to your car or your mailbox without having to swim or getting your feet wet. Plus, factor in the internal damage that can happen to your home, such as running water, foundation cracks, and rotting wood structures such as your kitchen cabinets and you may be looking at a recipe for disaster.

And what can happen to disrupt the water line can cause untold damage in the blink of an eye and without hardly any notice. Tree roots that suddenly shoot up through your pipes can tear them up and cause you to lose massive amounts of water, thus resulting in a sudden hike in your monthly water bill. Rodents that gnaw and claw at your pipes can tear holes in them, and the sediments that grow along the inner walls can cause them to age at a rate that is much faster than is typically expected.

As homeowners, most of us rely heavily on our drains to move the water in and out of our homes. In fact, we’ve become so dependent on them that the mere thought of anything going wrong with them at any given time makes us shudder with anxiety. Elements such as grease, oil, and whole food particles are but a few of the most active contributors to clogged drains, and drainage systems can get exhausted as these elements begin to gradually collect. Slow moving water, water that appears to remain in your sink or bathtub, and strange, gurgling noises are but a select few of the most prevalent signs that your drains are in need of serious attention right away. Stinky odors that emit from kitchen sinks are indicators that something such as rotten food particles or old grease is the root cause of your drain problem. And when you see the sudden emergence of fruit flies that swarm anywhere near your sink drain, your best bet is to call on a plumber as soon as possible to inspect your drains and address your problem.

Sometimes a rusty or broken garbage disposal may be the cause of food that seeps into and clogs up your drain, so if you suspect that your disposal may be on the brink, you can call on a plumber to fix it or install a brand new one for you. Garbage disposals that turn off for no reason may happen on occasion, such as when you have experienced power failure or outtage, but if this appears to happen on a much more frequent basis, and you find yourself hitting that reset button one too many times, then you may need a replacement. In fact, it is highly recommended that you call on a plumber to come over and install a replacement as soon as possible.

The Granbury, TX plumber can provide tips on the best possible choice of garbage disposal for your kitchen sink. Information on the brand, what size you may need, and the entire installation process can be given to you by the plumber. The installation process is done successfully once the disposal is hooked up to your kitchen plumbing and you are ready to go.

There are other services that any plumber can provide for you at your own request. Free camera inspections allow a plumber to look deep into your pipes to determine the root cause of your plumbing woes. These are especially useful in areas where you may need to check for breaks in your pipes, collected residue, and other drain clogging issues. Once this is over, the real work begins, and the plumber can then select the method of repair that best helps your entire system.

Sometimes, when your drains are clogged, all that is needed is for the plumber to pull out hardened debris using the mechanical snake method. This can be used in the event that your shower drain suffers a simple hair clog, or if your toilet is backed up due to too much waste and vast amounts of two-ply bath tissue going down the drain. Sometimes, young children may flush a toy down the toilet accidentally or by means of curiosity, but there is no need to worry, as these types of problems can be easily zapped with a mechanical snake.

But other, more complex drain clog issues must be done with a far different method, that of hydro-jetting. This type of declogging is used for hardened grease and oil, bits of food, and tree branches that have placed their roots right within your pipes. Anything that obstructs the pipes and causes this type of damage benefits greatly from this timely and reasonable method, which uses so many pounds of pure water pressure at a very intense speed. This helps to quickly blast away dirt, debris, and lime build up, thus clearing your water pipes and keeping them solvent in the years to come.

It’s no fun when pipes break, and there are many causes that point to the reason as to why. Some indicate that lime build up can be a root cause, but sometimes plumbing that has been poorly constructed or pipes that are poorly fitted can suddenly become loose, thus spouting much water in the form of a leak and resulting in a major rate hike in your monthly bill.

What’s even scarier is the weather. Pipes are much like car tires in that they can expand and contract with major climate changes. Any change that increases or decreases by so little a factor of 10 degrees can even cause the pipes to burst without warning, and when that happens, it’s definitely time to make an appointment to get them fixed or replaced.

Even minor headaches such as faucet drips should be addressed as soon as possible. Imagine the hassle you may feel at the constant sound that lasts well beyond the time you turn off the faucet. Any issue such as a faucet drip can be the result of a washer gone bad, or that the valve seat is out of sync with years of the washer applying its force against it, thus causing the worst in friction between the two parts and necessitating the need for repair as soon as possible.

Sometimes a brand new faucet may be just the thing you need for your home, and there are so many types from which to choose. Most homeowners will opt for a more modern design, and in the wake of the current pandemic, most will be likelier to choose something that requires minimal to almost no touch at all.

Even gas leaks are nothing beyond the scope of a plumber, and they are included in the vast array of services provided by Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Texas. Gas leaks are sly, sneaky, and not quite as easy to detect as the more blatant problems of your home plumbing. Most signs of a gas leak are a gas like smell in your home. You may also feel suddenly tired, or experience a sudden unexplained headache or nausea. Chronic fatigue, breathing difficulties, and even the appearance of skin rashes and pale skin that comes into contact with the gas are some of the best signs that your gas line is in need of repair, and your plumber can help you fix it at a cost that’s affordable to you.

Water heater repair is another service that can be offered by a plumber. Imagine coming home one evening and looking forward to that nice, long hot shower after a day in the yard or at the office. You turn on the faucet only to find ice cold or lukewarm water coming out, and to your ultimate horror, it doesn’t seem to want to come on even after five minutes of running it just to get it hot.

The absence of hot water is a major source of worry as you wonder what may go wrong. You may even ponder the high cost of replacing your water heater as you struggle to boil your water over the stove to do your dishes. and although some clothing can be easily washed in cold water, not all of it can, and this means that you may have to take a trip to your local laundromat for your washing needs.

As for your hot showers, running over to your neighbor’s house may be more problematic than you think as you consider the strain of time it takes on both you and your neighbor. And running to the gym just to make use of their hot water can put an even greater strain on you, especially when you’d much rather have the convenience of taking one in the privacy of your own home.

When any of the above happens, DIY approaches will not suffice. Anything that causes the greatest stress on your plumbing to the point of breakdown is worthy of calling on the services of a professional. Simply call or visit their website today and schedule your appointment with Benjamin Franklin.