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Toilet Advice From a Plumber in Fort Worth

Toilet Advice From a Plumber in Fort Worth

Poorly Flushing Toilet | Plumber Fort Worth

There are only a few causes of a poorly flushing toilet, and most of them are fairly easily corrected. The toilet that fills up to the top and then finally it goes down creates anxiety before we can breathe easier. In the following we will discuss the potential causes of a poorly flushing toilet or one that won’t flush at all. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing repairs toilets, give us a call for a plumber in Fort Worth.

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Toilets that are slow to fill or won’t fill at all may have a problem in the water supply line. First, ensure the shut off valve is in the open position. Try turning it to see if water will begin to enter the toilet. If not, the water supply line may be clogged. In areas with hard water, over time the small supply line develops a mineral deposit which can block it. If the line is clogged it will need to be either cleaned or replaced by a plumber in Fort Worth.

The next thing you want to know is if the problem is in the toilet drain or a problem elsewhere. A bucket of water is the tool of choice for this simple test using 1 ½ gallon. Pour the bucket of water into the toilet over the drain hole at the bottom. If it goes down without any trouble the problem is in the waters path from tank to bowl and most likely the ports around the toilet bowl rim are clogged.

The ports are located under the rim, with a main port located at the bottom of the bowl. You can clear these of most of the mineral deposits with a piece of wire coat hanger, a screwdriver, or a nail. Use caution as toilets are porcelain and can break.

Use bath tissue saturated in vinegar (lemon juice also works well) and “line” the ports under the rim with it pressing into place. Let it sit for several hours or overnight. For a good vinegar or lemon juice soak of the bottom port, plunge out all of the water you can and pour in enough vinegar or lemon juice to cover the bottom port. Clear any remaining mineral deposits. A piece of genuine pumice stone also works wonders on mineral deposits, but is only useful for the areas it can reach. Soaking may have to be repeated.

A plumber in Fort Worth can provide a full and professional chemical cleaning of the bowl to rid it of mineral deposits.

If the toilet did not flush when the bucket of water was poured down the bowl you may have a blockage in the toilets drain or sewer line beyond the toilet. Try to plunge it with a toilet plunger. A toilet plunger is the plunger with a flange to fit snugly into the drain area. If this doesn’t clear the blockage it is time to call in a plumber in Fort Worth.

Other problems that can cause a toilet to not flush include:

  • The handle may be too tight or loose to function.
  • The lift arm and chain may be broken, bent or have too much slack preventing a flush from lifting the flapper valve high enough to flush. The flapper valve is in the bottom of the tank, when flushed it is lifted open, allowing water from the tank to enter the bowl, flushing the contents down the drain.
  • A water level in the tank below the manufacturer’s recommendation will provide a weak flush.

Not every homeowner knows how to repair a toilet, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is always ready to take care of your plumbing needs. Give us a call for a plumber in Fort Worth.

Some tips for toilets include:

Never pour bleach into your tank, this includes many of the blue or white tank tablets which include bleach. It will dissolve your toilets plastic or rubber parts and speed up rusting of any metal parts. When the tablets break up they can clog the ports and take months to dissolve. If you see black pieces in your bowl or tank and have used bleach or tablets in it, this may be what has occurred. You will need to replace all affected components or call on us for a plumber in Fort Worth.

Don’t flush Q-tips, feminine products, any plastic objects, chemicals or medications down the toilet. Medications are finding their way into the American water supply through sewer services and septic fields. Many pharmacies have disposal services, ask your pharmacy if you can bring expired or unused medications in for disposal.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing provides unsurpassed plumbing services for Fort Worth and Arlington as well as the surrounding regions. Give us a call for your plumbing issues when you need a plumber in Fort Worth. We are a member of the BBB and provide prompt plumbing service that is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.