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Toilet Repair | Plumber Fort Worth

Toilet Repair | Plumber Fort Worth

Toilet Repair | Plumber Fort Worth

The toilet is an essential component of any modern home. When it experiences frequent clogs, runs on its own, is hard to flush or is loose, a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth can resolve your toilet issues by providing professional toilet repair

Toilet Repair | Plumber Fort Worth

The flushing mechanism is a simple system of parts that is easy to adjust or replace. If toilet repair is not a task for you, call a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Houston for toilet repair.

The Flushing Mechanism

Gravity powers the flush on the typical toilet by allowing water to exit the tank elevated behind the bowl. When the toilet flush lever is depressed, it pulls the attached chain inside the tank up, which lifts the flapper located at the bottom of the tank. This allows the water in the tank to rush down through the flapper hole and into the toilet bowl, creating the swirling action and the flush. 

Once the tank is empty, the flapper drops back down to seal the hole. While fresh water fills the tank, the float rides on top of the rising water and shuts off the valve when the water level reaches the preset level. 

Faulty Float

Occasionally, floats will develop a hole, failing to float on top of the water, and causing the toilet to run. A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth can provide the toilet repair that you need.

Flushing Problems

The following guide lists the most common causes of flushing problems.

No Flush

If the flush handle feels loose and the toilet will not flush, check the chain attaching to the handle and flapper. The chain may have detached from the handle or broken. Reattach a disconnected chain, leaving a small amount of slack. If the chain has broken, you can use thin wire, a twist tie, or other to hold the broken ends together until you can replace the chain.

The causes of a tank not filling are a lack of water. Check the bathroom, and kitchen sink for water. If water is present elsewhere, you have a problem with the water supply pipe going to the toilet. Hard water can block water lines with the buildup of minerals. Check your water meter when no water is running in the home, if the dial is moving you have a leak. Reduced water pressure can also be a sign of a leak.

Contact a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth for toilet repair or water line repair in Fort Worth.

The Running Toilet

A flapper that fails to seal completely can allow water to leak by into the bowl, causing the toilet to refill the tank when the water level falls. Inspect the flapper to ensure it is properly closed. You can test for water leaking out of the tank by placing a few drops of food coloring in the tank. If the flapper is leaking, the color will appear in the bowl. For professional toilet repair, contact a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth for toilet repair.

In addition, a bad fill valve can cause a running toilet. If the tank is full, lift up on the float or float arm. If this stops the water from running, replace the fill valve. A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth can take care of your toilet flushing problems.

A Weak or Incomplete Flush

When you have a poorly flushing toilet, remove the tank lid and observe inside during a flush. If the flapper closes before the tank is more or less empty, replace the flapper. In addition, a faulty fill valve can prevent the tank from filling as it should. Furthermore, a poor flush may be due to a partial clog in the toilet or sewer pipe, and/or build-up within the toilet due to hard water. If a toilet plunger will not dislodge a clog contact a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth for reliable toilet repair

The Toilet Moves

Tighten the floor bolts on a loose toilet. If the bolts will not tighten or it continues to move after tightening, call a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth to evaluate the problem. Bolts that will not tighten may indicate a damaged or rotting floor in need of professional repair. 

Frequent Repair

Even though you may maintain a sparkling toilet, the interior passages are beyond a homeowner’s reach, and constrictions may occur. A plumber in Fort Worth can determine whether a professional cleaning will improve toilet function, or if replacement is the cost effective solution.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing offers professional, licensed plumbers for your toilet repair, and other plumbing repair, installation and service. Give us a call to schedule service with a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth today. We provide quality plumbing services, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We serve Fort Worth, Arlington and the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.