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Toilet Replacement | Plumber Fort Worth

Toilet Replacement | Plumber Fort Worth

Toilet Replacement | Plumber Fort Worth

normal circumstances, a toilet will last a very long time. Toilet repair
can resolve many of the issues that will occur through the years. However, the
day will come when it will be beneficial to replace a toilet. When you’re ready
for a new toilet, call a Benjamin Franklin plumber
in Fort Worth. 

The following information highlights the circumstances when toilet
is required, or should be considered:

Cracks or Leaks

of the source, a leak should never be ignored. Ignoring leaks can lead to
rotten floors, walls, and damage to the foundation. Water around the toilet and
frequent running can indicate a crack in the tank. Water on the floor without
the tank consistently refilling can indicate a crack in the bowl. Toilet
is required in either situation.

When a
toilet has an incomplete crack, one that does not yet go all the way through
the porcelain, it is only a matter of time until the crack enlarges. Toilets
with cracks, whether partial or complete require replacement. Contact a
Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth for replacement.

Aging Toilets

toilets, those manufactured prior to 1994, are less efficient, and tend to
require more frequent repair. Since Jan. 1, 1994, federal law has required U.S.
made toilets to consume no greater than 1.6 gallons per flush.

Modern low-flow toilets use less than half the
water of older models, and through the years improvements in design provides
the same amount of flushing power as older standard toilets. A Benjamin
Franklin plumber in Fort Worth can provide the toilet installation
you need.

Difficulty Cleaning

As a toilet
ages, cleaning is increasingly difficult as the porcelain finish becomes
scratched. When this occurs, you should consider replacement. Furthermore, over
time buildup occurs on the interior passages that are beyond a homeowner’s reach.
A plumber in Fort Worth is the best
source for determining whether a professional cleaning will provide improved
function, or if replacement is the cost effective solution. From a cleaning
perspective, a new toilet will take considerably less time to clean and
maintain than continuing to deal with a toilet with a damaged finish.

Toilet Options

For decades,
the toilet remained relatively unchanged without receiving the benefit of
advances in technology. When shopping for a new toilet, there are a number of features
available for those who like the comfort and convenience they provide. One
feature almost anyone can appreciate is the soft close toilet seat. It offers the advantage of stopping the
loud clack of a dropped lid, and prevents a busted bowl. With just a gentle push,
a soft-close seat closes slowly and gently. Furthermore, you may prefer a
toilet with motion sensor technology that opens and closes the lid for you.

options include a built in bidet, automatic
flushing, LED mood lighting, heated toilet seats, self-cleaning technology,
warm air blower, and other advanced features. In short, the toilet has joined
with technology, and many feel it is long overdue. If you need toilet installation, call a Benjamin
Franklin plumber in Fort Worth today.

addition, consider specialized toilets to meet the needs of any handicapped
family members. The toilets are taller to accommodate those with impaired
mobility. Check for the ADA (Americans with Disability Act) sticker.

A Benjamin
Franklin plumber in Fort Worth is
available to provide toilet replacement,
toilet repair, and other plumbing services. Our licensed plumbers provide the expertise
you can rely on for superior plumbing services. We serve Fort Worth, Arlington
and the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.