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Top 9 Things That Can Clog Your Pipes | Plumbers in Saginaw, TX

Top 9 Things That Can Clog Your Pipes | Plumbers in Saginaw, TX

There’s no point in sugar coating it, everything, and I mean everything, which you throw down your drains leaves behind a trace that can clog it. This can be as benign as some soap scum, some hair some grease or even a little oil. It’ll all build up and clog your drains over the years if you’re not careful. However, there are some things that can clog your drains more than others, that stick to the walls of your pipes more than others and that can cause a clog that is more difficult to remove than others. To get these things out of your plumbing system, you’ll need to call Plumbers in Saginaw, TX. Here are a few of those things.

Fruit Peels and Rinds

You may not be someone that’s in to eating your fruits and vegetables, but your parents or your health-conscious friends will make you eat them nonetheless. Every once in a while, you’ll find yourself munching down on some apples and bananas or some oranges or some mangoes. However, what you may not know is that their peels and rinds get stuck in the pipes like nobody’s business. They just don’t break down easily. So, you should definitely call some Plumbers in Saginaw, TX, to help you if that happens.

Starches from Fibrous Foods

If you’re cooking rice or using bread every day or cooking with celery, corn husks, onion skins or if you just like to cook with starchy foods, you’ll definitely have this problem every once in a while. You shouldn’t throw any of the refuse from these foods down the drain but the inevitable morsel or husk finds its way down. Not even your garbage disposal can get rid of the full husks. So throw them down a garbage chute or can instead. Otherwise, the Plumbers in Saginaw, TX are at your service.

Grease, Oil and Fats

This is something that’s truly unavoidable. When you’re washing up, or taking a bath or cleaning food, you’re bound to throw some grease, oil and fats down the drain. They’re everywhere and your body generates some all over your face and limbs constantly. Drain openers can get rid of them pretty easily, but call some Plumbers in Saginaw, TX just in case you don’t want to damage the piping system with strong chemicals. They usually have some organic drain openers with them to dislodge the clog without damaging the machinery.

Cosmetics and Feminine Hygiene Products

Plumbing professionals from all over the world keep finding these products lodged in drains. No matter how much professionals keep telling to not flush this stuff down, it doesn’t work. No one listens and it’s a pain to dislodge them because they’re made to stick and not made to dissolve away easily. The ones that are hydrophobic are the worst of them all. So don’t be that person. However, if there is truly an emergency, call up the Plumbers in Saginaw, TX to clear everything up quickly.

Wipes and Cosmetic Towelettes

More often than not, the Plumbing in Saginaw, TX can be blocked by moist towelettes and wipes that come in special packs and are scented with special chemicals. Great as they might be to smell and to use, they don’t belong in the toilet. Even toilet paper isn’t safe to flush down the toilet since a combination of waste and paper clogs a toilet most often.

Kitty Litter

Whoever dumps this down the toilet; shame on you. You should know better than to dump your kitty litter down the toilet. It contains clay, silica and sand and is trouble for the plumbing systems to get rid of, no matter how resilient and strong they are. They’re not built to handle tough inorganic material that doesn’t break down easily. Pray that the Plumbing in Saginaw, TX can handle your irresponsible habits.

Egg Shells

Having eggs for breakfast is possibly the most common thing people do every day. Eggs salted and peppered, sauced and boiled are eaten across the world. However, sometimes people think it’s a good idea to feed the eggshells to the garbage disposal and hope for the best instead of throwing them out with the trash. Their overconfidence in their garbage disposal system is misplaced and it will most likely clog up. You should never throw in to the Plumbing in Saginaw, TX what it isn’t built for.

Small Toys

Kids and teenagers and even adults sometimes make this mistake. Small cars, action figures, bobble heads and figurines are sometimes thrown in the toilet or flushed down the garbage disposal just for fun. Small army men and robots that delight children find their way in to the garbage disposal on a regular basis in western nations. Now that the sales of action figures has declined in response to the proliferation of smartphones and tablets, this has become a less common occurrence, but it still irks most professionals that work with Plumbing in Saginaw, TX.

Dental Floss, Hair and Strings

Strings are the worst enemy of any drain. If your hair, or a piece of dental floss or threads from your clothes or literally any stringy material is flushed down the drain, it will tangle with any material already lodged in there and coalesce to become a nightmare of a clog for that drain. Due to the large surface area for things to stick to the string, grease, oil, food, soap scum and other nasty things tangle up to produce a sort of super clog that just can’t be flushed away.

The Plumbing in Saginaw, TX needs a really good cleaning after this happens.

If you’re facing any of these problems and are in need of a fix, the Plumbers in Saginaw, TX from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing will heed your call. You can contact them by clicking here.