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Top Myths for Plumbing in Arlington, TX that Will Shock You

Top Myths for Plumbing in Arlington, TX that Will Shock You

Gone are the days when homeowners could put their trust on the able shoulders of all plumbers and hope that they deliver the performance that was expected of them. Nowadays, numerous homeowners don’t follow the basic requirements or precautions necessary for every plumbing job, and tend to look after these jobs by themselves. Without the proper equipment, and the right experience, these homeowners often end up making numerous errors, which take a lot of mending to repair.

One of the reasons behind why most homeowners make errors while looking after their plumbing in Arlington, TX, is because there are numerous myths circulating in the market. These myths seem to be fueled by fact that plumbers aren’t worth the job anymore, and it is best for everyone involved to get the job done themselves. Here we look at some of these myths regarding plumbing in Arlington, TX and debunk the most outrageous ones for being based on nothing but lies. If you’re a homeowner and you’ve believed in these myths, then it is time enough to drop your modus operandi and hand over your plumbing in Arlington, TX to an expert plumber who can handle it.

Put Lemons in Your Garbage Disposal for Cleaning It

The most outrageous thing about some of the myths going across in the market is that they seem to be spurred by numerous DIY videos. Users, who are gullible on the internet, tend to trust these DIY videos, and end up messing up with their plumbing in Arlington, TX. One of the points being circulated across DIY platforms is that you can clean your garbage disposal by putting lemons inside of it. These DIY videos mention that this act has been present for ages, and lemons have been used by our forefathers to clean a smelly garbage area.

Firstly, a garbage disposal is different to what our forefathers used for garbage collection. Secondly, this myth should be avoided at all costs, because the tough peel of a lemon can get stuck inside your drain and clog it. Anyone who has gone through a clogged drain, would second our viewpoint that a clogged drain is the worst night mare that you can have. Moreover, besides the threat of clogging, the harsh citric acid present inside lemons can be very detrimental for your garbage disposal system. The pipes and walls can get corroded because of it, which may leave you at a tight corner. Considering the repercussions, it is necessary that you avoid throwing lemons inside the garbage disposal and think of a better idea. One idea that you can follow is to get an actual plumber to look at your plumbing in Arlington, TX, rather than getting your own hands dirty and your problem messy.

You Can Flush Whatever You Want Down the Toilet

One of the biggest myths going around nowadays is that you can flush whatever you want down the toilet, without the fear of any repercussions. The toilet is not your garbage disposal, and you need to be careful with what you flush down there. It has been pointed out by many plumbers that only toilet paper and human waste should be flushed down the toilet, because that is what your toilet can bear. Anything other than that is overburdening it.

Many homeowners tend to go all out with what they throw down their toilet, and items ranging from expired prescriptions to female wipes and baby toys can be seen inside the toilet. Remember that the drainage system inside a toilet is pretty complex, and you might end up clogging it if you don’t follow precaution. Unclogging a drain pipe can be a hassle, and to avoid it you must be wary of what you throw down your drain. Also, remember to not make the mistake of trying to DIY unclog the drain. A clogged drain may get temporarily unclogged through the use of drain cleaners or suction pumps, but you may be left with a bigger clog and the risk of chemicals in the air sooner or later. Thus, to ensure that you don’t suffer from such a fate, try to be responsible with what you throw down your toilet.

A Little Leak Is not a Big Deal

Homeowners nowadays do not tend to make much out of a little leak in their faucet. They believe that a little leak is not something to be worried off, and it doesn’t deserve attention from their side, or that of a plumber. However, someone who has had a dripping faucet would agree that not only can a dripping faucet be the cause of irritation during the night, but it can also cause a lot of water wastage. An average household in the United States wastes around 10,000 gallons of water every year in dripping faucets and other minor leaks. This wastage of water is then paid for through your bills, and you end up wasting not only water, but also your money.

Always keep checking your plumbing in Arlington, TX for leaks and immediately alert a plumber when you find a leak. Moreover, your faucets are an important part of your plumbing in Arlington, TX, which is why you should always have an eye on them. A dripping faucet should be immediately addressed, without wasting more time, since time in this case is money.

Plumbing Fixtures can be neglected for Months or Years

Most homeowners do realize that their car won’t work if it hasn’t been used for a specific period. They do realize that their fireplace or heater would need some maintenance before the winter comes. However, they expect their plumbing in Arlington, TX to work effectively even if it isn’t being used. The fixtures in your guest room toilet may not be up to the bar if you haven’t used them for months or years.

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