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Top Plumbing Technology Trends To Look Out For In Your Plumber In 2020 | Mansfield, TX

Top Plumbing Technology Trends To Look Out For In Your Plumber In 2020 | Mansfield, TX

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Incorporating advanced technology has improved the way most industries operate over the years. The use of technological tools has made work easier in the plumbing industry, so embracing the phenomenal emerging technology is crucial for homeowners. For instance, the use of waterproof cameras and Wi-Fi to turn on taps seems pretty interesting. Using current plumbing trends makes work easier and creates room for better services to the consumer. A professional plumber can guide you on the perfect trend to incorporate to reduce utility costs. Here are some of the best plumbing technologies you may consider as a homeowner.

Smart showerheads

If you are looking to take singing in the shower to a whole new level, an advanced showerhead will do. Some of the shower heads come equipped with a Bluetooth speaker which comes in handy when playing music as you shower. Also, others feature LED lights that display different illumination hence making showering a memorable moment.

A handheld showerhead also helps you to conserve water and energy. Other showerhead options include high-pressure, rain, dual, low-flow, and brushed nickel rain shower head. Whatever your preferences are, a professional plumber can help you secure the perfect showerhead.

A tank free water heater system

In Mansfield, TX, some homeowners have made the switch to tankless water heaters. According to recent research, tank free water heaters produce hot water almost instantly, saving you money on your utility bills. Moreover, the heaters are environmentally friendly since they save up on energy use. You may get a plumber to install one for you since they have twice the lifespan of a usual water heater.

For people with smaller spaces, the tank free heaters take up less storage area. Additionally, you may take multiple showers and the system will run simultaneously. Ensure that you get a professional plumber to guide you on the best quality and the right size of the water heater to get.

A recycling dishwasher

Cleaning dishes may be a tedious job, especially if you have a large family. With today’s advanced technology, the dishwasher recycling option makes cleaning dishes enjoyable and fast. It helps conserve water and the amount of energy you consume when cleaning dishes. The dishwasher works by recycling rinse water which is also good for the environment.

Your local plumber can swiftly guide you on the best dishwasher to get as well as how to maintain it. For expert services, always check the certification and licensing of the plumber before seeking help with installations or servicing.

Improved irrigation system

If you own a home in Mansfield, TX, having an evenly spread lawn in the backyard may be at the back of your mind. Watering your lawn daily is part of the maintenance services, and this can be tedious if you have to do it manually every day. Incorporating a smart irrigation system ensures your lawn is watered on time due to the automation features. The interesting part about the sprinkler system is that it detects rainy weather and automatically turns off. Moreover, it distinguishes various types of soil conditions, plants, micro-climates, and other weather conditions.

The goal is to come up with an efficient way to keep your lawn watered and at the same time conserve water. Also, it’s wise to get your plumber to install a good drainage system to avoid excessive flooding. He/she can also guide you on how to maintain and clean it. Other types of modern irrigation include drip and pot irrigation methods, so strive to get insight from an expert plumber regarding the irrigation subject.

Greywater recycling

Greywater is used for water from washing machines, tabs, towers, and bathroom sinks. It is gently used water that hasn’t come into contact with toilet water or any dirty water. Some regions are drought-stricken due to weather changes. Due to this, most people have turned to a grey-water recycling system to save on water usage. You can use recycled water for cleaning or irrigation. This water recycling technology is cost-effective and saves on the water around the homestead.

It’s advisable to get a professional plumber to assist you in installing a water recycling system. If not correctly installed, dirty water may begin to leak and cause a foul smell. You wouldn’t want to have a smelly backyard and get stares from neighbors, would you? The experts can also advise you on how to go about the recycling process, and they can properly treat the water to avoid the spread of diseases. If not for anything, seek professional services for the safety of your health.

Hand-free faucets and fixtures

In most public washrooms and hotels, it’s quite common to come across hand-free faucets and fixtures. The motion sensor faucets come in handy since they give premises a more luxurious look. Some homeowners in Mansfield, TX, are switching to modern faucets and fixtures for their washrooms and kitchens. This is because they reduce water wastage and are more hygienic in comparison to their traditional counterparts. The faucets tend to open when they sense motion and vice versa.

A touch-free toilet is also a popular hand-free fixture. Toilets are a source of harmful bacteria that can cause illnesses. Due to this reason, residential owners prefer using modern toilets due to the hygiene factor. This type of toilet requires fewer flushes and hence saves a lot on water. The smart toilet has additional features such as overflow protection, heated seat, air dryer, foot warmer, and self-cleaning features.

Incorporating hand-fee fixtures has proven to be an economical way of saving the environment and improving hygiene in homes. These modern fixtures and faucets come in different forms, and your plumber can guide you on the best one to purchase.

Smart pipe system

Plumbing professionals have incorporated a new and advanced way of pairing their pipe cutters and drain rods to their Wi-Fi enabled devices. The devices have waterproof cameras that deliver excellent services to their customers. Plumbers can detect leaks before severe water damage occurs. This helps to save on water since leakages are among the main causes of water loss.

Smart pipes can monitor and regulate water pressure. The homeowner and plumber get alerts as soon as a leakage occurs, with the system providing the exact location. This saves time on guesswork and is eco-friendly. You also get to save big by avoiding mold, mildew, and costly water damage restoration. The smart pipe system empowers the customer and assists in making the plumber’s work easier rather than replacing the plumber’s profession.

Battery operated sump pumps

A sump pump comes in handy by getting rid of dirty water that has accumulated in a water-collecting sump basin which is placed in the home’s basement. Its main job is to keep the basement area dry and avoid any leakages that may result in flooding. Sump pumps that are not directly connected to the main power source can greatly help in times of power outage. Traditional sump pumps are converted DC bilge pumps powered on gas. In case you are living in an older house, it’s best to have them upgraded for your safety.

You need to get yourself a plumber who can keep up with technology to guide you on the way forward. The battery-operated sump pump is versatile, so any home can incorporate it. The battery-operated system is mainly installed in the primary system hence making it non-invasive. It’s fully automatic and you don’t need to worry about charging it since it does so itself. Additionally, it automatically turns itself on or off when the power is unavailable or available respectively.

Self- diagnosing PEX pipe

Polyethylene plastic commonly known as PEX is an affordable type of plastic with a unique cellular structure. Its new improved structure improves its flexibility since it’s able to thrive in any weather condition in comparison to the traditional pipes. It can conserve more energy than copper pipes since it doesn’t transfer heat. Additionally, the PEX pipe doesn’t corrode so it’s not prone to rust, and it resists scale buildup.

Currently, many people prefer PEX pipes to CPVC pipes since you don’t need glue to attach the pipes. The pipes can also self-diagnose leakages and a plumber can easily pinpoint breakages on the pipe. The mechanics of how these pipes work can be a daunting task to comprehend, so it’s wise to seek insight from a plumbing connoisseur, that is, a plumber.

Quartz kitchen and bathroom sinks

For decades, stainless steel sinks have been the standard choice in most households. However, homeowners have shifted to investing in more unique and luxurious products in modern times. Quartz sinks are now becoming the top choice for residential owners. Quartz is a man-made material mainly composed of acrylic resin and natural quartz. This makes it a stone composite sink and more durable and affordable. It’s more resistant to heat, stains, scratches, and impact. It also has a smooth surface that makes it easier to clean and maintain, is nonporous, and absorbs sounds.

Additionally, quartz can retain its original color since it doesn’t fade easily. These sinks may be top-mounted or under-mounted, and a professional can guide you on the best option to choose. They will also advise you on the shape to go for, depending on the look of your kitchen. From a square, round, rectangular, and D-bowl configuration, a seasoned plumber can assist in selecting the right fit for your needs.

Freestanding and air tubs

Freestanding bathtubs are among the lust-worthy products, whether vintage or modern. If you are thinking of remodeling your bathroom, a freestanding tab is something to consider. They make a strong design statement to your bathroom and are more long-lasting. People who enjoy taking baths regularly should consider freestanding bathtubs. They come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes and can be customized to meet unique needs. Compared to built-in tubs, a freestanding tab is easier to install.

A whirlpool commonly known as an air tub is becoming more common to homeowners who want a spa-like touch in their bathrooms. Rather than incorporating air jets, air tubs use low pressure to create a soothing massage effect that is delivered through numerous air bubbles in the water. Air baths practically clean themselves and don’t need in-depth injector cleans. They have natural airflow that helps with dirt removal hence preventing mold accumulation. They are also affordable and consume less energy.

Apron front kitchen counters and sinks

Also known as farmhouse sinks, these sinks are considered to be comfortable for those people who spend long hours at the sink. They were most common in rural areas in the 19 and 20th centuries. Their designs prevent cabinet damage from water puddling on countertops. Another feature that made the apron sink unique is the depth of the sink. The sink is deep enough to accommodate as many utensils as possible.

Today, many companies are creating apron sinks for modern, contemporary, and transitional designs. You may choose from a copper, rustic, or concrete design, depending on your kitchen’s theme. The farmhouse sink is a statement piece, and a professional plumber can easily install one for you.


Incorporating a bidet in your bathroom is a good way of saving on toilet paper. A bidet improves hygiene and can leave you feeling clean and refreshed. It’s adjustable to suit your personal needs and is suitable for all; male, female, young, or the elderly. A bidet helps to protect the environment since you’ll limit the use of toilet papers that come from trees. It’s also eco-friendly due to its biodegradable nature; you can’t say the same for toilet paper and wet wipes.

You also get to save money on toilet paper. Since women are more prone to infections, it cleans thoroughly and is also good for expecting mothers. People who are physically impaired may find it better to use helping them become more independent. Additionally, you won’t have to deal with a clogged toilet due to lots of toilet paper.

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