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Top Signs You Need to Call a Plumber ASAP | Plumber in Arlington, TX

Top Signs You Need to Call a Plumber ASAP | Plumber in Arlington, TX

Most people often tend to ignore plumbing issues in their house for so long that they manifest and emerge in even uglier ways. If you have been facing any issues, it won’t do you any good to wait because the problem will not fix itself and you will eventually have to call a plumber in Arlington, TX.

It is important you know that not all plumbing issues are DIY, so you can’t expect to get hold of a plunger and drain opener to fix them. Not calling a plumber in Arlington, TX means that you are allowing the problem to grow and will eventually have to pay thousands of dollars in repair work after the problem has already affected your health as well as the resale value of your house. If you want to avoid all these problems, have a look at these signs that suggest you should call a plumber in Arlington, TX:

Low Water Pressure

Most of the times, you experience water pressure in the faucet of your bathroom and kitchen because of buildup in the aerator of the faucets. If you don’t have optimum water pressure, call a plumber in Arlington, TX so they can open the aerator and flush out the buildup, and then put everything together back in place. The professional will also inspect the nearby areas for other issues like a fractured pipeline, water leakage, as well as an eroded pipeline. Since these issues are extremely complicated, they can only be fixed by a professional.

Hearing Water in the Pipes

If you can hear water running in the pipes even when no one is using the bathroom or the kitchen, it may mean that you are experiencing a leakage and should get in touch with a plumber in Arlington, TX. Some of the signs that suggest there is a leakage are brown discolored spots on walls and on the ceiling. When you touch them, they would feel warm and wet. If you hear the running water sound while using the toilet, it suggests that the flapper is broken and it needs to be repaired. However, if what you hear is a hissing sound, it means that the internal tank needs to be replaced with the help of a professional plumber in Arlington, TX. Make sure you tell your plumber about all these problems so they can check the water meter. If it is working too fast, it means that there is a leak somewhere in the house.

Smelling Gas

If you smell gas in the kitchen or when you are using the bathroom, do not ignore it and call a plumber immediately, because it might be an indication of a gas leak.

Having Frozen Pipes

It is the winter season, so there is a high possibility that what you are experiencing is no major issue, but frozen pipes. Some of the most obvious signs of frozen pipes are weird smell coming from the faucet, frost on the pipes, low water pressure as well as weird clanking sound. It is important you know that you can’t fix this issue on your own and will have to call a plumber in Arlington, TX, so that they can take care of it.

Hearing Gurgling Sound

If you have been hearing gurgling sounds while washing the dishes, using the toilets or while doing the laundry, it means that your drain system is not working properly and needs to be fixed by a plumber in Arlington, TX. If you hear this sound while using the washing machine or the dishwasher, you should turn off the water, so that the pipes don’t create seepage inside your house.

Pipe Knocking

If you hear knocking sounds while taking a shower, you should call in an expert so that they can examine the issue. This happens when there are loose support straps. Do not ignore this issue and call a plumber in Arlington, TX because if not corrected, it may cause it to break free from the mountings.

Slow Draining System

A slow draining system often indicates that there is a clog somewhere in the pipes. If you have used normal draining products as well as a plunger and the issue still prevails, it needs to be examined by a professional.

Colored Water

Here are the different types of colored water and what they mean:

  • Cloudy water – It means that there is air in your pipes.
  • Yellow or brown water – It means that there is rust in the pipes, which means that the pipes need to be replaced as soon as possible.
  • Green water – It means that the copper plumbing has corroded.
  • Blue water – It means that there is corrosion in totality.

There is a Bad Odor

If you can smell sewage or sulfur, it means that you have a broken pipe and vent that needs to be fixed by a plumber. Again, do not ignore this issue for a very long time because it can cause severe damage and can even affect the foundation of your house.

Lack Of Hot Water

If you have been using a lot of hot water lately, it makes sense that you won’t get hot water because these tanks have a limited capacity. However, if you are not getting any hot water at all, it indicates a problem. One of the reasons why this may be happening is that there is a leak somewhere inside the house that is making it hard for the hot water tank to maintain its temperature.

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