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Top Signs You Need Water Heater Repair in Granbury, TX

Top Signs You Need Water Heater Repair in Granbury, TX

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Running out of warm water on a chilly morning can be dreadful for anyone living in Granbury, TX. However, most water heater problems do not happen suddenly. These problems gradually worsen over time through delay and negligence.

Timely water heater repair in Granbury, TX can help homeowners avoid emergency issues when they cannot do anything. In this article, we discuss some signs that indicate you need a water heater repair in Granbury, TX.

Leaking Water Heater

While a water heater is responsible for providing warm water round the clock, it isn’t great seeing water around the heater itself. If you notice water around the water heater, then it is likely because the water heater is leaking.

A water heater starts leaking when it develops a crack in its tank. This crack starts leaking water whenever water rises up to its level in the tank and causes the water to pool up near the heater’s base. If you see this issue repeatedly, contact a plumber nearby for water heater repair in Granbury, TX.

Hot Water is Too Hot

While a water heater is meant to heat water for us, receiving water that is too hot can be a concerning sign. If your water heater is causing this problem, then you need to check the temperature dial. Try to adjust the dial to a cooler setting. However, you still have to wait for a couple of hours to notice any change. If it doesn’t work, then it is possible that the temperature dial has malfunctioned.

To investigate the issue further, look for any steam shooting out of the valve faucet. Moreover, you should also pay attention to any boiling sounds inside the water heater.

Ideally, releasing pressure by lowering the relief valve should resolve the problem. However, the valve itself can malfunction as well.

Delaying these problems is extremely dangerous as the hot water can rupture the water heater from the inside. In the worst cases, anyone nearby can get severe burns. Therefore, if you have similar problems with your unit, consult a professional for water heater repair in Granbury, TX.

No Hot Water

In most cases, the need for water heater repair in Granbury, TX is self-evident. Needless to say, the absence of hot water in the lines is the most obvious sign that you need water heater repair in Granbury, TX.

Usually, a water heater has two different heating mechanisms; it can either be electric or gas. Water heaters with these heating mechanisms look more or less the same. Nonetheless, both of them have a different method of heating water.

To determine why the heating mechanism has been failing to heat water, you can call a professional for water heater repair in Granbury, TX. Professionals who have expertise in water heater repair in Granbury, TX will have no difficulty finding out the root of the problem and in replacing malfunctioned components.

Rust in the Water Heater Tank

If you notice rust accumulating in the water heater tank, it can be a foretelling sign that you need water heater repair in Granbury, TX. The rust inside the water heater tank may actually end up in your faucets through the water in the tank.

Rust is caused usually by the oxidation of metals in your water heater. Excessive accumulation of this chemical compound can lead to corrosion and cause the failure of the tank. By calling a professional for water heater repair in Granbury, TX, you can reduce the amount of rust in your unit and resolve the issue.

Insufficient Hot Water

Many residents of Granbury, TX often report that they are getting water that is not hot enough. However, it is possible that a user might not need a full-blown water heater repair in Granbury, TX. First, homeowners should inspect the temperature dial at the front of the heater.

To see if it is working well, try adjusting it and check how much the water temperature changed. If that doesn’t work, then your water heater might have other issues.

One reason could be that your water heater is not large enough to cater to your needs.This happens when homeowners do not consult experts before buying water-heating units.

However, other times, the main cause of the problem might be the heating element itself. It is not uncommon for water heaters to accumulate mineral deposits. These deposits make it hard for the water heater to function properly. You can try flushing out deposits and then check if the heating improves.

Water Heater Age

Water heaters usually last between 8 and 15 years. If the water heater is approaching its age limit, it is hard for it to work efficiently. As a result, homeowners will have to bear higher bills and uncomfortable showers.

Therefore, if your water heater is near its estimated lifespan, it is wise to replace the whole unit instead of wasting money repairing the same unit repeatedly. However, it’s not necessary to switch your repair service. A company that deals with water heater repair in Granbury, TX can also replace your unit if it has gone beyond repair.

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