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Tricky Garbage Disposal Problems That Only an Experienced Plumber in Arlington, TX Can Resolve

Tricky Garbage Disposal Problems That Only an Experienced Plumber in Arlington, TX Can Resolve

A garbage disposal is undoubtedly a highly functional unit that has made it very simple, convenient and easy for homeowners across Arlington, TX to get rid of the food waste. Operating on a smart motor system and rotating blades, it grinds food waste like potato peels quickly and disposes them off.  However, just like any other kitchen appliance in your home, it is equally important that you keep your garbage disposal well-maintained by calling an experienced plumber in Arlington, TX to inspect it routinely.

Routine garbage disposal unit inspection and maintenance is also needed because this unit is used practically on a regular basis because of which it can develop tricky problems which may require repairs or replacements.

Let us dig in deep to understand what these tricky garbage disposal problems are that only a professional and an experienced plumber in Arlington, TX can resolve:

Tricky Problem#1— Food Jammed

A garbage disposal can get jammed or clogged when food waste like avocado leaves, bones, corn husks and fibrous vegetable matters are tossed into it. It’s important to understand that a garbage disposal is not designed to grind and shred such food waste. So, when these food wastes are introduced in the system, they are not broken down and eventually they get stuck inside. And this leads to jamming and clogging.

When this happens some people try to put their hands in the garbage disposal unit or use a tong to fix the problem on their own. And this is not advisable. Every year several injuries such as finger and hand amputations are caused as a result. To avoid injuries and to overcome this problem it’s best to call an experienced plumber in Arlington, TX.

Tricky Problem#2— Water Leakage

Water leakage from your garbage disposal is indicative of a serious underlying problem which can be resolved only by an experienced plumber in Arlington, TX. This is most certainly not a DIY job because water leaks from the garbage disposal unit can trigger several different problems with your unit which only a professional plumber in Arlington, TX can identify after a thorough unit inspection. Water leaks can be associated to:

  • Damaged drain pipes
  • Putty application
  • Loosening of the dishwasher connection
  • Damaged gasket
  • Holes inside the unit due to wear and tear of the components or foreign objects getting stuck inside it
  • Loosening of the rings near the sink’s flange

Tricky Problem#3— Noisy Unit Operation

Contact a plumber in Arlington, TX immediately if your garbage disposal starts to make strange sounds similar to metal grinding during operation. Noisy operation is a sign that your garbage disposal unit requires repair. The loud grinding or rattling sound indicates that one of the components inside the unit is either broken or faulty. Such as the sound can be triggered due to broken blades or loosened components.

If left unchecked, your garbage disposal will eventually stop working and that will cause a great deal of inconvenience, as you won’t be able to get rid of the waste which otherwise you would by tossing it into the unit. Calling a plumber in Arlington, TX for noisy garbage disposal is therefore necessary.

Tricky Problem#4—Persistent Bad Smell

At times your garbage disposal may start to smell bad. Usually this problem is easy to resolve by using hot & cold water, chemical agents and even citrus fruits. However, if the garbage disposal continues to smell awful even after trying all the home remedies, then it definitely calls for a plumbing job. Get in touch with a plumber in Arlington, TX right away.  A plumber will use their expertise to disassemble your unit and clean it from the inside, helping you get rid of the bad odor coming out of your garbage disposal, persistently.

Tricky Problem#5— Overheating

Sometimes a garbage disposal may heat up and eventually turn off. To turn it back on, simply press the reset button.  If it starts working again then that’s great however, in some cases the problem can get tricky and may require you to call an experienced plumber in Arlington, TX to identify the root cause. Mostly, if resetting the unit doesn’t work it means either there is a problem with the wiring or the disposal unit is beginning to wear out and age. Only a plumber can determine the real reason and suggest you whether a repair is needed or you may have to replace your old garbage disposal with a new one.

Tricky Problem#6— Dirty Water Flowing Back into the Sink

If you fail to keep your garbage disposal unit well-maintained, you are most likely to experience this problem. The dirty water which should drain through the garbage disposal starts to flow back into the kitchen sink. And this is a big problem which requires immediate disassembling of the unit and a thorough clean up. It is important to disassemble the garbage disposal because only then you can find out exactly why the water is flowing back. This is mostly a sign of a clogged disposal unit, but its best to get it checked by a professional plumber in Arlington, TX so that the problem is resolved timely.

Call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for Garbage Disposal Problems

In case if you’re facing any of the garbage disposal problems discussed above, get in touch with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing today! They can send over their experienced plumber in Arlington, TX to inspect your unit and provide you with quick and affordable repair and replacement solutions accordingly. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is a trusted and a BBB accredited company with A+ rating. The company has the experience and the expertise to resolve all kinds of tricky garbage disposal problems instantly and to your satisfaction.