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Troubleshooting Problems for Electric Water Heater Repair in Crowley

Troubleshooting Problems for Electric Water Heater Repair in Crowley

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Have you ever felt betrayed by an electric water heater just when you need it? Well, you’re probably not the first person to experience that. Without keen inspection and proper maintenance, electric water heaters can develop problems.

These issues prosper under negligence and culminate into full-blown breakdowns. One thing leads to another and homeowners have to pay expensive water heater repair bills in Crowley.

This is why it’s necessary to identify problems before they turn into unavoidable water heater repairs. In this article, we try to troubleshoot problems for electric water heater repair in Crowley.

How Are Electric Water Heaters Different?

From the onset, electric water heaters are almost the same as gas-powered heaters. Both these units use insulated storage tank jackets made from steel. Between the storage tank and the tank jacket, there is some insulation to reduce the loss of heat.

One of the main differences between electric and gas water heaters is their heat source. In electric water heaters, the water gets heated by lower and upper heating elements. These heating elements extend into the water tank.

Electric heating elements don’t need to keep heating water. Gas water heaters, on the other hand, have a gas burner inside. The burner heats water from below the tank.

Electric water heaters also have other differences from gas-powered heaters in Crowley. These heaters take less space than conventional water heaters. At times, they are also more energy efficient than other water heaters.

Experts report that problems of reduced heat happen because of a failed heating element. The water heater repair related to heating elements is inexpensive. It can get replaced relatively easily. However, other water heater repair problems in Crowley need a bit more effort.

These water heater repair issues may occur due to high home water pressure, improper settings or a lack of tank maintenance. To troubleshoot what kind of water heater repair you need, you have to look out for the following signs.

Warning: Turn Off the Power First

Before you venture on finding causes of water heater repair in your unit, consider that these units run on 240 volts. Personal safety should always be the first priority as high voltage is dangerous for any homeowner in Crowley. It’s important that you don’t try to check them when the power is on.

Before checking the electrical components of the water heater, you should shut the power off. You can cut the power supply to the heater’s circuit by turning off the appropriate breaker in your home’s breaker box.

Also, check whether all wires in the water heater with a non-contact voltage tester. Unless you’re confirmed that power is off, don’t think of touching the wires.

No Hot Water

An electric water heater that doesn’t produce hot water may not be getting the required power. It’s also possible that it has a tripped limit switch. In other cases, the need for water heater repair arises due to failed heating elements.

Homeowners in Crowley should check the water heater’s circuit breaker has tripped or not. If the circuit breaker has tripped they should switch the circuit breaker off and then on again.

However, if the circuit breaker has not tripped and is still on, you should try to reset high-temperature limit on the heater. Consequently, homeowners in Crowley should turn off the water heater’s circuit.

Further inspection can be dangerous because you’ll have to remove access panel along with insulation and plastic safety guards. Therefore, it’s better to call a water heater repair service in Crowley instead.

Water Temperature Too Hot

Getting too much hot water is almost as frustrating as not getting hot water. If you experience this problem, the issue might be in one or both of your water heater thermostats. This often happens when the thermostat is set too high.

At first, turn the power source off through the service panel. After that, check the heat setting on both the thermostats. The heat settings of these thermostats should be at the same temperature. Ideally, this setting should be between 115 and 125 F.

However, if your heating setting is set inside the unit itself, contact a water heater repair service in Crowley. Trying to remove internal components in the unit is dangerous and you should avoid it unless you have previous experience.

Water Leaks

Water leaks usually are a result of leaking valves and plumbing connections. Still, they can also be caused by tank problems. Water leaking from these units can cause significant damage to your home. For this reason, homeowners in Crowley should fix the issue as soon as possible.

There can be plenty of reasons behind water heater leaks. Some of the main reasons are loose heating elements or corrosion inside the tank. Homeowners in Crowley should inspect these elements for looseness.

If the heating element is loose, you should contact a water heater repair service to tighten them. It is almost impossible to repair a corroded tank. So, you’ll need the water heater repair service to replace the electric heater.

Until the water heater service arrives, you should switch off the power and water supply. After that, drain the water heater tank completely in a bucket to stop the leaking.

Water Heater Making Strange Noises

Unusual sounds coming from your heater are never a welcoming sign. The reason behind hearing unusual sounds inside the heater is excessive sediment build-up. The water inside ground will has more minerals than usual and they tend to build up in the heater.

People who source their water from the ground will have hard water. Ultimately, this will culminate in more sediment build-up. However, it can happen under normal circumstances as well. To resolve the issue, you’ll need to clean and flush the tank.

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