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Types of Showers to Install | Plumber in Arlington, TX

Types of Showers to Install | Plumber in Arlington, TX

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You are renovating your home. It’s been in the family for generations and needs a little sprucing up. You figure it’s time to update a couple of things. You have recently upgraded the wiring and plumbing. All there’s left to do now is pick out new bathroom fixtures.

But you do not, for the life of you, know how to pick out appropriate bathroom fixtures including the ones you need the most—showers. Not to worry, this handy guide will help steer you in the right direction.

Here is a list of all the showers and shower head types you can have plumber in Arlington, TX install into your bathrooms for your convenience.

Types of Showers

Electric Showers

If you want hot water on demand Arlington winters, you can install an electric shower. Electric showers are fitted with advanced technologies that help heat water from the main water supply in the house.

Electric showers do this by using a heating element and heating the cold water coming in from the home’s water supply. Electric showers are then a much more efficient and environmentally sustainable option than water heaters.

Water heaters often heat water when there is no need and this can lead to water wastage and energy inefficiency. In electric showers, the problem of wastage goes away.

Mixer Showers

If you tend to shower with mixed temperatures, you will do well to install mixer showers in your bathrooms. Mixer showers use hot and cold water and mix it as it sprays through the showerhead. If you have a hot water cylinder in your Arlington home, you can easily get this installed.

If you need it, a plumber in Arlington, TX will add a pump to increase water pressure and ensure the right temperature in your showers.

Thermostatic Showers

Thermostatic showers are another kind of showers that are great for Arlington houses. You can easily balance temperature and the heat does not rise if someone uses a faucet elsewhere in the house.

You can simply preset temperatures and the mixer of the thermostatic shower simply delivers the temperature needed at the time, much like an electric shower. This can be very useful if you have children who need precise temperatures.

Eco Showers

Eco showers are great options for houses in Arlington, TX,since they give various temperature options and are the most energy efficient kind of shower. Eco showers can use electric and mixer technologies to limit water and reduce wastage by fifty percent.

We recommend that environmentally conscious people have these installed by plumber in Arlington, TX in their bathrooms for more eco-friendly shower options.

Digital Showers

These are high-tech, modern variety of showers that can be installed by expert technicians and competent plumber in Arlington, TX  in your local area. Digital showers can be controlled by a central panel. You can have this panel fitted anywhere, as long as it is within a 10-metre radius of the shower itself.

You can use this panel to power the shower and control the flow and temperature of your shower water. You will either have the power unit in the loft or airing cupboard of the shower.

You will be able to power on the shower and have it stream down onto you from the walls or ceilings. You can control the shower with a remote and can have electric and mixer options within it.

Digital showers are great for modern bathrooms since they do not have visible plumbing. You can have digital showers installed by plumber in Arlington, TX in any bathroom you like in your house.

Shower Heads

When you are considering installing showers in your bathtubs or bathrooms, another thing you need to know about is shower heads. Shower heads are of a great variety and you need to consult with a plumber to know exactly which one is suited to your needs.

The five types of shower heads are usually of the handheld variety, handheld on slider rail variety, fixed variety, ceiling mounted variety and a combination variety of body jets.

There also shower heads with multiple spray options, including ceiling-mounted rain showers that can completely engulf you in water. Most new houses and apartments are also getting multiple-jet showers fitted into their bathrooms.

You can choose any of these options for any convenience necessary. If you are tall and your shower is small, you would be better off with a ceiling mounted shower head.

If you are differently abled or have children, elderly people or differently abled people in the home, you can do well with a handheld variety. This will allow elderly people, for instance, to bathe easily while sitting down and using the handheld shower head to bathe however they like.

Most showers and bathtubs in Arlington, TX, have handheld shower heads which have pull-out fittings and slider rails. Slider rails can be used to adjust the height and movement of the showerhead, making it an extremely useful and versatile option.

Handheld slider rails are also incredibly useful for bathing pets that might squirm away, or even to clean dirty objects in the house.

Most showers are fitted with thermostatic taps that control the temperature and pressure. If you want options to preset the temperature and pressure, more technologically advanced shower models, like digital showers, can allow that.

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