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Types of Tankless Water Heaters Fort Worth

Types of Tankless Water Heaters Fort Worth

Tankless Water Heaters | Tankless Water Heaters Fort Worth

Homeowners today have multiple options when it comes to providing hot water for their household. First, there is, of course, the conventional tank style water heater. Modern tank hot water heaters offer more benefits than those of the past including increased energy efficiency. Next, homeowners have the option of using a heat pump water heater. Solar water heaters remain an option, and finally tankless water heaters in Fort Worth are increasingly popular.

tankless water heaters fort worth

Tankless water heaters do not use tanks to store heated water as conventional water heaters do. The tankless water heater uses internal powerful heat exchangers to produce hot water as the demand calls for it.

Tankless systems are available in electric or gas models, though only the gas units are Energy Star qualified. This is due to the enormous amount of energy required to operate an electric model. In addition, the electric model generally will not produce hot water as quickly as the gas model.

The next classification of tankless water heaters in Fort Worth is whole house or point of use. A point of use hot water heater will provide hot water only for a single location such as a bathroom. It is, however, extremely valuable in remote areas requiring hot water such as a distant bathroom, or a shower located in a pool cabana. When a water heater of any type has to deliver water a great distance to a remote area, the time it takes it to be delivered is called lag. It creates a lot of wasted water as well as energy due to the waste of heated water left in the pipe.

A whole house tankless water heater in Fort Worth can provide for multiple fixture throughout the house depending upon the household hot water usage.

Solar hot water heaters are incapable of heating water to the required 120 degrees. When solar is coupled to a tankless system a perfect blend of technologies come together to produce the best case scenario of low cost hot water. The solar hot water heater heats water to approximately 90 degrees, and then must be further heated to reach the necessary 120 degrees Fahrenheit to provide a comfortable shower. The tankless hot water heater in Fort Worth is an energy efficient option to complete the heating process providing energy efficiency. With the inflow of water already heated to 90 degrees the tankless system will rapidly provide piping hot water.

Using very little space, tankless hot water heaters in Fort Worth free up space once occupied by a large, bulky conventional water heater, allowing you to utilize the extra space for other needs.

The tankless water heater not only saves you on energy efficiency, but keeps on saving. On average a tankless water heater will last twenty years or longer, compared to the average life expectancy of a conventional hot water heater. With parts availability on some models of tankless systems this can be extended even further.

Tankless water heaters cost most than most conventional water heaters; on average they will cost approximately $900 to $1,200 for a whole house system. With the long service life they experience, they will pay for themselves in a reasonable amount of time and continue to save you money.

Not all homes will benefit from the use of a tankless water heater, especially those homes with a larger than average use of hot water. Households where two persons shower at once, or where any two hot water sources are used at once will find they may not provide the required amount of hot water. Installing a tankless hot water heater in Fort Worth at each hot water use location will however, provide a 50% energy efficiency when compared to a conventional hot water heater.

Energy credits may be available to assist you with the initial cost of installing a tankless hot water heater in Fort Worth. Some utility providers will offer you a credit with the purchase of a tankless system. State and federal tax credits or rebates may be available on models that are Energy Star qualified. At the present time, only gas model tankless water heaters are Energy Star qualified.

According to the U. S. Department of Energy, tankless water heaters in Houston are up to 34% more efficient than conventional tank style water heaters, making it certainly worthwhile to find out if your household could benefit from the installation of the tankless system.

If you are considering the installation of a tankless water heater in Fort Worth, a Benjamin Franklin Plumber will be glad to provide a home assessment and hot water use evaluation to see if a tankless system would benefit to your household. Our professional plumbers are hot water heater specialists you can trust for an accurate evaluation. We are a member of the BBB.