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Types of Toilets | Plumber in Saginaw, TX

Types of Toilets | Plumber in Saginaw, TX

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You are renovating your bathrooms. Your house is getting old and its bathrooms are outdated. You have ripped out every tile, light, and faucet.

You stare at the gutted floors and realize you need new fixtures—including toilets. Your toilets have been faulty for a while and you have tired of constantly calling for plumbers in Saginaw, TX every other day to fix the flush or the piping.

You need new toilets but you don’t really know much about toilets. Which are the best models? Which seats are the best options? Not to worry, all of the answers you need are in this handy guide for toilets. Check it out.

The Basics of Toilet Designs

Toilets can be fixed in different positions, depending on the need of the space. Floor mount water closets can be installed on the floor and wall hung toilets will be installed by attaching it to the wall.

Floor mount toilets usually have more options for traps and can come with a variety of seats and seat covers.

Most toilets have concealed traps so that the design of the toilet doesn’t let you see how the waste is washing away. Their bowl designs are various and include round bowls, square bowls, elongated bowls and rectangular bowls

You can choose any of these for your house’s bathrooms and they will work effectively. Any of these designs can be installed by a competent plumber in Saginaw, TX.

To determine your plumbing system requirements and capabilities and to consult with the sizing and maintenance of toilets, you should first talk to a plumber in Saginaw, TX before choosing your toilet.

Now that you know some of the basics, here are the major options you will need to consider for installation in your bathrooms. Any of these can be fitted easily by plumbers in Saginaw, TX in your local area.

Options for Toilet Models

There are two major model varieties in toilets. They are:

Option#1: One-Piece Toilet

One-piece toilets tend to have flush tanks attached to their body and do not need separate flush tanks. These are common in most Saginaw, TX, bathrooms. You will notice that in most of these models the ceramic tanks and bodies are combined together and are made together.

This feature allows leaking to stop, making it a much safer and sanitary option for the most home use. If the leakage problem is minimal in these models it means you will not have to call in a plumber in Saginaw, TX for repairs all the time.

Option#2: Two-piece Toilet

Two-piece toilets are so distinguished from one-piece or single piece toilets because they have separate ceramic tanks. Two-piece toilets have to be extended to be fitted with the tanks and usually have bolts attaching them.

These kinds of toilets are also known as coupled closets in the industry and weigh about 80 pounds but their weight is contingent on their design. Two-piece toilets have closed rims to help build pressure in the flush.

Now there are several other kinds of specialized toilets that you might consider as options if you need. These include:

Option#3: Elderly Toilet

If you have elderly folk in your home or if you have differently abled folk at home, you need to consider installing the elderly toilet in their bathroom. This is a specialized kind of toilet that can make it easier for your loved ones to use the toilet.

Elderly toilets have higher pedestals of around 70 centimeters and can make it easier for differently abled people to sit and get up. Elderly toilets are easy to install, too, and can be fitted by any plumber in Saginaw, TX. 

Option#4: Smart Toilet

If you want to turn your bathroom a little more tech-savvy, modern aesthetic, you should consider getting a smart toilet installed. It is a special design of ceramic toilet with an electronic seat cover.

If you have the budget and the motivation to have advanced technology in your bathroom, you will have a lot of options and functions for voice-activation, sensors, warmers and automatic functions to choose from.

Smart toilets will require, however, specialist technicians and plumbers in Saginaw, TX to install and maintain them.

Option#5: Tornado Toilet

A tornado toilet is a modern version of the water closet that allows flushing and cleaning at the same time.

You see, what happens in a tornado toilet is that the toilet will flush itself and the water will circle in the water closet cleaning the toilet along the way. You can get this type of specialized flushing function in round shape toilets.

If you want this additional option, you should call a plumber for installation services in Saginaw, TX.

Option#6: Rim Less Toilet

If you want more modern versions of toilets that are easier to clean, you can’t go wrong with the rimless toilet. You see, rimless toilets are available in oval or round shapes and have a step below the rim to flush the toilet effectively.

Rimless models are usually available in the hung water closet variety of one-piece model toilets in Saginaw, TX,and can be great options for those with sanitary and hygiene concerns.

Rimless toilets can be easily fitted and maintained by competent plumbers in Saginaw, TX, and can last a long time.

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