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Types of Water Heaters and Things to Consider Before Making Your Buy | Plumbers in Fort Worth, TX

Types of Water Heaters and Things to Consider Before Making Your Buy | Plumbers in Fort Worth, TX

Water heaters are a blessing when all you want is a bathtub full of hot water and an hour of no disturbances. Especially during cold weather, when the last thing you would want to do is wait for hot water to start flowing in the pipes again.

However, that should not be the reason why you should hurry in making the choice for the right type of water heater that meets all your needs and is not a burden for you to afford.

There was a time when the choices in buying a water heater were limited, but that era has passed and we are available with water heaters ranging from the manual ones and the automatic ones, ones that have tanks in them to store the water and then those without the tanks.

Not just that, but also as we are entering in the era where conserving energy has become a issue that no one can overlook, we can now see ranges of energy efficient water heaters in the market.


  1. CONVENTIONAL WATER HEATERS – Or known as storage water heaters have a storage tanks in them which heat an amount of water and then stores it in the tank to provide with hot water without much delay. But one concern with this type of water heater is the heat loss when the water is not being used. However, in newer versions of conventional water heaters, the tanks are being made with insulated, material so they can retain the heat in even when the water is not being used.
  2. TANKLESS (DEMAND) WATER HEATER – To eliminate the energy loss in conventional water heaters, another type is which heats the water when demanded. In this the cold water runs through the pipeline in to the heating unit and there it is heated by a gas burner or electric heater. Tankless water heater in Fort Worth, TX is easily available in the markets.

They usually take up less space as they do not have a storage tank attached to them. They use coils to heat the water.

Even in these, there are two types. One that uses gas to heat up the water and one that uses electricity. Although electric water heaters are relatively expensive than the gas ones, as they might require timely updates.


  1. HEAT PUMP OR HYBRID WATER HEATER – This type of water heater traps in all the heat from its surroundings and uses it to heat up the water. It consumes less amount of energy than the gas or electric ones. But obviously cost more. It works well in areas that are less cold.

Plumbers in fort worth, TX are skilled workers who can provide you with repairing services if any problem persists in usage of these water heaters.

  1. SOLAR WATER HEATERS – In this type, solar beds are mounted atop your roof and solar energy is absorbed and then used to heat the water up. However, they can be a nuisance on days with less sunlight.


When are about to select the type and model of water heater that is suitable for your home, you need to make following considerations:

  • Type of fuel it uses and its cost – The fuel type you use or whatever source of energy you use to heat the water will have an effect on the annual operation costs of the water heater  and how efficient the use of energy will be.

There are water heaters that run on electricity, natural gas, geothermal energy, propane and solar energy.

  • Size –  When choosing a water heater, another important consideration is the capacity. You don’t want to buy a water heater leaves you out of hot water in the busy hours. So before spending thousands on a water heater, make sure the one you chose meets your household demand.
  • CostsAnother thing that you should make sure of when buying a water heater is that you don’t forget to compare the prices with other brand available. And calculate what your annual operational costs will be and what your maintenance cost will be.
  • MaintenanceWhen buying the water heater, make sure that you will have quality repair services around you if something goes wrong otherwise it can be nothing but an additional cost that you would not want to bear. Some water heaters are more complicated to maintain than the others are, therefore you must have adequate services for gas line repair or water line repair in Fort Worth, TX.
  • Changes in technology Technology advancements are always taking place around us, it does not take long before a new, and better model is out there. Before selecting a water heater, do some research on what changes they have made in previously available models or how the hybrid water heaters are better than the conventional ones, or how conventional water heaters have added new feature of insulated water storage tanks in it to reduce heat loss. Because doing so will only let you make the choice wisely.



You should choose a water heater that matches with your needed capacity, your living style and how heavy it will be on your pocket, both the actual cost and the maintenance.

If you can afford a model that cost more, than go for a tankless water heater as it saves the standby energy loss, and can be fit in small places. But if your family is big and you might need hot water at many places at the same times, you may go for the other options.

Whichever water heater you choose, make sure you have water heater repair services available around you, which can keep you up to date with repairs and changes that your water heater system might require time to time.


And if you live in Fort Worth, TX, then you are lucky because plumbers in fort worth, TX are equipped with advanced training and solutions to bring you ease. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.