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The Ultimate Guide on Tankless Water Heaters! | Tankless Water Heaters in Fort Worth, TX

The Ultimate Guide on Tankless Water Heaters! | Tankless Water Heaters in Fort Worth, TX

That time has come when every homeowner in Fort Worth TX is considering investing in a new water heater; this is due to the harsh winters that we had to survive last year. Due to the cold, our heaters were working in overdrive as the demand for hot waters increases by a substantial margin in the winters. This constant heating and reheating of water in cold conditions takes a toll on the integrity of our water heater systems and with time they will break down and will require substantial repairs.

The generic water heaters that we have in our home have been there for ages and essentially they were only designed to last around ten years. With time these water heaters deteriorate and not only do they stop producing hot water but they also start consuming more energy which is exactly why your electricity bills have reached an all-time high. This is exactly why it is imperative that every homeowner invests in a water heater that will stand the test of time and prove to be an effective investment. This is where the tankless water heater steps in to resolve this dilemma once and for all!

Tankless water heaters are becoming popular all around the world and have now become the most popular systems people are investing in. As the name implies these systems do not require a tank to heat the water but actually use an innovative system that heats the water before dispersion. Basically, whenever a faucet is opened, cold water is directed towards the unit and is immediately heated according to the required temperature using either an electric element or a gas burner. This ensures that water is only heated when required and can produce a constant supply of warm water. Not only are these tankless water system specifically designed to conserve energy but they are also more effective then the generic water tanks that we have in our homes. Therefore, if you are considering investing in a new water heating source, then we would recommend a tankless water heater!

Advantages of a tankless water heater

For all of the people out there in Fort Worth TX who are on the verge of buying a new water heater, please consider the array of benefits of tankless water heaters before you make your choice. Some of the most profound benefits of these tankless water heaters are mentioned below:

  • Tankless water heaters can actually save you money on tax; these units entail a $300 rebate for every home owner who installs them.
  • Continuous flow of water, meaning those days are gone when you are taking a shower and suddenly the water becomes ice cold.
  • There is no standby heat loss
  • Units do not emit heat, unlike standard water heaters
  • These tankless water heaters are available in different sizes and can easily be installed even in the most confined spaces. Most people are actually installing these systems in their cabinets or little storage rooms.
  • Tankless water heaters are installed into a wall so this help optimize space in the most organized manner
  • Tankless water heaters can actually help you save up to 20% of your water heater bills!
  • These units do not emit and harmful gases
  • Tankless water heaters are completely safe, unlike your traditional water heaters
  • There is not possibility of a leakage as there is no water stored in a tank
  • Can easily be installed within a matter of hours
  • Some units are actually remote controlled so you can easily adjust the settings without even touching the unit
  • Since there are so many models available in the market today, you can easily find a tankless water heater that encompasses your budget
  • There are smaller versions for households that do not require a substantial amount of warm water on daily basis
  • These units are now readily available in the market today
  • Do not require constant repairs or periodic maintenance compared to other water heaters

Disadvantages of tankless water heaters

Like everything else in this world even tankless water heaters have their own set of drawbacks, it is imperative that every homeowner takes these disadvantages into perspective as well. Some of the most prominent disadvantages of tankless water heaters are mentioned below:

  • These heaters are three times the price of standard water heaters and some models are extravagantly expensive
  • They may also require additional wiring or circuit integration to operate effectively
  • Installation charges are higher compared to standard water heaters due to the dexterity involved in the process
  • The electric models have the capacity of increasing your electricity bill, especially if your house requires a substantial amount of warm water.
  • Natural gas is essentially cheaper then electricity
  • These systems require a constant flow of water to operate effectively, this means that certain aspects of your plumbing membrane have to be modified.
  • Sometimes there is a lag time when the water is heating so occasionally the flow of warm water will stop but this is only for a limited period of time.
  • Since these tankless water heaters are new in the market, many plumbing services do not have the required knowledge to install these systems to perfection.
  • Households that have a limited requirement of hot water would benefit more from generic water heaters compared to these units.
  • Normally these units will stand the test of time but if they do break down, this will result in substantial repairs


All of the information above exonerates the fact that tankless water heaters are extremely effective and have the capacity of warming water without any hindrance. Although these units do have their own disadvantages, their benefits clearly outweigh them. Rest assured investing in theses tankless water heating systems will be a viable choice and slowly these units will start paying themselves back. Contact a Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Fort Worth, TX and get a tankless water heater installed to ensure you always have warm water! Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.