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The Ultimate List Of Tools And Equipment Used By Plumbers in Arlington, TX

The Ultimate List Of Tools And Equipment Used By Plumbers in Arlington, TX

If you have ever seen plumbers in Arlington, TX at work, fixing sinks that are clogged, faucets that are dripping, pipes that leak, or working on any other issues involving plumbing, you must have noticed the different tools and equipments they use. These can consist of a simple plier as well as others that may seem complicated to understand and use. The perfect set of tools can make or break a job. And for a plumber, the right kit can make repairing easy. Here’s a list of some basic and some not so basic tools and equipments that may be found in the kit of plumbers in Arlington, TX to help you understand their function in the plumbing business.

1.    Pliers

While in the past plumbers in Arlington, TX or in any other area commonly used a pipe wrench that came in handy for almost any plumbing job, it is now the tongue and groove pliers, commonly known by their brand name Channellock, that have replaced these pipe wrenches. Functioning at their best when used in pairs, these tongue and groove pliers are quick and handy when it comes to taking apart almost any plumbing. While one of them steadies the pipe, the other can be used for the purpose of unscrewing. They are also available in different sizes so that working on a variety of projects becomes easier.

To prevent scratching a finish, plumbers in Arlington, TX may use electric tape to wrap its teeth or make use of a towel in the middle of the finish.

2.    Pipe wrench

Even though pipe wrenches may not be considered as popular amongst plumbers in Arlington, TX today, they still form an essential part of the toolkit. Available in different sizes, a pipe wrench is mostly used as a form of leverage to unscrew fittings that might be present on yard hydrants, pressure regulators, or water heaters. They are also helpful when the job concerns iron pipes or other threaded things of the like.

3.    Sink wrench

A sink wrench is also known as a basin wrench and is one of the fundamental tools for plumbers in Arlington, TX. Being self-tightening, it can be used to tighten or loosen fixtures (depending on the job) especially ones that are in hard to reach places. This can include revamping the old faucet whether it is present in bathrooms, kitchen or the one that is being used for laundry.

4.    Screwdrivers

Depending on the types of screws that need to be removed or fitted by plumbers in Arlington, TX during a project, there exist different types and sizes of screwdrivers. Each has its own function and use appropriate for different kinds of plumbing projects.

5.    Hacksaw

A hacksaw for plumbers in Arlington, TX is essential for cutting pipes, bolts, screws and even nuts. There are different sizes, big or small, of hacksaws available which can be used according to the project type and repairs required.

6.    Plumber’s putty

Plumber’s putty is a type of soft and flexible compound that is used for the purpose of caulking or sealing. It helps in forming seals that are watertight especially around drains and/or faucets. Plumber’s putty can also be used by some plumbers in Arlington, TX for work related to sinks or tub drains.

7.    Propane torch

A propane torch comes in handy when plumbers in Arlington, TX require work to be done related to copper pipes and fittings. Said to be more convenient to use than matches, a propane torch lights with a simple squeeze of a trigger.

8.    Metal file

A metal file can be used to smooth out or make rough the metal pipe edges after cutting. There are different types of metal files available and each can be used depending on the project and repairs required.

9.    Hand auger

A hand auger, sometimes called a plumber’s snake, consists of a flexible steel cable that is 25 feet long. It is used to clear blockages that might be present in sinks, toilets, showers, tubs, as well as in drain lines. It is used as an alternative to a plunger, when the plunger does not help remove the clog.

10.         Plunger

The most basic and essential tool for plumbers in Arlington, TX, a plunger is used to remove clogs whether they are present in toilets, sinks, tubs, showers, or floor drains.

11.         Closet auger

The closet auger is a tool that is to be manually used to clear clogs present particularly in toilets. This is achieved by its elongated steel cable which acts as a tough grinder for most clogs.

12.         Cloth that is resistant to fire

A fire resistant cloth is necessary to protect surfaces that are possibly flammable especially when using a propane torch in its vicinity. An addition to the toolkit might also include a fire extinguisher which can prove to be useful in a possible case of emergency.

13.         Compression sleeve puller

A compression sleeve puller is used by plumbers in Arlington, TX especially when the project concerns copper, CPVC, or PEX tubing where there is a probability of compression angle stops that supply water to faucets and toilets. The compression sleeve puller is used to remove the compression sleeve and the nut so that the pipe does not get damaged.

14.         Adjustable wrench

Along with coming in handy to remove compression nuts, angle stops, supply lines to faucets, and plumbing parts consisting of hex-shaped nuts, an adjustable wrench can also be used for screwing on or in the removal of a shower head to prevent scratches to the chrome while installing or cleaning.

15.         Tubing cutter

A tubing cutter is a C-clamp like shaped tool that is helpful in clean and quick cutting of copper pipes. It is available in different types including standard-size and close-quarter minicutter which is useful for plumbers in Arlington, TX when working in tight spaces.

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