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The Underlying Causes for Scheduling Services for Drain Cleaning in Fort Worth, TX

The Underlying Causes for Scheduling Services for Drain Cleaning in Fort Worth, TX

Your home is the biggest investment you’re likely to make in your entire life. Therefore, it is important that you keep your sanctuary well-maintained. Home maintenance not only helps in keeping the value of your home intact, but it also ensures maximum comfort for the residents. Even the smallest of the problems like clogged drains can wreak havoc if you don’t schedule services for drain cleaning in Fort Worth, TX right away.

Keeping bathrooms and kitchen drains clean are equally important. This is because a minor blockage in any drain can become a major issue long before you know thereby disrupting the entire drainage system of your home which can be a nuisance. Not only do clogged drains cause inconvenience but they are also swarming with bacteria which can reduce air quality of your home triggering several health problems. To avoid these problems, make sure to schedule services for drain cleaning in Fort Worth, TX on a regular basis.

Let’s take a closer look at the underlying reasons for clogged drains and why you should immediately schedule services for drain cleaning in Fort Worth, TX:

• Hair—The Big Culprit

When taking a shower or shaving, hair tends to go down the drain. If you don’t clean the drain and pick the hair right away, it can cause a lot of issues down the line—both figuratively and literally. Sooner than you know, a buildup of hair will start to clog your bathroom drain.

As this buildup gets thicker and bigger in size, it will make it difficult for the water to pass through the drain smoothly. Many don’t pay attention to the hair collecting in the drain because the water continues to pass through it until it’s completely blocked.  Once the drain is blocked, the water starts to stand and collect in the shower, flooding the bathroom. That’s when people think of drain cleaning in Fort Worth, TX.

To prevent clogging of shower drains, make sure to remove visible hair in the drain before they enter the drain pipes. It is also important that you schedule an appointment for drain cleaning in Fort Worth, TX monthly or quarterly to ensure deep cleaning of the drains, so that all hair is removed from the pipes which you can’t pull out using your hands.

• Grease—Fatty Gunk

Another common cause of blocked drains is the grease and fat buildup washing down the kitchen sink. Grease and fatty substances tend to stick inside drainage pipes. When the grease cools, it hardens in the pipes. Overtime, it becomes so thick that it becomes practically impossible for water to pass through the drain hence causing blockage. Removing this fatty gunk from the pipes requires expertise and special equipment for which you will have to schedule services for drain cleaning in Fort Worth, TX and have a professional inspect and clean the drain.

• Plants—The Natural Debris

The natural debris such as leaves falling from the trees and small plants can clog the drains, especially after autumn and spring. Besides leaves, the roots of the trees are also among the underlying reasons for clogged drains. These roots are continuously in search of water to stay alive; therefore, they thrive near and around the drains. The roots of the trees get water from the cracks and leaks in the underground drain pipes. Slowly and gradually, tree roots begin to grow around and inside the pipes thus causing difficulty in smooth water flow through the drains.

If the drains are not cleaned immediately and roots of trees are not properly trimmed or cut, it can cause serious damage to your drainage system.  It can lead to corrosion of the pipes and flooding thereby resulting in costly drain pipe repair and sometimes, pipe replacement may also be needed. All this can put a big dent in your pocket unless you quickly schedule a service for drain cleaning in Fort Worth, TX. Make sure that you hire an expert for the job because clearing tree roots from the drainage system is a complex task. It may require pressure cleaning and excavation in some cases which requires expertise.

• Mineral Buildup—The Insoluble Masses

If you have hard water flowing from your taps, then watch out for mineral buildup. Hard water is high in mineral content, especially calcium and magnesium. Groundwater most often percolates through limestone. This is where it picks magnesium and calcium deposits from. These minerals’ build up creates insoluble masses in the drain which slow down and eventually block the flow of water. Moreover, they can also corrode the pipes which may require expensive replacement. These buildups are not easy to remove once they establish in the pipes. So, you must schedule a service for drain cleaning in Fort Worth, TX, so that a professional can take care of the task and remove the mineral buildup from your pipeline.

Besides these causes, other reasons for clogged drains may be toiletries, soap, dirt and food waste. The fat in the soap combines with minerals in the water creating soapy scum. Also known as the hard residue, this scum not only stains your bath fittings but it also clogs the drainage pipes. To remove the traces and buildup of soapy scum, you must schedule a service for drain cleaning in Fort Worth, TX.

Schedule a Service for Drain Cleaning in Fort Worth, TX with Benjamin Franklin

No matter what the underlying cause for clogged drains may be, the plumbing team at Benjamin Franklin can take care of them all. They have the expertise, experience and equipment needed to clear up drains by removing even the toughest of buildups. Schedule for a drain cleaning service today!