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Understanding the Plumbing System of Your House | Plumbers in Arlington, TX

Understanding the Plumbing System of Your House | Plumbers in Arlington, TX

The plumbing system of your house, made up of numerous pipes and valves, works together to supply fresh, clean water to the house and takes wastewater away. Your plumbing system prevents clean water from mingling with wastewater that drains from your house. Plumbers in Arlington, TX suggest that every homeowner must properly understand how their plumbing system works so that they can solve plumbing related issues at home.

To make things simpler, we can categorize the plumbing system of your house into two branches. The first one is the network of pipes, faucets, and valves that bring fresh clean water in the house. The second division comprises of your household sewerage system that keeps your house clean by taking wastewater away from it. Let’s take a look at both of these networks separately.

Water Supply System

The water supply system consists of a series of pipes that bring clean water to your home. The water company supplies water to your house through a large pipe called the main supply pipe. It is located outside your house. Shutoff valves that control the flow of water into your house are next to the pipes. In case the valve is closed, water will not enter your house.

Plumbers in Arlington, TX have faced numerous cases where people call them complaining that water is not flowing through their kitchen and bathroom faucets. When plumbers reach the location to inspect the house, they find out that the main shutoff valve is closed. Lack of basic plumbing knowledge made the homeowners panic over such a tiny issue. So it’s a good idea to know everything about your home plumbing system so that you don’t panic over minor plumbing issues.

The main supply pipe comes with a water meter that helps the water company to measure the amount of water that you use. They use the meter readings to calculate your monthly water bill. You can find the meter covered with a lid near the main supply pipe, outside your house.

Water enters your house and distributes into numerous pipes that supply water throughout your house. Note that this water is not safe to drink so you must hire a plumber in Arlington, TX to install a water filtration system to obtain clean drinking water.

The freshwater pipes inside your house are of two types: hot and cold. These pipes run side by side and supply hot and cold water separately to every faucet present in your house. You may find some valves that accompany these pipes. They control the flow of water inside your house. In case water stops flowing from one of the faucets in your house, immediately check if the valves located near them are turned on or not. If they are turned on and there’s still no sign of water, then you need to contact a plumber in Arlington, TX.

Water Drainage System

The water drainage system of your house carries wastewater away from our house, towards the main sewer line located outside. The sewer line carries wastewater collected from the various drains inside your house including toilets, kitchen sinks, and shower traps. This waste is dumped into sewers that are managed by local authorities. The wastewater is carried to treatment plants where it’s treated and recycled to obtain clean water.

The drainage system inside your house works mainly by the force of gravity. The wastewater flows down your bathroom sink through a pipe. Then it passes through a U-shaped pipe present below the sink drain. This U-shaped pipe prevents backflow of wastewater and ensures that your bathroom does not stink.

An important part of your household water drainage system is the roof vent. It is a pipe that supplies fresh air to the drainage system present inside your house and allows sewer gas to escape through it. Plumbers in Arlington, TX suggest that you should regularly check your roof vent for blockages. Tree branches are a major culprit behind roof vent blockages so you should make sure that your roof vent is not blocked by them.

Your home plumbing system is divided into two parts based on the location. Let’s take a look at each of these systems in detail, along with the plumbing components involved in them.

Bathroom Plumbing System

Your bathroom plumbing system consists of the sink, toilet and the shower/bathtub section inside your bathroom. The pipes involved with these fittings must be free of leaks and blockages. You must make sure that you do not drain items down the toilet that may block pipes such as diapers, cat litter and makeup removing wipes. Always call a plumber in Arlington, TX if you face plumbing problems in your bathroom.

Kitchen Plumbing System

Your kitchen plumbing system is based on your kitchen sink drain and a garbage disposal unit which is present between the drain and trap. The kitchen plumbing system is very simple: fresh clean water flows through the faucet and drains down the kitchen sink. You only need to make sure that you do not drain items such as oil, eggshells and vegetable and fruit skins. Otherwise, your kitchen plumbing system should work perfectly.

By now, you must have understood how the plumbing system inside your house works. You can definitely solve minor plumbing problems yourself but if you face a big issue with your plumbing system, then you must call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Fort Worth to help you out. They are known for providing the best plumbers in Arlington, TX. All you need to do is give them a call and a plumber will arrive at your doorstep in no time. For further details, visit their website or call them at 817-478-4119.