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Using Hydrojetting for Drain cleaning in Lake Worth, TX

Using Hydrojetting for Drain cleaning in Lake Worth, TX

If you have blockages in the sewer line, or water is backing through the drains, or a reduced water out flow, you might be causing harm to your property. And you will have to damage it more to get it cleared out.

You can get trenchless Drain cleaning in Lake Worth, TX with Benjamin Franklin. Did you know clogs, blockages, and reduced water outflow can be fixed without having to dig up the yards? Yes, the trenchless hydrojetting Drain cleaning in Lake Worth, TX will clear the clogs from inside of the pipe minimizing the need for any major excavations.

What is Hydrojetting?

Hydrojetting is technique for Drain cleaning in Lake Worth, TX that uses water pressure to clear the clogs on the inside of a sewer pipe. A water hose with a special head fitted onto it is introduced into the sewer pipe through a small drain. The head sprays very high pressure water into the sewer line while leading through it.

There are different hose heads for different kinds of jobs but you do not need to worry about those, as your technician would know which one to choose for your particular line.

What is Sewer Camera Inspection?

To find out, where the problem is so that the treatment can be done, a sewer camera inspection is carried out. A sewer camera inspection before Drain cleaning in Lake Worth, TX will make it easier for the technicians to locate the problem and will also make the overall process much more efficient.

The technician would carry out the inspection and will put a small camera attached to a fiber optic cable into the sewer line via the sink drain or toilet. The camera will show the imagery from inside the line tells how much distance it travelled before locating a clog, so that you know where the problem exactly is.

When Do You Need To Get Your Lines Cleared?

If you experience water backing up or out of your pipes frequently, or you hear gurgling sounds near the drains, toilets or sinks of your property, or you notice water flow has slowed down over time, your house might need a hydrojetting treatment for Drain cleaning in Lake Worth, TX.

Due to blockages, the water can settle behind them and start to flow slowly or flow backwards into the drains of your house. Routine Drain cleaning in Lake Worth, TX is necessary for your residential and commercial property’s sewer lines is important as it will minimize the risk of flooding inside your property. Clogging also causes the water to seep into the foundation of your house and make it weak over time. It raises the humidity levels inside the house, which support the growth of algae and mold and increase allergies.

Ignoring clogged lines for long can lead you to incur various costs in the long run, therefore it is necessary to call up a local technician for Drain cleaning in Lake Worth, TX.

What Kind Of Clogs Can Hydrojetting Clear?

Hydrojetting is the new best way to clear out the sewer problems inside your house. After you have gotten the camera inspection, the clogs in the sewer pipelines can be cleared out using hydrojetting Drain cleaning in Lake Worth, TX and it is a long-term solution.

The high-pressure water jet from the head of the hose will clear out any kinds of clog, be that grease, mineral, the walls of your lines, or roots. Once the deposits have been cleared out, your lines would be as good as new and you will notice the flow speeds to have increased significantly. Let us look at the common applications of hyrdojetting.

Hydrojetting Grease

Grease sewer clogs are a major source of frustration for many households as well as commercial properties. Grease builds up in the sewer lines over time and is difficult to remove using the traditional methods for Drain cleaning in Lake Worth, TX. Most people do not even know how much grease runs down our drains every day.

Grease from old food or other wasted enters the lines and clings on to the sides of the drainpipes. This leads to reduced water outflow or water backing up. However, with hydrojetting we can get rid of the clogs by grease anywhere in the house, and that too within a matter of minutes.

Hydrojetting Debris

Most blockages in the household sewer pipes are due to the debris buildup. When you flush the toilet or wash clothes or dishes, small amounts of debris is caught in the drainpipes. This keeps building up until a point where the water cannot move smoothly or cannot flow at all.

If you notice the water in your sewer pipes, running slowly or you think it has completely stopped up, you should call a technician for Drain cleaning in Lake Worth, TX. They will use the latest technologies and methods to clear out the debris build up restore the water outflow. The best part about hydrojetting is that it works with all types and sizes of water pipes, and cleans them without even the slightest damage.

Hydrojetting Roots

If you have plants in your house, it is common for the roots to get into the sewer pipes and cause drain problems. This happens more and more in the older houses. Removing these roots used to be a problem and required extensive digging and lots of time.

However now, with the use of hydrojetting, it has enabled us to clear out all sorts of clogs and blockages including the ones caused by roots’ penetration into the sewer lines. The good part is that it clears out the clogs without even having to dig a foot into your yard.

Latest hydrojetting techniques can clear out clogs from the pipes of all diameters using an extremely high-pressure jet of water.


If you live in Lake Worth, TX and you think there is a problem with the sewer or drainage system of the house. You should call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing right away and get the problems sorted out as soon as you can.